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You Write the Caption: Best of the Ballack-Referee entries

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It took forever, but we FINALLY got around to the last You Write the Caption contest. How could you forget this image of an enraged Michael Ballack chasing down Norwegian referee Tom Henning Ovrebo during Chelsea's Champions League semifinal loss to Barcelona (yes, it's been that long).

It may have been more than a month ago, but this image is still funny, and so are the top entries from the contest.

Now, without any further delay, here are the best entries for the last You Write the Caption contest:

"Michael Ballack didn't go German. Michael Ballack went Ballack!" (Sean Monaghan)

Remember, we invaded you in 1940, and we can do it again! (PAUL)


Yul Brynner Jr. in, "Escape from Stamford Bridge". (SHS)

Yelling at the Ref: making him change his mind since never. (DAGGIUS)

Just because no-one listens to Smashing Pumpkins anymore doesn't mean you have to take it out on ME! (JEFF M)

It was not the best day for Ovrebo to wear his sauerkraut aftershave and sausage cologne.  (COLIN FERGUSON)

Making the Champions League final: So easy a caveman can–erm…nevermind. (HERBIE H)

Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth? (JIMMY)

That's it!! No jersey for you after the game! (JASON)

Cast your vote for the best:

What did you think of these entries? Hoping to see a new YWTC soon? Have any suggestions for photos?

Share your thoughts and your pick for the best entry for this contest, below.



  1. Ahhh some really good ones this time. I really like the changing the mind and sauerkraut ones. Plus the comments about the heavy backpack and we were on a break. Good stuff

  2. what a perfect picture. Absolutely perfect. The yul brenner comment had my cracking up, but my personal favorite has to be cologne line.

  3. I’m sad I didn’t see this Caption Contest when it was taking submissions. I would have gone with:


  4. Dannyc58 It means that yelling at the ref has never made him reverse a call or put a card back in his pocket.


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