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Morning Ticker: Lescott fires back at Moyes, Mexico names squad for qualifiers and more

JoleonLescott (Getty Images)  

Joleon Lescott was introduced as Manchester City's latest signing on Wednesday and wasted no time having a go at his former boss, Everton manager David Moyes.

No, Lescott didn't do a Tevez and completely bash his former manager, but he did take issue with comments made by Moyes during the whole transfer process, including denying claims that he disrespected Everton and his former teammates during the process.

So who will replace Lescott at Everton? The Toffees look set to add Sylvain Distin from Portsmouth, a move made more likely now that Aston Villa, Everton's top competition for Distin, has agreed with Manchester City on a transfer bid for Richard Dunne.

Here are some more stories to get your Wednesday going:

Mexico names squad for upcoming qualifiers

The Mexican national team has named its squad for a pair of crucial World Cup qualifiers in September and the list does not include Rafael Marquez or Carlos Vela.

Both European-based stars are out with injuries and are two of the three players left out after being called in for the victory vs. the United States. Alberto Medina was the other. Hector Moreno (AZ Alkmaar), Nestor Calderon and Pablo Barrera are the new additions to the squad.

Mexico faces Costa Rica at Estadio Saprissa in San Jose on Sept. 5 before playing host to Honduras at Estadio Azteca on Sept. 9.

Pachuca and Saprissa roll in CONCACAF Champions League

Mexican club Pachuca rattled off five goals in a 5-0 drubbing of Salvadorean club Isidro Metapan while Costa Rican power Deportivo Saprissa posted a 3-1 victory against the Puerto Rico Islanders in CONCACAF Champions League action on Tuesday night.

U.S. national team midfielder Jose Francisco Torres started and played 90 minutes in Pachuca's victory, which was the club's first in Champions League group play after an opening 4-1 loss to Arabe Unido in its opening match.

CONCACAF Champions League play resumes tonight, with D.C. United taking on Mexican club Toluca, the Houston Dynamo faces Arabe Unido and the Columbus Crew meets Cruz Azul. CD Marathon meets San Juan Jabloteh in the evening's other Champions League tilt.


What do you think of Lescott joining Manchester City (finally)? Is he the player City needed to break into the Top Four in the EPL? Think Moyes was fair in criticizing him? Hoping to see Mexico lose both qualifiers, or will you be praying for draws in all those matches? Glad to see Jose Francisco Torres back in action?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I don’t know much about Lescott, but what I have learned in the past couple of weeks is that he whines like a little girl.

  2. Lescott is pretty good. He scored 8goals in 07-08 season. That’s pretty amazing for a centerback. I remember Bocanegra scoring 5 back in 06-07 and that was a pretty big deal.

  3. Torrado earned his yellow, Feilhaber was the one who came in all cowboy style.

    They both got yellows.

    Nery should’ve been thrown out of the game for putting his hands on Davies, even though he was wasting time.

    Then again, Bocanegra and Demerit could’ve also been easily sent off for constantly hacking down Dos Santos.

    This stuff evens out over time.

  4. Randomsausage, you can’t be serious right? Obviously Lescott is certainly not worth that much money, but to say the SPL or the Championship has players just as good as Lescott is quite ridiculous. Last time I checked no one from those leagues played on the English national team, and Lescott does score a lot of goals for a defender. He is certainly one of the better defenders in the EPL, but not the best. Let’s think before we type…

  5. Torrado is not out he had already served against T&T. He did get a yellow against the US but that is considered his first one. Too bad Marquez and Vela are out, however Moreno is a very good player and so is Calderon. Just watch Calderon against DC United tonight.

    Posted by: Frank | August 26, 2009 at 12:08 PM

    Just read that 5 yellows = another suspension. That would be his 5th yellow

  6. lescott was worthless in the first game. Distin isn’t a far dropoff from Lescott, the problem is Jagielka is out as well. So there is a gaping hole in front of Howard.

  7. Lescott is not worth this. You could find just as good a stopper in Championship/SPL. Good business for Moyes…..but he needs to spend double-quick….his squad looks threadbare.

  8. @freddie,

    Lescott now makes 94,000 a week ($190,000 a week) and he will now use that to track you down and make you stare at it.

  9. Everybody else is naming their World Cup qualifying squad. This repeated method of releasing the US squad the day of is getting old.

  10. Torrado is not out he had already served against T&T. He did get a yellow against the US but that is considered his first one. Too bad Marquez and Vela are out, however Moreno is a very good player and so is Calderon. Just watch Calderon against DC United tonight.

  11. has what are stated to be official match reports, and the Juarez yellow at 75′ is listed there as Torrado. (Feilhaber is also missing from the list.)

    BTW, Gooch’s first yellow was in the 8-0 win against Barbados. Seems silly that that should still be important.

  12. according to

    Misconduct Summary:

    USA – Oguchi Onyewu (caution) 27th minute

    USA – Jay DeMerit (caution) 29

    USA – Carlos Bocanegra (caution) 45+

    MEX – Efrain Juarez (caution) 75

    MEX – Giovani dos Santos (caution) 86

    Don’t see Torrado….I hope he’s out. Costa Rica will hopefully look to avenge it’s most recent game.

  13. Torrado was definitely yellow carded against US (should have been straight red for grabbing Feilhaber by the throat), and also against SLV on June 6. He was yellow- and red-carded in the last game of the semi-final round against Honduras.

    The only way he could not have two yellows right now is this: the red card against Honduras was a straight red, and the earlier yellow in that match was retained. Then, his yellow against SLV was considered a second, he sat out the game against T&T for those two yellows, and his yellow against US was considered to be another first.

  14. I think it’s pretty hilarious that Hughes said Lescott is the best defender in the premier league, yet he only bought Lescott after Terry turned down City. Funny how that works…

  15. BB usually posts his a few days before. Strange. Players should know at least 2 weeks in advance.

    (SBI-Just because it hasn’t been announced doesn’t mean players haven’t been told.)

  16. Puerto Rico Islanders–

    After making the longtreck in the car to Columbus last week to see us lose to a VERY, VERY GOOD Crew side but play our usual backloaded, conservative style (by the way, road trips to support your club(s) are a lot longer when your boys lose)–I was emotionally drained (the listening to a LOT of smack from Crew fans who have finally won some hardware after they beat a second division club thing didn’t help my frustrations).

    So, even though the result last night wasn’t what I had hoped for–seeing us goin forward someplace other than at the JRL in Bayamon was very nice.

    Ok. We lost. Saprissa is a very good team with a couple of dudes that have made World Cup rosters and others that have appeared in WCQ’s. We attacked on the road last night. Mediate played a role in that. But we attacked and the truth is that we were played off the field. Each of the goals was the result of Islanders poor play and/or poor defense. Add in the sick finishing of Centeno. Centeno-

    Even at his age, he could still be a good addition for the right MLS club. he took a very little space and made a clinical type finish.

    Domenic Mediate–

    A lot of the Islanders supporters have been killing him online and in the stands. They have been all over Clarke about why he plays him over other guys. I know what the ex-Terp, Crewman and United player can do because I, like many of you have watched him for years now. I knew what he was capable of. Dude looked like his old self last night. The goal was class finishing and he helped us attack. I hope that this means than he is “back”. When that guy is healthy would be an assett for any USL1 club, no doubt…

  17. Sad to see the Italian game slip further behind. If the details between A and B and C and below remain as when I first read, then calcio is in big trouble in every way…just like the rest of Italian society. The $$$ will NOT flow downward in any meaningful way to nuture the lower level clubs; see how $$$ are split, TV rights valued, etc. between EPL and the league Attendance issues are not being addressed; many ENG Championship teams draw better (or as good) than all of Serie A but Milan, Roma, and the 2 or 3 other big clubs. Stadia rehab may happen at the big clubs in Serie A but other than that…And they want to bring back the 5 Italian rule; likely illegal v. EURO labor law. Sad, very sad…

  18. Japan, I think Ives said in when the El Salvador roster came out that the US roster would be probably be announced on Monday.

    (SBI-The USA roster is likely to come out tomorrow or Friday, though Sunday isn’t out of the question. It will be out before Monday.)

  19. I swear I thought Torrado was out the next game on Yellow cards….

    Maybe I heard something else on the tv during the game

    (SBI-Torrado is out for Costa Rica, but will be back for Honduras. That roster was for the two matches.)

  20. Ah, I see:

    The split was approved in July but was ratified on Tuesday after a meeting of club presidents. Maurizio Beretta was elected president for the two divisions, but they will operate as separate entities.

  21. why does David Beckham have a girly voice?

    When will every MLS team have their own stadiums?

    When will Ching be benched? Please don’t tel me starts in the WC?

    Whose the highest earning Yank Abroad?

    How can the media do their best to help the PR of the NT before the WC?


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