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This Weekend’s College Soccer Matchups

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In an attempt to increase the following and coverage of men's collegiate soccer — the biggest producer of MLS talent to this point — welcome to a new series on the Division I game. Nearly all of the prominent MLS rookies in 2009 came to MLS after a successful stint in the collegiate ranks, with Akron, Maryland, UCSB, and Wake Forest producing some of the best rookies this season. By increasing coverage here, we hope to expose you to the top pro prospects before they hit MLS (or Europe).

While it is still early in the season, early indications are that the ACC remains near the top as a powerhouse. Akron is strong despite the loss of Rookie of the Year contender Steve Zakuani.

Here is a quick rundown of this weekend's best college soccer match-ups:


  • Akron vs. High Point

  • St. John's vs. Stony Brook

  • Maryland vs. Boston College

  • Notre Dame vs. Seattle University

  • Virginia vs. Duke

  • Dartmouth vs. UConn

  • Indiana vs. New Mexico

  • UCSB vs. Rutgers (FSC)


  • North Carolina vs. North Carolina St.


  • Akron vs. Cincinnati

  • Clemson vs. Wake Forest

  • Boston University vs. St. John's

  • Notre Dame vs. New Mexico

  • Indiana vs. Seattle University

Catching these games on TV is more difficult. FSC generally runs a Friday night game, and will have the UCSB game against Rutgers tonight. The Big 10 network and other local channels provide coverage from time to time, but you will have to check your local listings.

For those looking for more, check out the National Soccer Coaches Association of America or Soccer America. Both have in-depth look at the game, rank the best programs, and include feature articles on specific programs.


Any games we've missed? What are other important collegiate matches to take a look at this weekend? Which match-ups will you be watching? Do you even pay attention to college soccer?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Ives,
    At the Maryland v Boston College game, Sigi Schmid and (it seemed) the entire Seattle Sounders coaching staff were at the game. I thought that they had gone out of their way, until I realized they played DC United the following night in DC.
    I’m always curious who they are checking out. Last year I saw Steve Nicol and his assistant at College Park in the Maryland v Creighton NCAA tournament game.
    Let me know if you know who they are scouting. Particularly on Maryland.

  2. Chg: unlimited substitutions. The college game, like the high school game, is overly reliant on physical play, notably speed. Unlimited subs mean less emphasis on tactics and match development and more on simply running for the sake of running.

  3. Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers!!!
    We have a great team this year, wake outplayed us, but we kept St. Johns from scoring and we have alot of talent!

  4. Quen, aside from having the temerity to schedule their entire season in the United States, which particular rule makes college soccer such a vastly different game you cannot bear to watch?

  5. From a Wake Forest student, thank you for doing this!

    Our team is quite young this year, and having Cody Arnoux head off the Everton certainly hurts us – we have no forwards. Many here are looking for Ike Opara to leave after he plays in the U-21 WC, since offers abroad will likely come to him. Either way, GO DEACS!

  6. You neglected to mention the season opener between the Kansas University club soccer team and the Truman State University club soccer team. Lawrence, Sunday, 1 pm. Let’s get it Truman!

  7. Ives, to those of us who dont follow the college game really well, could you do a small feature, or at least run off for us a list of the top college prospects to keep an eye on?

  8. Ives, you forgot about American University. We are playing Princeton today and are back in the Top 25 for the first time in a while. AU also tied Maryland 1-1 a couple weeks ago. Give credit where credit is due.

  9. bluefish, you want to hear how the Portland Pilots suck this year? Are you a masochistic fan or just hate Portland? haha

    More to the point, good idea with the college soccer feature. I have tried from time to time to support my local team – University of Louisville. It is sad how few people (students) watch the matches. I had as many people watch when I played in high school.

    I agree though that it is frustrating that the NCAA refuses to play by FIFA rules. They will never adopt FIFA rules though because that would be too logical. It has no benefit to the players. It’s the same reason college football has different rules than the NFL and basketball has different rules than the NBA. NCAA is on a total power trip.

  10. Fear the Turtle, by far the best program in the nation, almost every year we rebuild b/c people leave early and we still are successful year in and year out, lots of MD guys hanging around the US national team and the numbers will only continue to grow, tough loss to UCLA, but a nice win against California, a young team, but as always will be a contender

  11. IVES, Great addition. And even if the PORTLAND PILOTS suck this year, there are still a bunch of us readers who want to hear about it.

  12. I could get a little more excited about college soccer if it would get with the program and adopt international rules. Until then, I find it a little difficult to watch.


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