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Columbus looks to seal Champions League quarterfinal berth tonight


It's all going well for the Columbus Crew at the moment. After their stumbling start to 2009, things have long been smoothed out as the team clinched a playoff spot after the weekend's results. The Crew have an opportunity to further their international pedigree with a win against Deportivo Saprissa tonight (8pm, FSC), which would lock up second place in Group C and advance them through to the Champions League quarterfinals.

Robert Warzycha rung the changes against the Galaxy on Saturday night and will have a well-rested lineup heading into tonight's vital clash. Alejandro Moreno, Robbie Rogers and Guillermo Barros Schelotto started Saturday's match from the bench and will be ready to go against Saprissa. Central defender Chad Marshall will again miss out as he struggles to recover from a knee injury.

So the formula tonight is simple if they win. A loss or draw would necessitate a result the next week on the road against Puerto Rico.

Do you think the Crew will take care of business at home tonight? If they make it to the quarterfinals, how successful will they be?

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  1. Isaac: There’s a good chance 5 of those guys will not even be called in for the next two qualifiers. Bradley can not afford to save space for the likes of Wynne and Adu. He has to plan his roster as though we lose in Honduras and need a result against Costa Rica.

  2. Isaac: no Marshall, he’s out for a few weeks with a knee injury. Tonight’s match was a tough loss for the Crew…they could have used Chad for that last Saprissa free kick.

  3. Cool. I was just thinking that if we win in Honduras (which is a definite possibility) then what would the formation look like and if what you guys say is true then it’s this( at least in my opinion):







    I was thinking about how well Rogers did in the Gold Cup and how well he’s doing with the Crew so I wasn’t sure. But yeah I agree, he’s very comfortable on the ball, both him and Feilhaber. I kinda wanna see this.








    Sorta how Barca plays it. I dunno. that was a nagging question and I didn’t wanna have to wait until tomorrow or whenever to ask it or give an opinion on it.

  4. You can’t really count on the ref to make that call. Calling Rogers offsides on the one he put in the back of the net was a worse call.

    At the end of the day, Crew did not play well at all today. A draw might be deserved.

  5. Crew coach makes some dumb subs, players let Saprissa push them around, ref allows push in box, Crew lose 2 points. Sounds like MLS soccer, no?

  6. Columbus Dispatch blogger said it best: “Dozens upon dozens of fans have filed their way into Crew Stadium for this Tuesday night tilt. I would not be surprised if this game draws a record-low crowd for a competitive Crew home game. Even the Nordecke is barren.”

  7. I’ve seen a few of their games. I hate to sound like a Euro-snob because I really love some things about the league (Galaxy supporter/Beckham neutral). I understand it’s hard to stay consistent, but some of the passing I saw. Ouch.
    From what I’ve seen the Dynamo have shown the best passing. But I’m no expert.

  8. Pete, if you don’t watch the Crew play often, I understand your statement. They are sloppy now. At their best, the Crew are by far the best passing team in MLS. No one else is close.

  9. Nice dive, GBS.
    Thanks for making the final decision to turn off a horrible game.
    How are these guys leading MLS. They have the passing ability of a Sunday league team.
    Give me the Sounders, the Galaxy, Dynamo or even DC United.
    Don’t even get me started about Robbie (blind cross) Rogers.

  10. As a Sounders fan I hope the Crew leave it all out on the field tonight. Play really, really hard tonight boys. This is the most important game you will play this week!

    Honestly, I hope they win and perhaps just mail it in on Saturday.

  11. Regardless of whether Hendrix is right or wrong on the Crew winning, it’ll be interesting to see how many people show up for the game if the weather’s cold.

  12. Hendrix is an idiot.

    No one here has mention that it’s cold right now in C-bus so a mini-guerra fria will be on hand for the Costa Ricans tonight. I see the weather, travel and The Massive Club being to much for the purple lizard.

    2-0 to Columbus!

  13. I see the pattern continuing. Get dominated by Cruz Azul and follow it up by beating Saprissa.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see the Crew doing well against Mexican teams in the next stage. As much as it pains me to admit it, Houston has the best chance to make it to the final (IF they make it out of this round). It all depends on the draw, but Houston has more experience and appears less intimidated by Mexican teams.

  14. for those that do care though—-saprissa is coming off of a 3-0 buttwhooping against their rivals Alajuela in the country’s clasico.

    few players missing on their end, including Antonio Solis but they’ll have Walter Centeno back.

    morale is low, questions are being asked…

    i see Crew 2 Saprissa 0


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