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Late equalizer forces Columbus to settle for CCL tie


The Columbus Crew had a chance to become the first MLS team to reach the knockout rounds of the CONCACAF Champions League, but fell short with just seconds remaining as a late equalizer forced the Crew to settle for a 1-1 tie vs. Deportivo Saprissa at Crew Stadium on Tuesday night.

The Crew looked on its way to clinching a top-two spot in its group before Alexander Robinson headed home an equalizer in the second minute of stoppage time to negate a first-half penalty kick from Robbie Rogers.

The tie means Columbus must wait until its final group stage match, at Puerto Rico on Oct. 20 to try to secure a berth in the knockout rounds. A win or tie vs. Puerto Rico secures the spot for the Crew, while a Deportivo Saprissa loss at home to Cruz Azul on Oct. 20 would also clinch the spot for Columbus.

What did you think of the Crew's performance on Tuesday? Disappointed Columbus wasn't able to qualify for the second round? Confident the Crew will be able to get a point in Puerto Rico?

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  1. 75% of CONCACAF refs will screw an American side if they get half a chance. The game is so crooked it actually makes it harder to sell to new fans.

  2. I am still trying to figure out how the ref called an offsides on Rogers one on one goal. I watched the replay 10 times now and each time it confirms the ref f’d up.

  3. hm, a late goal on a bs call hurts, eh crewfans?

    Posted by: anotherbodymurdered | September 30, 2009 at 12:42 PM

    I second that. As a Dynamo fan, that flop from Moreno a couple of weeks back was a joke, and yall got lucky to win that game. Then to Hejduk goes on the post game and says that the Dynamo were just sore losers.

    So how does it feel now, Crew fans. Karma’s a b@#$% ain’t it. See you in MLS Cup.

  4. @RLW2020: Time will tell.

    If the Crew don’t get a point in Bayamon then don’t be shocked or anything. The bigger shock would be Sappisa getting a point against Cruz Azul in the Monster’s Cave. The current Sapprisa side is very subpar when compared to the better sides tha usually wear the jersey.

  5. @anotherbodymurdered; haha nice

    @yankiboy; i not too worried that the Crew can get at least 1 pt at PR and/or Cruz Azul will take care of Sapprisa

    knock on wood, but it will be great to see a MLS move on to the later stages of this turny.. does anyone know when they are? hopefully after the mls playoffs!

  6. Getting apoint down in Bayamon is not an easy assignment. I would be very surprised if Columbus dominates Puerto Rico the way that it did at Crew Stadium.

  7. The Crew have only one person to blame for the loss and that is Ekpo. I can’t believe that someone can be so talented at setting up opportunities, but not finishing them. I don’t even get excited anymore when Ekpo has the ball by the box. He has this amazing ability two make two defenders trip over their own feet, but when it comes time to take the shot, 99% of the time it will either go high or right to the keeper. With the amount of chances Ekpo has created this year, he could easily have the golden boot. He just has to learn how to finish.

  8. It was a clear shove, the ref should have seen it, but it was a Mexican official and he was inconsistent at best calling little fouls and letting harder challenges go. Columbus outplayed Saprissa most of the game.

  9. > while a Deportivo Saprissa loss at home to
    > Cruz Azul on Oct. 20 would also clinch the
    > spot for Columbus.

    Saprissa must win, a loss or a tie clinches the spot for Columbus.

  10. Not a fan of either team, but that was a clear foul on that Saprissa goal. If you put 2 hands on a persons back and extend them its a very easy call. But what do you expect from CONCAFAF officals? They are complete fools that to favor whoever has the least amount of players from the US. That crew player with long hair should have been red carded for that tackle he got a yellow for, these officals are honestly horrible.

  11. Columbus acted like they got shoved on just about every play last night. Moreno wanted a call every time he was anywhere near the ball. No sympathy from me for Columbus.

  12. It seemed to me that the Saprissa goal resulted from a pretty clear shove by Robinson that toppled the Crew defender and left him ridiculously wide open. What a heart-breaker. Robinson’s shove included full arm extension, so it’s hard to see how it wasn’t called. I only saw the last 20 mins, but from what I saw Columbus deserved the win.

  13. definitely a heartbreak. I was there, and we totally outplayed them all the way. I guess we’ll just have to go to Puerto Rico and get a result. I think we’re ok on that front, however. I’m not worried.


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