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Sounders down D.C. United, 2-1, to win U.S. Open Cup


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The Seattle Sounders might want to consider opening the website '' after defying the odds and traveling cross-country to bring him the first trophy in the Sounders' first season.

Playing without its starting central defense, the Sounders used an overwhelming offense to keep D.C. on its toes before finally breaking through with a pair of second-half goals to score a 2-1 victory and knock off the reigning U.S. Open Cup champions in front of 17,329 at RFK Stadium.

D.C. looked vulnerable from the start but only a stellar first-half performance from goalkeeper Josh Wicks kept D.C. in the match. Wicks quickly turned from hero to goat when he was sent off for stomping on Sounders striker Fredy Montero after Seattle opened the scoring with a Montero finish of a rebound in the 67th minute.

Up a man, Seattle began heaping more pressure on before adding a second goal in the 86th minute on a goal by Roger Levesque courtesy of a pass from Sebastien LeToux.

D.C. United made things interesting in the 88th minute when Clyde Simms finished off the rebound of a free kick to make it 2-1. D.C. never could find the equalizer despite applying heavy pressure.

What did you think of Seattle's title-winning performance? Disappointed with how D.C. United played? Think Wicks just lost his mind on the stomping play, or do you think Wicks made an innocent mistake? Is Sigi Schmid officially the Sir Alex Ferguson of MLS in the trophy-winning department?

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  1. Just a thought.

    After the game, Wicks stated what he did was stupid or something like that.

    If he just jumped over and completely missed landing on Montero, wouldn’t he be contesting it a little more?

  2. John- You sad little man. Neither of our goals had anything to do with flopping, and the fact that you would defend Wicks is ridiculous. You must be related to him.

    Speaking of classless, the best knock you have on Sigi is that he is fat? He is the best coach in the league and we are proud to have him.

  3. Jimmy Bobo, montero had just rolled over and was starting to sit up when he got stomped. he might have embellished, but he did it in the right spot, and considering Wicks’ comments after the game im pretty sure he did it.

  4. That was the best official I have ever seen in America. Consistent calls and he let both teams play.

    He did the right thing with the red. He didnt see it and consulted his linesman.

    This guy should get some sort of bonus.

    Posted by: Nate | September 03, 2009 at 01:01 PM


    The irony being that I have watched Alex Pruse do a horrible job officiating games so many times that when I see he is the ref I think to myself, “This is going to be a disaster.” I too was impressed with the job he did last night.

  5. I am also a neutral fan and I am not at all convinced that Wicks stomped on Montero. Montero grapped his own chest to show where he was “hurting” and where he had been “stomped” but he was actually lying on his side when Wicks landed. If anything, Wicks would have landed on Montero’s R arm. I think Freddy saw Wicks’ foot land near his arm or maybe Wicks actually nicked Freddy’s arm while landing and Freddy took if from there. There was some tremendous embellishment going on there. Have Freddy show us the bruises that Wicks left on his titties, then I’ll believe him. Until then, what a great piece of acting.


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