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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Lionel Messi (AP) 

World Cup qualifying takes center stage today as qualifiers around the globe and throughout your TV listings.

European qualifiers dominate the early portion of Saturday's viewing options, with Denmark-Sweden an Russia-Germany headlining. South American and CONCACAF qualifying take place tonight.

If you will be watching today's action on TV (or online), please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


11am– Setanta USA- Russia vs. Germany

11:30am– FSC- Bahrain vs. New Zealand

Noon– FSE- Armenia vs. Spain

12:15pm– (No TV) Ukraine vs. England

2pm– FSE- Denmark vs. Sweden

2pm– Liechtenstein vs. Azerbaijan

2pm– UAE vs. Costa Rica (Under-20 World Cup)

2:30– (No TV)- Serbia vs. Romania

2:30pm– (No TV)- Czech Republic vs. Poland

2:30pm– (No TV)- Greece vs. Latvia

2:30pm– (No TV)- Belgium vs. Turkey

3pm– (No TV)- Ireland vs. Italy

3pm– FSC- France vs. Faroe Islands

3:45pm– Setanta Sports USA- Portugal vs. Hungary

4pm– Direct Kick- Toronto FC vs. San Jose Earthquakes

5pm- FSC- Denmark vs. Sweden (Delayed)

5:45pm– Setanta USA- Greece vs. Latvia

6pm– Telemundo- Mexico vs. El Salvador

6pm– ESPN Deportes - Venezuela vs. Paraguay

6pm– (No TV)- Argentina vs. Peru

6pm– (No TV)- Colombia vs. Chile

6pm– (No TV)- Ecuador vs. Uruguay 

7:30pm– FSC- New England Revolution vs. Columbus Crew

7:30pm– Setanta USA- Belgium vs. Turkey (Delayed)

8:30pm– Galavision- Tecos vs. Guadalajara

9pm– Univision- San Luis vs. Atlante

10pm– (No TV)- Honduras vs. USA

10pm– GolTV- Costa Rica vs. Trinidad & Tobago

10:30pm– Direct Kick- Chivas USA vs. Kansas City Wizards


  1. Aguierre says that Mexico was “treated badly” when they went to El Salvador, yet Mexico welcomes the Salvadorians with bees in their goal and laser pointers in the faces of the coach and goalie during gameplay.

    I have to admit, the goals that went in the “bee goal” looked pretty sick, like the ball was on fire.

  2. palermo missed three penalties in one game vs colombia ten years ago, hence why he was dropped back then. maradona gave him a lifeline by calling him back.

  3. I’d love to see Argentina make it to SA just to see Messi and Higuain together. But given Diego’s arrogance, I hope Argentina either has to battle it out in the playoffs.

  4. Jorge,”The one player, Gonzalo, Maradona refused to call initially saves Diego’s butt…”

    And I believe Palermo scores in extra time to save him for another contest. Couldn’t see, feed was too hazy.
    I think Argentina can still drop out of WC, 6th place, if they lose at Uruguay.

  5. So it looks the final round of matches in South America will be decisive. Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay could all still make it — or not. One of those countries will go S. Africa, one will go into the playoffs and one will stay home. Any preferences?

  6. Glorious goal by ELV on the set piece. The dust/fire extinguisher residue exploding off the net accentuated the skill. Amazing…

    ‘nother Mexican goal as I type.

  7. El Salvador is playing very well at 66 minutes, great finger tip save by their goalie, some counters. They don’t seem fazed by ELTri, Azteca, or Killer Bees. Doubt they’ll get a point?

  8. I love Ibra and his skills, but he seemed to be always going for the highlight reels instead of the simple that may have got a Sweden result.

    I missed the start of the Mexico game but aren’t officials supposed to inspect both goal areas just before the match? If so, and they saw none, that means the bees were introduced shortly after kick-off?

  9. A bee infestation has completely shut the pitch down in Mexico. We’ve been idle for nearly ten minutes while extinguishers are sprayed on nets, microphones, and the crowd.

  10. Wow this is a first for me. Bees all over the place. Workers are spraying the goal post with fire extinguishers. There was a shot of a boommike, near midfield, covered with bees!!! Crazy Azteca.


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