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Are you headed to MLS Cup?


The 2009 MLS Cup Final is set and two Western Conference teams are set to do battle as the Los Angeles Galaxy takes on Real Salt Lake at Qwest Field in Seattle. While Seattle fans are expected to pack Qwest Field for the event, MLS fans from across the country are expected to make the trip to the Pacific Northwest to take in the event.

Here's our question for you: Will you be making the trip to Seattle for MLS Cup? If so, let us know where you will be traveling from.

SBI will be in Seattle, and we are working with our fellow Designated Player websites to coordinate a gathering in Seattle on Friday night to stay stuned for more information on that.

For now, let us know if you will be making the trip to Seattle for the 2009 MLS Cup.


  1. Sorry, don’t buy it, your weak attempts at condescension notwithstanding. There’s no question that MLS would like to have seen an LA-Chicago matchup for the marketing buzz, but it’s a huge leap to imply that they would manipulate match results to make that happen.

    But you should go ahead with your whining if it makes you happy.

  2. It wasn’t about the Dynamo losing, more about the Galaxy winning. Maybe if you weren’t to busy trying to think up witty lines about crazy conspiracies you might have gotten that. A little over your head? Let me rephrase it for you. MLS wanted Galaxy to win, regardles of the opponenet. This has been well documented and reported. It was unfortunate that my team had to face them, though it was ineveitable.

  3. Advocat,

    RSL were more committed to attacking than either Columbus or Chicago. They fought hard for the ball all over the field, and I have no idea why you think Don Garber should somehow put a stop to high pressing, physical play. It’s the playoffs, the intensity goes up no matter which teams are involved.

  4. dude, cairodog, you’re biting my Maneki shout out…;-) Good to hear others know the secret. I used to live 1 block from there and never have been more spoiled in my life. Missing it in the DC area…

  5. Some food suggestions from a Utah born, Cali bred Latino Sounders fan (live in Seattle)

    Seattle’s not known for Mexican food, but for something very good/different go to La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard. Not the Mexican food most are used to, but great nonetheless.
    Close to the stadium you can get great and utterly unpretentious Japanese food at Maneki (in the International District), which has been around for 100 yrs. Also check out Greenleaf (Vietnamese) in the Int. District. Both are affordable, unique, and an easy walk to the stadium.

    For this game I’m an RSL fan–hate the Real Madrid name ripoff, but the team is fun and I can’t stand Beckham…

  6. Also if you or your ladyfriend are a little nerdy, we have the Science Fiction Museum – which is conveniently attached to the Experience Music Project. it’s a thoroughly ugly building, but a fun experience. The ticket price can be a little steep, however.

    We also have restaurants which are mentioned on the Food Network for being unusual and very good, owned by Tom Douglas ( Serious Pie is a gourmet, upscale Pizza joint you might want to try.

  7. Oh Geez… The white cargo shorts and rave green jerseys won’t ever be able to wash away the Seattle Sleaze. It is after all Skid Row down there bro.

  8. Wife and I flying up from LA to watch Donovan’s Team win……although it would be fine with me for Beckham to put one on Gonzales or Buddle’s head for the winner. RSL speed is a little worrisome, but I think AJD and Franklin should be the choice to shut that down (as they did Oduro). So many people flying up on Sat. you need to hold the SBI event Sat afternoon/eve!!! George and Dragon sounds perfect….

  9. I will be traveling from north Seattle to the match, 20 minute drive depending on how ridiculous traffic is around the stadium.

  10. Ives if you’re planning an event for the Mafia the only place to hold it is George & Dragon pub in Fremont. They would almost certainly be happy to have you and it is The best football pub in Seattle by far. Also has been cited in the past as one of the best in the states(according to their clips on the wall,

    Check it out, Looking forward to the game and sharing our game atmosphere with all who are able to make the trip. Bring your rain gear as every Seattle weather stereotype you’ve heard will likely prove true this weekend.

  11. Spend some time at the Pike Place Market. It is a special experience.

    If you are looking for something romantic, there are lots of nice restaurants around there. I recommend Matt’s in the Market — excellent Pacific Northwest food and an awesome view of the market and water.

    You could also take the light rail south to Columbia City, a cool neighborhood with good eats and drinks.

  12. Food:

    Tilth is in my opinion the best restaurant in seattle

    main courses are under 30 for the most part.

    It’s also just around the corner from the best soccer pub in the city; the George and Dragon.

    If you’re looking for something cheaper via tribunali has decent neapolitan pizza. Just don’t try eating regular pizza in seattle you’ll be disapointed.

    Around the stadium the Elyssian brewery has alright food and decent beer. It’s nearly impossible to get a table after 4:30 or so for a 7PM start. On the plus side that means you can show up early and polish off some of that beer before the game.

    Finally if you’re looking for good cheaper food try Thai Tom ( for hole in the wall thai food. Or any of the vietnamesse places in the international district (I’m drawing a blank on the name of my favorite)

    Touristy things:

    I’m not much help here. My recommendation would be that if you’re in town for more than a day or two I’d recommend getting outdoors. There are amazing hikes within 90 minutes of the city and the local ski slopes are open already and you can get there in under two hours.

    Hope you enjoy the city.

  13. I’ll be there. I thought about selling my tickets when LA got in and the Beckham factor drove the ticket prices close to what I paid for the whole season. But then I got lazy so I guess I’m going.

  14. My brother and I are flying in Saturday and staying until Monday. Can’t wait for this weekend, eventhough our Rapids didn’t. We’ll probably cheer for RSL, just because of Beckerman, Borchers, and the lack of Beckham.

  15. Plenty of great places to eat in the international district across from the stadium. You gotta visit Uwajimaya. Decent food court. Incredible fish selection, etc. Maneki is a crucial Sushi and Japanese food joint that has been in business forever. My top recommendation.
    If you like a peep show the Lusty Lady is a must. It’s always fun sneaking your girlfriend into the jerk off booth with you. Make sure you get the two way window…:)

    Shorty’s in Belltown is fun for cheap beer, hot dogs, and pinball.

    Great Ethiopian food and Pho up Jackson from the Stadium. Of course all the garbage in P Square…
    Have fun efferz! Sometimes I do miss Seattle…

  16. Wow, I hope you actually realize there are no mormons on the RSL squad right? I hope you are more intelligent than that, but that might be overly assuming…

  17. here’s some places to check out from a Seattle local.

    1. 88 keys, dual piano bar. pioneer square.
    2. Thai Tom’s. University Ave. Cash only. The Swimming Rama is my favorite.
    3. If you want a view, drive to Newcastle Golf Course. You can play a small round of put-put while enjoying views of Lake Washington, Mercer Island, Seattle, all the way to the Olympic Mountains. Or you can splurge on a round of 18, either on Coal Creek, or China Creek courses. Coal Creek has better views.
    4. Gasworks Park. Great view of Seattle from the North of Lake Union.
    5. If a good show’s going on, check out the Showbox. Best venue in town.

  18. flying from SFO after work friday night, my buddy lives in seattle so i bought the airfare and he bought the game tickets. probably cheering for RSL, as I am a quakes fan, but am more stoked the western conference is gonna win it one way or another. fly back to sfo monday morning early, get on bart, go right to work 🙂

    Ives, when will you have details on what is goin down with the DP crew this weekend?


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