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Kansas City to name Vermes head coach

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Peter Vermes took over as interim head coach of the Kansas City Wizards last summer to try and help the team turn around a disappointing season and to get a better sense of what the team needed heading into 2010. Wizards owners apparently believe the team needs Vermes to stay as head coach.

The Wizards will formally announce Vermes as the club's head coach at a press conference on Tuesday, sources told SBI on Monday. Vermes informed the team that he would stay on as head coach on Monday. No word yet on whether he will also retain his duties as the team's technical director.

Vermes replaced Curt Onalfo, who was fired in the middle of the season, on Aug. 4. The Wizards posted a 3-6-3 record under Vermes, but did finish 3-3-3 in its final nine matches.

Vermes' hiring leaves three current head coaching openings in MLS, with New York, D.C. United and Toronto FC all looking for head coaches. That number could rise to four if, as expected, Preki and Chivas USA part ways. The Chicago Fire looks less likely to join that group after reaching the Eastern Conference final, an accomplishment that should lead to the Fire and head coach Denis Hamlett working on a new contract.

What do you think of this move? Like the idea of Vermes staying on as head coach? Think the Wizards should have gone in another direction?

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  1. I think he plays too much of an offensive style. He needs to play a 5-5-0 formation at home and a 9-1-0 on the road.

    I do like the touch of grey in his hair though. Very handsome.

  2. Typical Wizards.I don’t like it. His moves at technical director are the reason we’re in this mess in the first place. If we’re going to have a mediocre coach we should at least hire a competent technical director.

  3. Craptastic! The only thing I’m looking forward to now is getting that stadium up (which neither MLS nor St. Louis is involved with).

    The timing seems a bit is odd. Did KC ask Preki if he wants the job after Chivas lost and he said “Hell No” or what?

  4. What? Did KC decide they needed to go the cost-savings route?

    What could they have possibly gleaned from his brief tenure at the end of the season that he was any significant improvement on Onalfo?

    And RBNY/NJ can keep the ankle biter – I would hope that the DC United “braintrust” is not that desperate. Williams is a perfect fit for the trainwreck by the Passaic.

    It is frustrating enough for the denizens of RFK to see Nowak snapped up by the Union (and even get a giant jump on their youth development by snagging Hackworth.

    Not a particularly big fan of Hack, but he is familiar with the talent and when compared to the disaster that Maessner has been here, our new rivals to the North seem to already be ahead of the curve.

  5. John Spencer would be ideal for DC, though I would hate to lose him here in Houston.

    My real hope is that none of the positions are filled with retreads. Williams should stay in NY. Then Tor and DC (and the Goat People) can all hire former assistants.

  6. but he’s got personality ill give him that and that what MLS needs. As much as i dislike Lalas, its good to have someone to hate who is also passionate about US soccer. It would be boring if everyone liked and agreed with each other.

  7. Why are Preki and Chivas parting ways?
    I like Vermes better in the front office if only because being a head coach today is really a no win situation.

  8. Interesting…really didn’t see this coming, thought Vermes would step back into old role and hire new coach. Easier decision for management though…

    Now Richie to DC


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