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Tuesday Kickoff: Europe plotting move for 2018, Cooper returns to 1860 and more

Sepp Blatter (

If you were hoping for the United States to beat out a host of other candidates, including England, for the right to host the 2018 World Cup, things have gotten a whole lot tougher.

According to FIFA president Sepp Blatter, a plan is in the works to guarantee 2018 going to one of the several European countries bidding for the World Cup.

“From what I’ve discussed with the president of UEFA, Michel Platini, in the last few days in Moscow is that only a European candidate will be evaluated for the 2018 World Cup,” Blatter said on Monday. “It’s still not decided, but it’s an idea to help facilitate the work of FIFA and its executive committee.”

While it has never been a secret that Europe was always considered the favorite to host 2018, this is the first public statement from Blatter basically admitting that Europe would wind up hosting in 2018.

What does it mean for the USA World Cup bids? It means that 2022 is the safer bet for the World Cup to return to the United States.

Here are some other stories to get your Tuesday going:

Cooper set to resume training. U.S. national team striker Kenny Cooper is set to return to action for 1860 Munich for the first time since suffering a sprained MCL in training. Cooper has rejoined the club after undergoing treatment for the injury in the United States. 1860 Munich physicians have already checked out the knee and Cooper is ready to resume training.


Cabanas in critical, but stable condition. Paraguayan national team striker Salvador Cabanas is in critical, but stable condition after surgery following a shooting in Mexico City on Sunday night. Efforts to remove a bullet from Cabanas brain were unsuccessful as doctors chose to leave the bullet in rather than risk more damage to the Club America star. Cabanas was the victim of an apparent robbery late Sunday night at a Mexico City bar.


What do you think of these stories? Disappointed to hear Europe will wind up with 2018, or did you already see that coming? Which country would you like to see host the 2018 World Cup if it isn't the United States? Hoping Cooper can get back into the 1860 starting lineup so he can earn a call-up for the USA-Netherlands match in March?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Actually, there are large portions of our population that ignore the sport entirely. The African-American population is just one segment.

    I’d be willing to bet that less than 25% of Americans could name an American soccer player.

    And probably 10% of those that do answer would say David Beckham.

    Of course, large portions of the country can’t pick out their state on a map, but that’s another story entirely.

  2. There was an article on the new york times web-site written by a forend of mine about the Chicago exclusion. The real reason was Chicago didn’t want to pony up the cash for the bid because there was a lot of negativity toward the outcome of the Olympic bid and the $$$ spent. The explanation from Gulati was just political bs. They didn’t want FIFA to get wind that a major US city did not want to support the bid.

  3. You know, you have a point there. FIFA will probably see how it goes in South Africa in terms of crime and attendance before Russia would have a chance. If there are problems, a safer, West European country would get it.

  4. Yes. Those rail links were great for getting fans to stadiums of 30,000 seats, which were a disgrace at an event like the World Cup.

  5. oh, I remember. As I said in a comment further up, I also see this as a way for Blatter to try to ingratiate himself to Europe, since he’s been getting a lot of flack from them about many things he’s done.

    But I do have to admit, there are a lot more potential hosts in Europe, and a lot more money comes from there as well, so it would be a bit unfair to Europe to have all the other regions get an equal number of World Cups.

    That said, I still don’t believe that Blatter ever does anything ‘for the good of the game’. It’s all about him and holding onto his power.

  6. Well, I don’t think after 1994 waiting till 2022 is cruel or unuasual. If England becomes the host nation for the World Cup in 2018 it would be 52 years after the last time they hosted in 1966. Italy hosted 1934 and 1990 56 years in between, France 1938 and 1998 60 years. Of course that are all European countries but there are a ton of European countries that can host a WC and not that many in other parts of the World and if the US gets a WC about every 30 years thats a pretty nice quota.

  7. Europe can plot all they want, but it’s no secret that Russia, England, Spain, and the Netherlands (or Benelux) all want a cup in 18 or 22. Only one of them can have the cup and if they get the feeling it won’t be them then they might like to sink a Euro cup in 2018 in favor of a US Cup to save their chances for 22 or even 26. These people argue over EVERYTHING ,there’s no reason to think they’ll present a united front.

  8. Remeber Fifa’s big “we’re going to rotate continents” crap a few years back? Well that rotation lasted until the Cup had been to every continent, except North America. Nice “rotation.”

  9. Apyoor Aocehoul and Gittha Laiph are the top 2 ranked fifth-graders nationally. Both moved here from Africa when they were five and if they get their citizenship (fingers crossed) they’ll be on their way to Bradenton and to help the Nats in no time! Should be good to go in 2022!

  10. My uncle Jack said it was true and that’s verification enough for me. He also claims that Joe Damaggio had JFK killed for banging Marylin, so take it for what it’s worth.

  11. Yeah, but of course Bladder had to wait until everyone had spent their money on putting in bids for 2018 to announce it didn’t matter. Do you get a discount rate for bidding for both 18 and 22?

  12. How can you say that? If the Chicago Bears figured they couldn’t sell more then 60,000 seats in that city then why should we limit the World Cup gate by going there? That city is a NIGHTMARE to get into anyway.

  13. If 2018 goes to Russia then FIFA would have to hedge it’s financial bets by picking US in 2022. Too many expenses could be incured with Russia along with a smaller crowd if people fear the police presence there.

  14. Well, if you look at it objectively, I would think there are really only 2 CONCACAF country’s that can handle a World Cup in this day and age (I wouldn’t think Canada would have enough large stadiums, but I could be wrong), while Europe has many more, especially if countries put in joint bids.

    I could see England saying that it’s a bit odd that they don’t get a WC for more than 50 years, while both Mexico and the US each held two (if the US were to get it in 2018) in that period.

    But that said, how many other countries, or blocks of countries, have suitable infrastructure? Holding it in South Africa is a bit of a stretch, and we’ll see how it comes off. How many South American or Asian nations could handle it right now? As has been said, though our public transportation does leave a bit to be desired compared to Europe, no country has the infrastructure that the US has. If we wanted to, we could hold a few tournaments, and not repeat any stadiums from one to the next.

  15. But the whole damn World Cup could be held on the East Coast and the geography factor would be minimal.

    You need 9 venues, right, but can have 12?



    New York







    Others you could use:

    Knoxville (Vols stadium sits 100,000, right?)



    If you did this right you could have the tournament in an area about the size of South Africa.

  16. I hadn’t heard this distance theory, but it sounds a bit fishy to me. Are people worried about travel time to Brazil, I’d think it wouldn’t be any better from Europe or Asia. I’d think the biggest thing ‘killing’ ticket sales would be the country’s reputation for the number of killings there. Plus, I’ve heard there are great concerns about the logistics of traveling within the country.

    I could see FIFA claiming that slower than expected ticket sales is due to distance, because they wouldn’t want to admit people may have security or travel concerns.

  17. “there are concerns that the distance to South Africa is killing ticket sales”

    Killing is killing ticket sales in SA.

  18. I didn’t read the comments above so forgive the repeat opionion:

    It would be a travisty for the North American continent to go without a WC for 28 straight years with Europe hosting 3 in that period.

    Americans need to stop being – by far – the largest purchasers of WC tix. Why hold it here if we will travel anyway?

  19. So Jay-Z is an Arsenal Fan? I know Spike Lee was an Arsenal fan.

    But the point is, yes its specifically African-American Community. I know people want to throw in the “All of America” to ignore the point, but in soccer we already have the Latino support, we already have the suburban soccer mom support, we already have the European immigrant support. But soccer in this country continues to stay where it is. Which means soccer is still missing that extra push and talent from a certain demographic. And that demographic is the African-American Community.

    Ive heard people explain on other sports sites that The game of Basketball and Football did not take off until the African-American community was fully apart of the sport.

  20. I don’t know how Australia did tourism-wise with the Olympics but there are concerns that the distance to South Africa is killing ticket sales. If that turns out to be the case, FIFA may be gun-shy about having another tournament in the hinterland. They already know that the US will be a cash cow. The population in the US is already enough to provide support for all 32 teams even if nobody travels in from abroad (which of course they will). Further, Australia is pretty big landwise though I’m not sure how far apart the participating cities are.

  21. ya its too bad that US won’t have it in 2018, never thought they would, but think about the line up
    2014 Brazil
    2018 England — the two best and most historic footballing nations in the world hosting the WC! damn I hope I have enough money to visit one of these.

    2022 USA
    2024 Australia
    — assuming I live this long that is going to be a great decade of world cups.

  22. I always assumed it was 2022 or nothing. Who knows though nothing is guaranteed. Australia will be the US major competition for 2022.

  23. Actually, I would prefer 2022 over 2018. By then the natioanl team should be higher quality and more prepared for a deeper run with home support. Also, MLS will be a better league by then to both help prepare world cup participants before hand and lure them after the cup. Thinking long term I think 2022 has more potential for a sea-change moment in US Soccer than 2018.

    (But of course waiting 12 years would be hard)

  24. …It’s also used at Grenada’s Medical School and other minor outlying island’s Medical facilities when referring to a violent bowel movement.

  25. But didn’t you hear? Jay-Z is an Arsenal fan, its only a matter of time now. Hahahahahaha.

    Its not just the African Americans, its all the Americans. Until Americans see that there is money to be made in Football and that its not lame to support Football then we won’t get the best pool of players.

    Most Americans are killing themselves for spots in 92 teams in this country. (NFL, MLB and NBA total teams combined if I did my math right) If they started to develop their Football game, there would be a higher chance of actually making it pro for some of these guys that can’t make it into the MLB, NBA, and especially the NFL.

  26. I’ll be 46! :-O Hopefully by then, though, I’ll be CEO of my company, and can take time off to travel to all the U.S. matches. 🙂

  27. Altidore’s latest tweet: “@charliedavies is on his way back! Love the kid to death nd can’t help but think he is going to kill it! Impossible is nothing people”

    I can’t help but think that Jozy should have considered the whole situation surrounding the injury and used a better choice of words…

  28. funny to think how i’m excited at the thought of going to a WC in my home country then realizing how different my life will be then. i feel ya

  29. Maybe the MLS team owners should be at the Fed right now asking for stimulus money? As nuts as things are in DC right now they’d probably get it!

  30. Than you obviously dont live in the US( or do you?) Considering most of our best cordinated Athletes and skilled Athletes are playing Basketball and Football and are mostly African-American. Wich is why the NBA and NFL has an extremly high Afrcian-American percentage. If we especially get some of the African-American Basketball community into soccer……..than the Game will explode in popularity and talent wise.

  31. Are we really surprised? Blatter mostly cares about just protecting his own job, so this is just his way of trying to curry favor with UEFA. He’s already got CONCACAF in his pocket, because Jack Warner cares far more about lining his own pockets than working for his region, so as long as Blatter lets Warner keep his job without any questions, Warner is happy (somehow the ENTIRE allotment of T&T’s tickets for the last WC ended up with a company owned by Warber’s son, yet FIFA “investigated” and found nothing wrong).

    UEFA actually questions things that Blatter does, so his old idea about rotating the WC has obviously been thrown out. Check out this article from last week: Notice that CONCACAF did not object to Blatter’s minion, while Europe, Asia and Africa did.


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