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Wednesday Kickoff: Donovan eyes Everton return, Ferdinand facing World Cup doubts and more

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Landon Donovan is loving life at Everton, so much so that he has every intention of returning to the Liverpool club at some point if and when he leaves to return to the Los Angeles Galaxy.

The U.S. national team star is enjoying a dream run with the Toffees, and spoke recently of his intention to come back to Goodison Park some time during his career.

“I would definitely imagine that I will be back here at some point in my life," Donovan told the Liverpool Echo. "I think it’s been an incredible experience and away from football, the people have been extremely nice.

“That being said, I do miss LA, I miss my team-mates there, I miss the sunshine. That’d be nice to get back there too.”

With an MLS strike looming as labor talks hit a wall, Donovan just might wind up staying with the English club longer than expected, something he doesn't sound like he would mind.

“I’m enjoying it and enjoying every day that I’m here," Donovan said. "Every day that goes by makes me think that I want to stay here, but we’ll see what happens.”

Here are some other stories to get your Wednesday going:


There are starting to be serious questions asked about Rio Ferdinand's chances of playing a major part in England's World Cup after his latest injury setback.

Ferdinand will miss England's upcoming friendly vs. Egypt, as well as Manchester United's Carling Cup Final vs. Aston Villa after a recurrence of a back injury that has plagued him throughout the current Premier League season.

Ferdinand's absence, coupled with the injured status of starting left back Ashley Cole, has England's defense looking vulnerable as we move closer to the World Cup. England will likely feature Wayne Bridge and Matthew Upson in its starting defense against Egpyt, a considerable drop-off from a healthy tandem of Ferdinand and Cole.


England national team defender Ashley Cole has joined Tiger Woods and John Terry in the athlete sex scandal club now that a series of revelations about his marital affairs has led his celebrity wife Cheryl to leave him.

Multiple reports out of England have identified multiple affairs committed by Cole, including a tryst in Seattle during Chelsea's tour of the United States.

One person fed up with the scandals is England manager Fabio Capello, who hinted that any more controversy could lead to players being left off the England World Cup squad.


A late Zlatan Ibrahimovic goal helped give Barcelona a valuable away goal and a 1-1 draw against VfB Stuttgartin UEFA Champions League action on Tuesday.

French champions Bordeaux recorded a vital road victory against Olympiakos, scoring a 1-0 triumph in Greece to take control of its Round of 16 series.

Champions League action resumes today with one of the most high-profile match-ups of the round, Inter Milan vs. Chelsea. Today's first leg is in Milan. CSKA Moscow plays host to Sevilla in the other pre-quarterfinal match of the day.


What do you think of Donovan's comments? Hoping he stays with Everton, or do you want to see him return to MLS? Wondering which England star will be next to be hit with a scandal?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Donovan should stay in Everton. I realize we need him back in the MLS, in order to improve the league’s image. But a better was to improve American soccer’s image would be to do well in the World Cup.
    Donovan is playing with better competition at Everton (Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City). and better competition makes you better as a player.
    So, for the betterment of American soccer, let him stay!

  2. I think you’re joking. I hope you’re joking. I’m going to assume you’re joking.

    (Even if you’re not joking, you might want to pretend you’re joking before you make yourself look like a total boner. Cheers.)

  3. What We need to do is get a LOT more of the England National Team members over here before the world cup. We have some NBA groupies who will be looking for something (someone) to do after that season wraps up. Any luck we’ll be playing the England U-17’s before it’s over.

  4. You see,
    you two are prime examples of why soccer players and fans are nancy boys. I guarantee if you had the looks and money to pull off what A.Cole and Tiger did you would do the same thing. Its pretty easy to sit up on a celibacy high horse and cast down judgement.
    And…this is a soccer blog. Jocks and Fratboys play sports and bag chicks. Its the way the world works.

  5. I really don’t think Landon realizes how old he is. When he hits 30 and loses his speed he will not be able to get by on his ability alone. I hope he doesn’t come back to MLS and stays with Everton.

  6. Exactly. There should be nothing emasculating about relationship fidelity and general decency. Sometimes, I like to think we as a gender have evolved beyond that macho caveman mentality, but apparently, it’s still alive and well in many of us.

  7. I hope the players stand strong and strike in the face of the MLS, because I don’t think the league will compromise until they do. At the same time, I hope Donovan keeps rocking in England. Then i hope the league caves quickly, so the players are ready for the World Cup. If they don’t, the other soccer league will grow…we should be fine.

  8. I feel dumber after having read this sequence of posts. This is why I never got along with jocks in high school and frat boys in college.

  9. I have repeatedly said I like Donovan – doesn’t mean you can’t harp on him for going back on the things he has said. And yes I bought the book we are all talking about and sorry he does say how unprofessional it is that he extended his loan into MLS’ season which is exactly what Donovan is doing.

    I’m sorry Beckham did not wander about and tune out – he fought for his place and contributed what he could. Buddle’s goals and Donovan’s were his assists.

    Can’t help MLS’ schedule is built around screwing over international players from overseas which is what many outsiders have called out on the league.

    What has Beckham said to badmouth MLS? He’s been all over the world promoting soccer, MLS, and Galaxy.

  10. Git = dummy. My old man used to say it and now I do so get over it.

    Sorry, Donovan has done more on the field for MLS but he has come no where near Beckham to what he has done for MLS. Beckham high-tailed back to Europe when the opportunity came – Donovan has done the same thing the moment a team wanted him.

    Both said they would come back, both look to extend their loans thus screwing over their teams. One bad mouthed a teammate, the other held his dignity. One has brought international attention to the league, the other hasn’t. One puts butts in the seats at Home Depot – the other doesn’t. One brought attention to the league within the US – the other hasn’t.

    I don’t think either has done anything wrong but when you go out and talk to the media, complaining about a teammate who has extended his loan into MLS’ season and is looking to do the same the moment he has the opportunity you become a G-I-T. The only difference between the two is Beckham had the first chance to do what Donovan is happy to do now that someone wants him.

    Like Donovan as a player, don’t get me wrong – just find it funny how he acts the same way now that he has a chance to.

  11. Just because I love to eat Frosted Flakes doesn’t mean I want to eat them every day. Apply that same logic to the vaj. Variety is the spice of life. If you’re going to act on your temptation of bedding other women, just don’t get married or get a divorce.

    Also, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Those girls that look haggard compared to his wife probably “do way more stuff.” For all we know his hot wife laid there and took it like a dead fish.

  12. “Grow up Landon”?
    Landon made a “Grown up” thoughtful, politic, response in a press statement. So insecure meatheads can read their own personal insecurities into what ever his response is.
    Grow up, ELAC.
    Make your parents proud and get a life.


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