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Seattle Sounders vs. Portland Timbers: Your Running Commentary

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The Seattle Sounders are taking on the Portland Timbers tonight at Qwest Field in the 'Community Shield'. The match is the last between the long-time arch-rivals before the Timbers join MLS in 2011.

If you are at tonight's match, or are following the match, please feel free to share updates from Qwest Field on the action and the atmosphere at one of the best rivalries in American soccer.

Enjoy the action.


  1. I am sure it will be coin toss. The one thing I always hear from Sigi, is that he doesn’t worry as long as they are creating chances. I think it is time to start worrying about finishing chances.

  2. Wether or not Seattle put their first team in for 90 min in both the Vancouver or Portland games, they still can not finish. Its the one thing I keep hearing form Sigi (that we need to work on finishing) yet one would have hoped we would have scored on two teams that should be weaker than Seattle at this point.

    P.S. I was also wondering, who will get the number one pick next year between Vancouver and Portland? How is that determined?

  3. On the comment about Portland’s future attendance being low, Also, from a business/marketing stand point it would be ridiculous to expect us to try and replicate the success of Seattle off the pitch. If Portland wants to thrive we will ignore or give credit to Seattle for its success off the pitch, cause to high of expectations and oversized stadiums hurt clubs.

    As far as the game goes. It is just a reminder of how badly the Seattle/Portland/Vancouver rivalry is needed in the MLS. The passion at the game from both sides supporters was great. The real reason why Portland won was because we outworked Seattle and wanted it more. They dominated possession but had no real cut chance at scoring. Portland took their chance(s) and that is quality in itself. Though I do hope bunker defense isn’t what we will play against less skilled opponents. Seattle is the more skilled team so playing the way we did was a good strategy to win it, which is what matters against Seattle.

    And yes, when some Sounders fan runs at your friend and hits him you tend to get a little upset. what was more infuriating was the supporters group with the sign “Know Your History” when I was in line and was asked by 6 or 7 sounders fans how long the Portland Timbers had been around.

  4. Futty, Cronin and Marcelin looked good, while OJ’s certainly thrilled to have scored the goal as he’s still a trialist. Not bad for the second preseason match of the year. Not bad at all.

  5. Wrong. That’s the stadium’s current configuration (~16,600). They’re building an east side stand which should hold another 3,000-4,000, putting the capacity at 20,000, and then opening up the 4,000 not-as-good seats for big matches.

  6. This type of play and scoreline could have been from many of last years games. Once again the storyline from Seattle will be about attendance not soccer. The fans deserve more but management has sat on a poor hand.

  7. I was impressed with Estrada too. We were sitting in the south end of the field, which is where Seattle was attacking the second half, so got a good look at him. He definitely looked sharp, like bona fide first round talent. (Some thought he was a reach in the draft.)

    Any game in which Levesque plays is a game I enjoy, even if the scoreline didn’t come up SSFC’s way this time. I thought the fans all behaved themselves well. So hats off to the Timbers for a plucky win … this year.

  8. You obviously have too much time on your hands.

    You actually had some witty comments there. My guess is you’ve spent some time outside Oregon.

  9. I looked it up….17,000 with 5,000 screened off but could be used when needed. ( Not finalize )

    I have long thought that people thinking Portland would be another Seattle were optimistic ( and hoping I was wrong ).

    I guess if they sell out 17,000 and then open up the 22,000 and sellout 3 times a year it is better than average.

  10. That is not what I heard. I heard about 18,000. Vancouver’s stadium to hold 25k.

    14,000 ? that would be embarrassing when 2 1/2 hours north they draw 18,600 for a preseason game.


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