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Ribery red-card appeal denied


Bayern Munich's appeal of the red card that Franck Ribery received in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinal against Lyon has been rejected, meaning that the star winger will miss the Champions League final against Inter Milan.

In case you forgot, here's how Ribery was sent off:

Do you think that Ribery's three-game suspension should have been reduced? Do you think Bayern Munich can defeat Inter Milan without him?

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  1. That’s irrelevant seeing as how he’s married. He shouldn’t be having sex with prostitutes regardless of their age. The goal was “scored” by Henry, not Ribery, so it’s not like he’s responsible for any robbery. I don’t even know what your last sentence means.

  2. That’s a clear red in my book — not necessarily malicious, but a reckless challenge that could easily have broken the guy’s ankle. One can quibble about the length of the suspension, but not, in my opinion, about the card.

  3. It was retarded because she never told anyone she was underage. And he is going to a world cup on a foul goal. Which you could say is a form of football payback. And if they lose with or without him it would be even more annoying to him.

  4. Not sure how many of you have been in a situation to make calls such as this, but as a USSF referee, In the Opinion of the Referee, I probably would have made the same call in the flury of the incident. This isn’t NFL or NBA or Hockey where we have instant replay. Decisions are typically made and stick on the field. You can’t fault this call.

    That said, upon further review, the replay clearly shows that Ribery was going for the ball which Lisandro poked away from the point at the point where Ribery was judging the ball to be, but Lisandro’s touch of he ball resulting in his ankle moving to the position the ball would have been. Therefore, I am confused as to why EUFA did not accept Bayern’s appeal b/c clearly there was no intent to cause injury. EUFA/FIFA needs to ACK this mistake during Bayern’s appeal to CAS. The suspension is NOT justified.

  5. I would have asked him if he would give me the names of some good underage hookers. If he would’t, straight red.


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