Are you heading to the World Cup?

Are you heading to the World Cup?

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Are you heading to the World Cup?



A week from today I will be boarding a plane for South Africa, where I will attend my third straight World Cup. It will be an exciting time to say the least, not just because of the new continent I will get to see, but also because of the great soccer that awaits and the great fans I know I'll see from all over the world.

As the days count down until my trip I couldn't help but wonder how many SBI readers will have the good fortune of making the trip as well. I know the United States leads the way among countries sending fans to the World Cup, but it's tough to really get a sense of just how many people are making the lengthy trek.

So if you are an SBI reader and you are heading to South Africa. Let us know. Tell us where you are from, and tell us about the trip you have planned.

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