Landon Donovan's new Mexican commercial

Landon Donovan's new Mexican commercial

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Landon Donovan's new Mexican commercial


Landon Donovan 3 (

We all enjoyed Landon Donovan's first commercial for the Mexican lottery Ganagol (more like a betting slip than USA-style lottery), and we've been waiting patiently to see when Donovan would give us another gem for the folks South of the Border.

Donovan's second Ganagol commercial has emerged, and while it isn't as funny as the image of him in pancho, sombrero and bad fake moustache, it's still pretty funny (it starts with Donovan saying "Every time it gets easier to win in Mexico." A statement that leads to the reaction you see).


What did you think of the commercial? Trying to figure out who the guy sitting next to Donovan was supposed to be? Hoping we get a third commercial?

Share your thoughts below.

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