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Must-See Goal- Alex

When you run down the list of goal-scoring threats on Chelsea's formidable roster, Brazilian defender Alex isn't going to be near the top of the list. Things are a bit different when you're talking about a free kick straight on goal, because few can hit a ball harder and with more purpose than Alex.

The Chelsea defender reminded us just how deadly his free kicks can be when he added the insurance goal in Chelsea's 2-0 win vs. Arsenal.




  1. Not that I like what Chelsea, or any of the big-money EPL teams represent, but they are magnificent on the field. Drogba, Maluda, Lampard, who scored 20+ from midfield, Essien. This is their year in the Champions League.

  2. It’s not a “MUST SEE” Goal…he’s scored on freekicks before just like this with his powerful shot…..Drogba’s accidental/weird goal was more of a shocker.

  3. And I like the way the Chelsea player in the wall ducks out of the way to open a hole for the shot, then literally ducks and covers behind the wall because he knows exactly what is coming.

  4. I always wondered when Alex was going to come into his own. When he played with Robinho and Diego at Santos, he showed as much promise at his position as they did at theirs. I am glad to see he is finally starting at Chelsea. Believe me, there is more of that coming if his days at Santos were a harbinger of things to come.


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