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Mid-Day Ticker: USA-Argentina friendly, England’s bid in trouble and more



Reports out of South America suggest that the United States could be hosting Argentina in a men's soccer friendly in Seattle this coming March.

According to the report, the prospective date of the match would be March 26, which falls during a FIFA International Break (March 26-30, 2011). The date would also likely coincide with the start of the next Major League Soccer season. The Seattle Sounders opened the 2010 season at home on March 25.

Also according to that report, Argentina has friendlies lined up on Feb. 9 against England (in Copenhagen) and March 29 against either Mexico or Costa Rica (and played either in Los Angeles or Costa Rica depending on the opponent).

The last time the United States faced Argentina, the teams played to a 0-0 draw in a friendly at the old Giants Stadium in June, 2008.

Here are a few more stories from around the soccer world:


The Sunday Times could end up costing England the chance to host the 2018 World Cup.

According to the BBC, the report by the English publication that revealed that members of FIFA's executive committee were willing to be bribed for their votes has "significantly harmed" England's bid to host the 2018 tournament.

A senior member of England's bid committee spoke to the BBC and delivered the revelation while also maintaining that the bid wasn't dead just yet but that there is an uphill battle to climb between now and the Dec. 2 announcement.


Philipp Lahm has added four years to his contract with Bayern Munich, securing himself a place with the German power through 2016.

Lahm, the highly touted right back and current Germany captain, was initially signed through the 2012 season.


Aston Villa forward Emile Heskey will be out for the next four weeks after tearing the meniscus in his right knee during training.

The injury requires Heskey to undergo surgery, which will put him on the shelf alongside strike partner Gabriel Agbonlahor.


Hope the USA-Argentina match becomes a reality? Do you think England should be punished because of The Sunday Times' report? Where do you think Lahm ranks among the world's fullbacks? Think Aston Villa can overcome the losses of Agbonlahor and Heskey?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. In that case, Qatar looks like a better fit for 2022. Although, there are no booze allowed in that country as I understand it. Therefore, FIFA would have to ship their Single Malt Scotch and Cuban cigars privately from Zurich to handle their crooked backroom deals.

  2. Ha! When the bid scandal broke, I wrote either here or at BigSoccer that FIFA would see this less as internal corruption and more about English journos embarrassing them; and that FIFA would punish England and strangely enough the USA!

  3. I like the idea of backlash against FIFA. Can’t wait til someone starts their own more transparently run world cup of soccer tournament… oh wait that’s not going to happen.

  4. I know it’s like a full sanction of bribery? At least the Int. Olympic Committee takes action with members who have taken bribes even if it is after media outcry.

  5. I don’t know about everyone else, but punishing a country for something written in their press seems extremely heavy handed. It’s certainly a very UnAmerican concept to punish a country for something a private paper has written. Hopeful its an UnEuropean concept too, and there is a backlash against FIFA

  6. I’m constantly perplexed as to why the common-folk who love footy in all these countries don’t just put these guys on pikes. I’m not advocating lynching, I’m just surprised it hasn’t happened already.

  7. Let me get this straight. An English newspaper exposes that 2 member’s of the FIFA executive committee were willing to take bribes, and now because of that the English bid is in trouble? Ridiculous as always

  8. “One member of the bid team told the BBC: ‘The question is: can we recover from this? Fifa members feel they are being persecuted by the British media.'”

    Wow… FIFA members feel like they’re being persecuted? Persecuted for what? Is it even possible to be persecuted for taking bribes? I thought persecution meant unjust mistreatment, as in the case of religious persecution. What’s next? Mafia members complaining of persecution?

    If they feel like they’re being persecuted now, wait until they decide not to award 2018 to England. Then they’ll see persecution…

  9. Did anyone see where Danny Jordaan of South Africa admitted he offered to trade South Africa’s support in an earlier WC selectin cycle? And he’s on the committe reviewing the current bids!

  10. Wait so England’s WC bid is being hurt because FIFA has dishonest cheats on their exec. committee? Why doesn’t the English bid committee have Wayne Rooney take the FIFA boys out for a night on the town. He can introduce them to a few of his female friends.

  11. Ohhh, how badly do I want that USA – ARG friendly to become a reality. The only thing better than the game actually happening would be if that’s the friendly game Sounders season ticket holders get as a part of the package this year!

  12. A USA-ARG friendly in Seattle would be amazing! And on an International Break? How great is that? With travel from Europe, I’ll believe it when I see official word, but dang, how awesome. I’ve been waiting for this post for a few years now. I’m like a little kid on Christmas morning over here.

  13. I believe a USA- ARGENTINA match will be a thrilling match, I hope it is done and we can see some new faces or better tactical awareness by BB.

  14. Could perhaps the WONDO crowd be pimping him out for such an option? Oh wait he wouldn’t qualify for a WP.

    Maybe EJ could have a shot.

  15. AV don’t have Agbonlahor, 1 of the best younger strikers in the PL. Suprisingly he’s on 24. 1 would think he were younger. In comparison Torres/Rooney are 26 and 24.

    AV have Carew, a decent striker but for some reason hasn’t been consistent the past year or 2.

    If they were seriously depending on Heskey, then all I can say is WOW. They won’t finish mid-table now.

  16. Spain/Portugal seems more likely for 2018. If England doesn’t get it, they will.

    I doubt Russia. They have a load of issues and problems. Look at Chechyna.

  17. Looks to me like Villa could use some strikers. Perhaps a loan situation to get them through the next few months? If only there was a league that was finishing up their play and has proven they would whore out their best players for short stints of time.

  18. Governing body – what a joke

    Oh you exposed currupt practices within our organization and instead of thanking you for exposing our bad apples we will SMITE YOU.


  19. Ugh. Another high profile game on the bouncy turf? No thank you. Let’s find a real soccer field to see one of the world’s best play soccer on, not “moon bouncey castle ball”

  20. I can just imagine why Fifa would NOT want to go to a place where investigative reporters would report their every fraud and crime.

    Russia wins 2018 and US gets 2022 so Fifa can have at least one World Cup where they didn’t have to panic about everything getting done on time!

  21. Yeah, we all know about FIFA and corruption but before you start talking about how England has gotten screwed, you might wanna wait to see what comes out from various sources before drawing a full conclusion. This stuff is never clean – think lying down with a dog and getting fleas. I have no idea like most of you whether or not they’re involved in something crooked but I’m waiting to peiece a bit more of the facts together before coming to a conclusion.

    Hopefully evidence will show that they’re innocent, for their sake but who in the hell knows nowadays.

  22. Fun times for Seattle. If the above comments are fact as to Seattle’s USA support then Qwest Field should get a look for possible homefield.

    The English press exposes FIFA corruption and could be punished? What a shocker.

    Could UEFA make a bold step and expand Euro and invite non-Euro teams into the competition and chip away at FIFA. Unlikely and unlogistical but a thought that I had after reading this.

  23. Wow, Fifa is now punishing the country whose media is honest in its FIFA reporting. This level of corruption is astounding!! I hope something is done.

    Argentina in Seattle near the MLS season opener sounds AMAZING.
    I hope I can go!

  24. Ecstatic the Argentina friendly will be held in Seattle as a USA Supporter. One of our few cities we get a severely pro-America support. You know our boys will love that passion and loyalty.

    Too many damn cities with fanboy national team favorites, regardless of ethnicity.

    It’ll be like Columbus on steroids, given the attendance.

  25. Russia has done a great job bribing FIFA to win the 2018 bid. This is why the US pulled out and placed all their horses on the 2022 bid. No joke!

  26. After reading the attached article, it seems fifa bigwigs are doing their best to pass the blame down the line to protect themselves. No surprise by me, just disgust. With the political madness finishing up on our shores, how would that defense work against damning and easily proven evidence? “I won’t comment on the allegation, but was the probe even ethical?” That stuff wouldn’t fly in a real and transparent organization. Not that we’re much better though.

  27. It wouldn’t necessarily be a day after the home opener. March 25 was their home opener this past season, but the 2011 schedule hasn’t been announced yet to the best of my knowledge.

  28. Because an English paper exposed corruption among FIFA voters, the voters are punishing the England bid? That’s ridiculous. If England doesn’t get it, I hope it goes to Netherlands/Belgium.

    As for Argentina, why play a game in Seattle a day after the home opener. Wouldn’t it be better to play it in another city, perhaps one without an MLS team, such as Miami?


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