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Must-See (Own) Goal: FC Twente

Yes, it happened Tuesday, but we'd be remiss if we didn't share an all-time great own goal courtesy of FC Twente defender Peter Wisgerhof and keeper Sander Boschker. Enjoy:



  1. I was going to say that. If I recall correctly, Robinson’s took an even bigger bounce.

    C, I can’t say I agree it’s the defenders fault at all. You are taught to put the ball outside the frame… if at all possible. With the sliding pass I thought the defender had done well.

  2. This recently happened to an English National goalie as well, Robinson, I think. If I remember correctly, it was during WC qualification too.

  3. Looked like a pretty good play on a difficult ball from the defender. The striker was right there and considering the defender dove and kicked it was a 100% workable pass.

  4. Good observation. The ball was just rolling flat for a good stretch and it did take a weird and unexpected bounce before the keeper swings. I could understand him shanking it or kicking it with his shin, but the complete miss is inexcusable. You are right; he completely took his eye off it.


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