Portland Timbers make (fashion) statement with MLS jerseys

Portland Timbers make (fashion) statement with MLS jerseys

MLS- Portland Timbers

Portland Timbers make (fashion) statement with MLS jerseys




Not many MLS team jerseys look so distinctly different than the primary and secondary uniforms the expansion Portland Timbers unveiled Thursday afternoon at Portland International Airport.

Most figured green would be the primary color. It is, a dark green two-toned look with white and green sleeves, an axe on the upper back and a "No Pity" jock tag in honor of the Timbers Army, the team's main supporters group. Alaska Airlines, a Northwest-based carrier, is the jersey sponsor, those words splashed across the front. 

 The secondary kit, however, was the true star of the day – Rose City red with white sleeves and red stripes, a Rose City logo badge in honor of the city and its nickname, thorns stitched into the back and down the middle of the two shades of red used, and the words "Rose City" stitched on the back.

Both jerseys feature the club's primary crest on the top left front.

The Timbers staged a big production to present the jerseys and apparel line, using a hangar at the airport to house guests and opening the hangar doors to reveal a Boeing 737 jet on which was painted the team crest and a scarf over the fuselage.

Interestingly, both Boeing and Alaska Airlines are companies with Seattle roots, but the mere mention of Seattle drew boos at the unveiling. The two cities are longtime rivals in soccer going back to the NASL days and NBA days when Seattle had the Supersonics.

The plane rolled into the hangar, and people on board deplaned to a runway that they walked, fashion-show style, to model the Timbers gear. Alaska Airlines employees were featured as were players Steve Cronin (in primary kit), Ryan Pore and his wife Ashley, Adam Moffat, Peter Lowry, Eric Brunner (in secondary kit) and Rodney Wallace (long sleeve secondary kit).  

The team's downtown Portland store opens Friday morning and the primary jerseys will be on sale. The secondary kits are available in early 2011.

What do you think about the Timbers' new jerseys? Prefer the red or the green or neither? Share your thoughts below.

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