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Qatar to host 2022 World Cup


Qatar has been chosen to host the 2022 World Cup. The middle Eastern nation beat out the United States among others for the bid.

My early take on this decision? FIFA can't be serious can it? Qatar was favored for some time by bookmakers and it's clear they knew something. The USA bid for 2022 was the most viable and made the most sense, but FIFA voters went with the highest risk bid.

It's thoroughly devastating news for American soccer because a 2022 World Cup in the United States would have meant a tremendous boost for the game in this country. Perhaps it is even tougher to take considering Qatar seemed like the weakest of the bids.

What do you think of the news? Devastated? Going to boycott 2022? Getting your sun screen ready?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I’m not happy about a match with Egypt. What will this prove – meaning why not just play another CONCACAF team that is weak and doesn’t challenge the USMNT. U.S. Soccer needs to compete against stronger teams from CONMEBOL & UEFA. If the U.S. must play an African team, it should reschedule a grudge match against Ghana, which has ousted the U.S. in the last two World Cups or play Côte d’Ivoire.

  2. “Has anyone considered that England may have been hurt by the fact that they were chosen to host the Olympics?”

    No, because Russia is hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics.

  3. No, they aren’t. They aren’t allowed to get a passport without their husband’s or “guardian’s” permission. Violence against women is widespread, and the laws there, particularly when it comes to divorce and rape, favor men. The treatment of the migrant workers who will be doing most of the hard labor in building the stadiums is very poor. Their employers often confiscate passports and withhold wages, and the workers aren’t protected under Qatari law, giving them no redress. The only “people” in Qatar (in their eyes) are the men born there.

  4. “Has anyone considered that England may have been hurt by the fact that they were chosen to host the Olympics?”

    Excuse me, isn’t Brazil hosting consecutive World Cups and Olympics? Thought so.

  5. Hey, can we get a moderator on this forum?:

    *****can you imagine the jihad that will ensue will US mnt beats the burqa’s off the Qatar team????***

    Ives, I don’t think you’d let such an obviously biased comment about Latinos or other groups stand…for shame.

  6. the INSANE thing about the Qatar bid is this, it was deemed ‘unthinkable’ to have Korea or Japan host the WC by themselves due to their small size. (same goes for Holland and Belgium) Every single one of those countries, save for Belgium, have cities that dwarf the entire population of Qatar by at least a factor of 3.

    This is really an odd, odd decision. If the middle east wants it I’m fine with that if they are going to air condition everything: show me what you got.

    However,anytime a cities population comes close to doubling overnight it puts ENORMOUS pressure on it and it usually leaves it a bit wrecked. Doubling or tripling the population of a country overnight is going to destroy it.

    The final problem is the politics. Yes, they are a bit more relaxed than say Iran, but they are still Shari’a compliant and the laws there can change in an instant and have before. Are they really going to throw all the Shari’a laws aside just for the World Cup? I don’t see Islamic extremists sitting too well with that. (in 2005 they were pissed about a much smaller international sporting event and suicide bombed it. The man wasn’t Qatari but it isn’t the hardest place to sneak into)

  7. The rotation ended with Germany 2006 when FIFA decided to award the Cup to Europe every other time. How exactly is that fair?

    CONCACAF was due for the 2018 World Cup, but yeah whatever. FIFA does whatever it wants with zero oversight.

  8. Never seen so much common hate. Feels good to have so much directed hate. The USA should make the UIFA, or Unified Internation Football Association. It’ll be better, cause we made it, or something.


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