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Must-See Goal: Giuseppe Rossi


  1. Actually the phrase “I could care less” is an American idiom. That has been used in Britain in the 1950’s and has been used in America since the 1960s. We are the only English speaking country that I am aware of, that uses it.
    Like it or not, English and especially American English is an ever evolving language. Of course you can ‘Refudiate’ that if you wish.

  2. Please. Rossi was crossing? Partly crossing? At the far post? HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry but watch it again please. I think Donovan’s shot was special, this one too. But they were both trying to take the head off of the GK and score a goal.

    And BTW, the Slovenian GK made a positioning mistake. He had 3 seconds to step out on LD, but cowered inside and behind the post instead. Rossi had about a second to shoot from first touch, was moving faster, similar angle. He was farther out, but it doesn’t really matter.

  3. Well, whenever you are that close to the goal, even if is at an angle, the goalkeeper has barely a split second to react. In this case Rossi had a defender to partially obscure the shot. Donovan was pure speed and force. The goalkeeper simply could not make a stop fast enough from that short of a distance.

    Both were great goals, but Rossi gets the edge as he was further out.


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