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Must-See Goal: Karim Benzema

In a Copa del Rey match marred by Iker Casillas being hit with a projectile from the stands and a controversial no-goal call on a shot by Luis Fabiano, Karim Benzema delivered an excellent individual effort to give Real Madrid a 1-0 lead over Sevilla heading into the second leg of their semifinal tie:



  1. Bendtner’s goal was very nice. A well timed run, a couple of nice touches, and good placement on the finish. And even better, Bendtner appears to be wearing black boots again. Not some florescent yellow or pink ones like I expected (sorry – I couldn’t contain my sarcasm).

    As far as the Benzema goal is concerned, I enjoyed it also. It had a nice one-two, good dribbling, a great fake, and a calm finish. I’ll let other people argue about whether it was “must-see” or not — I enjoyed watching it.

  2. Fantastic choice, SBI. ESPN had it in their top ten plays this morning as well, so that says something.

    Amazing to see so much effort from Benzema. Most of the time he looks like he is a step behind everyone else.

  3. Meh. Good, not great. Maybe instead of a Must See Goal post Ives could put together a “Good Goal Roundup.” I’d totally dig that.

  4. I’m with SBI. You guys have too high standards! If he hadn’t posted I wouldn’t have seen, and it was totally worth seeing. Quit hatin. What kind of people complain about watching great goals anyway?

  5. Hi Oh SBI!

    I do think this is a class goal but I think Big Nick Bendtner goal from the Arsenal v Ipswich match is a better goal than this.

    Nicks first touch is high quality and his finish is much more quality than Benzema.

    Not sure why that wasn’t posted last night but for the rest of you PLEASE look it up and let me know your thoughts. Being a Gunners fan I may be biased but being an objective soccer fan, I think I am correct!

  6. Benzema must be frustrating as heck to Mourinho. Kid is one of the most talented strikers of his age group, but when he is off form he is terrible. Also, it’s probably not helping him that Madrid are used to strikes like Ronaldo, Raul, RVN etc…


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