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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

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Revenge will be on the mind of some of England's top teams today in a loaded schedule of soccer around the world.

Manchester United dropped points in controversial fashion when the Red Devils visited Birmingham City last month, but Sir Alex Ferguson's side will look to take all three points at Old Trafford today. Meanwhile, Arsenal will look to defend home turf against the same Wigan side it dropped points to in December.

If you want to see some dominating teams in action, look no further than Germany, where first-place Borussia Dortmund is running wild in the Bundesliga. Barcelona is also in action today and will be looking to erase the memories of a disappointing mid-week Copa Del Rey loss.

If you are watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump): 


7:45pm- ESPN2/ Wolverhampton vs. Liverpool

8am- Fox Soccer Plus- Derby County vs. Nottingham Forest 

8:25am- Pay Per View- Australia vs. Iraq (Asian Cup)

9:30am- GolTV- Borussia Dortmund vs. VfB Stuttgart

9:30am- Bayern Munich vs. Kaiserslautern

10am- Fox Soccer Plus- Arsenal vs. Wigan

10am- Fox Soccer Channel- Manchester United vs. Birmingham City

11:30am- GolTV- Hamburg vs. Eintracht Frankfurt (Delayed)

Noon- Fox Soccer Plus- Palermo vs. Brescia

Noon- Sevilla vs. Levante

12:30pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Aston Villa vs. Manchester City

2pm- GolTV- Barcelona vs. Racing Santander

2:4pm- Fox Soccer Channel- AS Roma vs. Cagliari

3pm- Argentina vs. Venezuela (CONMEBOL Under-20 Tournament)

4pm- GolTV- Valencia vs. Malaga

5pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Newcastle United vs. Tottenham

5:10pm- Chile vs. Uruguay (CONMEBOL Under-20 Tournament)

6pm- Fox Soccer Plus- Everton vs. West Ham United (Delayed)

6pm- Azteca America- Cruz Azul vs. UNAM Pumas

6pm- Telefutura- Queretaro vs. Morelia

6pm- Telemundo- Monterrey vs. Atlante

8pm- Galavision- Santos Laguna vs. Pachuca

8pm- Telemundo- Chivas Guadalajara vs. San Luis

10pm- Telefutura/ USA vs. Chile

1am- Fox Soccer Channel- Central Coast Mariners vs. Sydney FC




  1. Ha hA!
    yeah beckerman is good but not int. quality. Its just amazing to see all our Nats over seas doing well. Going to the US Chile game in a couple hours can’t wait. Excited to see Starikov, I fear Aguedelo is getting a little too much hype these days.

    just ate piZza hut. damn that hit the spot.

  2. I believe you when you say he’s improved, and that’s excellent news. Should he find more time there and show well, I’d happily advocate for him getting a look there in the US kit. As you say, dude has a motor and wheels. Add decent positioning and improved discipline and I’ll forevermore discard the nickname “Redcardo.”

  3. I dont know how many times he has even played CB. So I was amazed by how well he read the game. What really amazed me though was how quick he is at covering the wing when necessary and his recovery speed was really impressive. You don’t really notice that as much when he’s playing defensive mid. The thing I’ve always liked about him is how he just looks dialed into the game. A real gamer. I also think his tackling has really improved since arriving at Frankfurt. I’m excited about a potential Onyewu/Clark partnership. I want some speed in that position. I know it’s been repeated ad nauseam, but you just can’t teach speed or athleticism.

  4. Back in 2000, I once listened to a USA-Honduras World Cup qualifier on Yahoo radio. It was actually a US Soccer-dedicated broadcast. I think it was the game in which Mathis scored the winner from a wicked free kick. Can’t remember exactly, but it was sweet to have a home radio broadcast of a match.

  5. One more reply to my own post, but I am a bit stoned …

    Mix up that midfield anyway you like, and I’d happily put them up against any other midfield in the world.

    OK, I’m done.

  6. With the exception of Dempsey. No disrespect to him at all. He’s been badass this season. But I don’t know if he’s a midfielder or a forward sometimes.

  7. Man, I’m so happy for Jonathan Spector. I remember watching him play years ago when he played for Manchester United in a couple league games, and then watching his debut for the USMNT, and you could tell back then that he was a classy player. He got his chance to show it this season and hasn’t disappointed.

    The question now becomes: What does Bob Bradley do with the USMNT midfield? Jermaine Jones, Michael Bradley, Ricardo Clark, Benny Feilhaber, Stuart Holden, Jose Torres, Landon Donovan, Maurice Edu and now Spector! And then you have have guys like Diskerud, McCarty and Beckerman waiting in the wings.

    The American midfield is looking pretty dangerous. Which is good because our forwards suck.

  8. hmmm, stinks for Lichaj that Clark, a 21 yr old irish kid gets to start for Villa against MC. Did okay holding Silva but then all of MC was having a hard time attacking against an unified and middle-clogging Villa defense…

  9. “breaks Nigel De Jong’s leg” should be “breaks off Nigel De Jong’s leg and uses it to beat him senseless.”

    Metaphorically speaking, of course. I abhor violence on the pitch.

  10. I agree. I’d like to see Shea as a left back. He seems to have the tools. Big, strong, hard-working, lots of energy and pace to get up and down the line, and seems to read the game well enough. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Shea get time there during the game tonight.

  11. agreed GunneRR 110%. Not sure what the plan is for us, no self respecting CB would want to sit Djourou or Kos.

    If we do get someone ‘better’ than those two (Djourou is easily our best after Verm) then it will hamper someones progress. I do think Kos has got what it takes though.

    We will see. Ooo Ooo Ooo to be a Goooner!

  12. at least we know he definitely has a future there at the highest levels of football versus Edu, who will always be in contention for a midfield spot, because he’s a natural box to box mid.

    Specs is a mid who can play outwide for sure. He wont be the best attacker, but he’ll do more then his job defensively and provide great passing and crossing.

    Now if we can see Shea at LB i’ll be a happy man.

  13. He really is so athletic. If he gets better at reading the game, he could well play on our back line. We all see how troubled we are by fast forwards.

  14. We should at least give him a chance. He’s getting playing time for a good team in a top league and doing well, by the looks of it, against good players. We haven’t exactly got enough proven players at center back for us to act like a player getting the kind of time there that Clark is getting can just be omitted.

  15. Caught the last 30 minutes or so. He did not look bad. It was encouraging. It does have some potential. He does read the game well in front of him. I did see him get a little overly aggressive at one point. He also made a really good run late and had a good look on goal. Disappointed with his effort on the shot because he usually has a pretty good shot from distance. From what I saw, I would have to agree with MC . . . there maybe something there worth considering in the long run

  16. Hmm Spector at Midfield and Clark at Defender for Brazil 2014?
    Not convinced on Clark. Way too reckless to many stupid fouls. Would live to see a Specor Jones pairing for 2014. won’t happen cause Bradley will be forced there somehow.

  17. From last week:

    “The 21-year old Frankfurt native moved over from Eintracht II before the season on a one-year deal. He’s a right-sider who can also play in defense and has four goals in 17 games for FCN II this season.

    Chandler is now training with the 11th place first team and suited up for a Bundesliga match for the first time in Saturday’s 1-0 loss to Michael Bradley’s ‘Gladbach.

    To answer your next obvious questions, yes, he is eligible for both the U.S. national team and for Germany’s, but no, he has never appeared for Die Mannschaft at any level.”


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