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U.S. U-20 team drawn with Panama, Suriname for World Cup qualifying

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The U.S. U-20 national team has learned its foes for the upcoming CONCACAF Championship, which will determine which four teams from the federation reach this summer's U-20 World Cup in Colombia.

The United States will take on Panama and Suriname in Group B. Should the Americans advance out of the group, they would face Honduras, Guatemala or Jamaica in a quarterfinals match with a World Cup ticket on the line.

The tournament is scheduled to begin on March 28 and runs through until April 10.

Here are the complete groups for the 2011 CONCACAF Championship:

Group A: Honduras, Guatemala, Jamaica

Group B: USA, Panama, Suriname

Group C: Canada, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe.

Group D: Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba

How do you think the U.S. U-20 team will do in its Group B games? Expecting them to qualify for this summer's World cup with ease?

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  1. I hope Suriname will do well.. for the first time they will play against such big countries.. So i will not be dissapointed if they lose bcoz it’s just an experience.. Go “NATIO”.. SRANANG

  2. Actually, In the U-20’s, it seems the four qualifying spots are filled by the winners of quarter-final matches,. ie. the final four teams will all qualify. So what if Guadeloupe wins one quarterfinal matches. It is not eligible for the final 4 spots, but eligible for the semi-finals. Will the spot be filled by which team, the loser to Guadeloupe or one of the other 3 losers in the QF playoffs? Or a playoff of the four losing teams?

  3. What about Puerto Rico? I believe that they participate in full Men’s WC Qualifying. Seems weird that Guadeloupe can’t and Puerto Rico can…

  4. Actually happen to know the answer to this. When they first appeared in the 2007 Gold Cup and put a nice whooping on Mexico in the group stages only to barely lose 1-0 in the semis.

    I heard during one of Guadalupe’s games that the narrators explained they were a French territory and all, and that they were allowed to compete in the largest regional or continental competition of the FIFA Zone they belonged to and still be recognized as a team.

    But FIFA doesn’t recognize them as a national team outside of the Gold Cup.
    If they won the runner up would go to the Confederations Cup

  5. While that may be true, we definitely have an easier road than them. But who cares, really, it’s just the luck of the draw. No point worrying about who has to face slightly larger minnows.

  6. Is Suriname in Concacaf? I though it was in Comebol. Although being the smallest country in South America, it would make more sense to be a part of the Caribbean.Concacaf administration.

    But I know that Guadeloupe is a French Overseas Department and not a sovereign state and as such it is not eligible for any FIFA World Cups. Am I right about this?

    So what happens if Guadeloupe wins a Concacaf WC spot?

  7. Just read the Wiki on Suriname…interesting that several Netherlands legends including Ruud Gullit, and more recently Eljero Elia are all of Suriname decent.

    Not saying we shouldn’t beat them, but they might have some kids who could cause trouble.

  8. Though anything can happen, we have the talent to where is should little trouble getting past the quarters. Qualification is the key, of course, but not winning the whole thing would be a disappointment.

  9. It would be surprising to not finish in the first position out of this group, completely shocking to not make the quarters. But the strength of our group is pretty much beside the point. The bigger question is how tough a game we would have in the quarters vs. Honduras, Guatemala or Jamaica.

  10. Seems ridiculously easy, but then again youth teams/sides are a lot different than national teams. Especially when you can grab some kids who are extremely physically mature for their age.


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