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Wednesday Kickoff: Guardiola agrees to extension, Spurs-LA team up and more

Guardiola (Reuters Pictures)


Pep Guardiola and FC Barcelona have agreed to a one-year extension that will keep the manager at Camp Nou through the 2011-2012 season. Financial terms of the extension were undisclosed.

According to the Associated Press, the 40-year-old Guardiola has said that he prefers one-year deals as opposed to long-term ones in order to stay motivated, and he has been granted his wish.

Under Guardiola's guidance, the club has reached great heights, including two consecutive crowns in La Liga and a UEFA Champions League title. This season has been no different, as Barca is currently seven points clear of second-place Real Madrid in the league and is in position to make runs at the Champions League and Copa del Rey titles as well.

Here are a few more stories to kick off your Wednesday:


AEG chairman Tim Leiweke has announced a strategic alliance between the Los Angeles Galaxy and Tottenham. AEG, which is trying to secure the rights for Tottenham to take over the Olympic Stadium in England after the 2012 Olympics, also owns the Galaxy.

Leiweke said that the partnership between the two clubs could include future friendlies and players from Spurs eventually moving to Los Angeles.

Leiweke also said that he pulled the plug on David Beckham's potential loan to Spurs, because he stressed the importance of Beckham being with the Galaxy from the beginning of the season.

The Galaxy is not the first MLS team that Tottenham has a relationship with, as the club has had a formal partnership with the San Jose Earthquakes since October, 2008.


The European Club Association has spoken out against players participating in both the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2012 European Championships.

"We have appealed to UEFA to say that if a player is selected for Euro 2012, he should not be selected for the Olympics," ECA vice president Umberto Gandini said.


The Ivory Coast defeated Mali in France, 1-0, on the strength of a Didier Ya Konan goal. Didier Drogba had a hand in setting up the goal, which was scored in the opening minutes.

United States nemesis Ghana also enjoyed a victory on Tuesday, defeating Togo, 4-1, in Belgium.

In other international matches: Sweden downed Cyprus, 2-0; Ukraine defeated Romania 2-2 (4-2 on penalties); and Ireland defeated Wales, 3-0.


What do you think of Guardiola only extending his deal by one year? What do you make of the Spurs-Galaxy partnership? Do you think players should be able to participate in both Euro 2012 and the Olympics?

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  1. As San Jose fan, I’m not sure what to make of this. Unlike the Earthquake partnership, there is no Galaxy announcement on Spurs website. This may just be Leiweke trying to generate PR/buzz. However, if this is true, it seems disingenuous on the part of Spurs. As San Jose fan, I selfishly want first pick of possible Spurs players, games, and attention – I don’t want to share that with the Galaxy. Makes me feel like the uglier younger sister who just had her boyfriend stolen by big sis.

  2. How can the Spurs have partnerships with both the Earthquakes and the Galaxy considering they are rivals?

    Does this mean they are no longer working with the Earthquakes?

  3. I’m elated that you aren’t on the IOC committee, where you would brashly deny the development of a competitive sport.

    At least HammerFan had something constructive to say.

  4. The Olympic tournament rosters are all U-23 except like 3 players allowed to be older. So for some players it could be quite meaningful and could help boost their chances for the next World Cup roster etc.

  5. I’m not completely against it, but I don’t really see the point of having an Olympic soccer tournament in addition to all the World Cup and individual federation tournaments. Winning the gold medal is a special moment for teams, but winning a World Cup or the Gold Cup is a much more satisfying result. Instead of insisting on another outdoor soccer tournament, maybe the Olympics should consider indoor soccer at this point. It can help develop the sport even more.

  6. The ECA also Shutting down 2022 winter world cup. Now Qatar has to hold up their end and find a way to air condition their open stadiums. Anybody else getting the feeling that the Qatar WC joke is almost over and FIFA will switch to either USA or England?

  7. Dallas got MVP David Ferreira because of its relationship with his former club Atletico Paranaense. So alliances obviously can work.

  8. “Leiweke said that the partnership between the two clubs could include future friendlies and players from Spurs eventually moving to Los Angeles.”

    I dont believe that one bit. Becks will be the first player “exchanged” between the two clubs…he’ll end up at Spurs and Galaxy won’t see anyone for a while.

  9. Did LA announce the rationale behind letting Beckham stay at Tottenham when making this announcement? I wonder if this “alliance” is simply crafty accounting, Tottenham pays LA a lil now for an extended trial for Beckham, and then in the next window they have a deal locked up for him.

  10. Prediction: Pep will be paid an insane amount of money to coach the Qatar national team in 2022. They already paid him an insane amount to be an “ambassador” of the bid, and Barcelona was paid an insane amount to advertise the, ahem, non-profit “Qatar Foundation” on Barca’s shirts.


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