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Real Salt Lake vs. Columbus Crew: Your Running Commentary


Real Salt Lake and the Columbus crew do battle tonight at Rio Tinto Stadium with a place in the CONCACAF Champions League semifinals on the line. (10pm, Fox Soccer Channel)

RSL needs a win tonight at home to advance, while the Crew can progress with a win or a tie other than 0-0. Columbus held on to a 0-0 tie in the first leg at Crew Stadium, but will need to score tonight to have any chance of pulling off the upset.

I will be providing updates on SBI's Twitter page so you can follow along there. If you will be watching tonight's match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. agreed, Beckerman doesn’t get enough credit. if he was playing like this at age 22, he’d be a star in the making. too bad he’s in his prim and will never leave MLS. well, whatever, he’s a quality MLS midfielder.

    and I never knew that’s what Henry said, but that’s really cool. great for RSL and makes me respect Henry even more, at least he cares about MLS, unlike Beckham the king of douches

  2. it’s really just which side of the field the camera is on. the section below the camera is packed to the brim, and the ends of the stadium are close to full. it’s just that one side the camera shows the whole time that makes it look terrible on tv

  3. Haha wow why would he blow that play dead?

    Advantage resulted in a goal not 2 seconds later. Good thing they got the goal on the free kick as I type this haha

  4. if you are implying it was all Schelotto, it wasn’t. Teams in MLS go up and down. Sigi Schmid built them up.

    Sigi Schmid, Brad Evans, Adam Moffat, Alejandro Moreno, Frankie Hejduk, Gina Padula, Jason Garey, Pat Noonan….

    Schelloto isn’t the only name gone from those good Crew teams.

    Hopefully Roger, Gaven, Expo, Meram, and Duka can do well to form a new core

  5. There we go. So yeah, classic MLS officiating lol

    Why does that name, Geiger, sound so familiar? I’m thinking I’ve complained about him in the past.

  6. Yeah, and it wasn’t even on a corner kick or set piece. He was 15 to 20 feet offside screening the keeper lol

    I can’t help but laugh, because who does that? And he got away with it none the less.

  7. I doubt the referee thought he was onside, he just thought he didn’t play a role in the goal, which is dumb.

    And is the CONCACAF crew an MLS one? Honest question, missed the pre-game

  8. No way that goal should have counted. That was text book offside. He might not have touched the ball, but he jumped over it on the shot. Poor decision from the official.

  9. CONCACAF TV announcer keeps calling Robbie Rogers, Eddie Gaven.

    Anyways Rogers keeps trying to kick the ball out of the stadium.

    Probably could have been offside on that last RSL goal there.

  10. Damn, RSL got lucky they didn’t concede another goal, they would have crashed out via the away goals rule……….I’m sure they got nervous for a while

  11. Damn, RSL got lucky, another goal allowed & Columbus would have gone to the semis via away goals rule………i’m sure Jason Kries got nervous for a bit, lol

  12. I just turned it on and that was the first thing I noticed. The field is a decent argument for field turf, especially if it is going to have football lines on them

  13. I have been impressed with the passing style of play tonight. I don’t ever wanna hear a poor pitch as an excuse for an ugly style of football.

  14. Graceful finishing by Real Salt Lake tonight.

    Glad to see Gardner get that yellow. That’s the sort of play that doesn’t always get punished in MLS.

  15. What the piss RSL, way to go after I compliment your great play in the first half. One more from the Crew and your done.


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