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Guatemala 2, U.S. U-20s 1: CONCACAF championship quarterfinal highlights



  1. it’s not a tall order, it’s Guatemala, come on!!!, if we can’t qualify in a bad region what is expected of our team?

  2. ….and this was supposed to be our greatest u-20 team of all time, gee I hope not or our soccer is worst off than its ever been.What a shame!

  3. Rongen probably can’t survive this, nor should he.

    But really, the players choked. MacMath, Rowe, and Boss all made critical mistakes, and Grant Wahl is reporting that Doyle and Gyau didn’t perform so well either.

    What’s most worrisome is that these names are being billed as the Next Big Things of American soccer, and they royally choked this match.

    The best prospects choked. That’s the story. Plain and simple.

  4. A manager that gets to see these players for about 3 weeks total every year — and that’s if teams release their players.

    It’s easy to instill several different approaches and scenarios at the club level. You get to work with your players everyday. For Nat teams, you basically have to get players comfortable on the field together.

    Even Bob Bradley sees his players more than Rongen does at the U20 level.


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