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Must-See Goal: Juan Agudelo



  1. I watched a video where Backe was talking about how Henry would stay after practices to work with Agudelo, because he had a lot of questions for him. When they asked Henry, he first said, “you weren’t supposed to know about that,” then proceeded to say, “well, if he has questions, I’m going to answer them.”

    Therefore, I’m sure we can clearly say he’s helping Agudelo to become a better player.

  2. Davies in the Confed Cup against Egypt didn’t create a chance?

    And Altidore created plenty of chances when he was in MLS as well. Just saying.

  3. In the Argentina game,right before Agudelo buried the ball in the back of the net, when the ball was sent into the area, on the slow motion repeat, you could actually see Jozy duck away from the ball as if he was scared it was going to hurt him.

    And that’s not the first time he has done that.

  4. Juan was born with both.

    A good artist can paint. But if he can study next to a master he’ll be that much better.

    On the training ground a lot of conversation, comparison, tips and tricks are discussed. Training next to Henry is a plus to be sure.

  5. Do we really know that he works harder ? maybe maybe not? I think they are totally two different players and Juan looks more comfortable in “his skin” than Jozy. And quite possibly he may just be a better talent. The team, the coach and the enviroment all play an important role in a players performance.

  6. Was there a goal in that video? I just got a terrible headache from listening to the nonsense that came out of harkes’ mouth

  7. I don’t see what is wrong with drawing a comparison between THAT GOAL and Lionel Messi. He didn’t say “Wow Agudelo is just as good as Messi!” That was a play you would expect to see from Messi, ergo Harkes made the statement.

    As an aside, I don’t care for Harkes in the booth either. He is way too biased to do the job properly.

  8. “Lazy Altidore” has popped up in other places. I remember the whispers becoming roars while he was at Villarreal and Xerez, and it continued while he was at Hull.

  9. While I agree with you mostly..

    There is something to be said for a young player like Agudelo training side by side and off with the forwards during breakouts.. to have Henry with him. You are shown, you do emulate and you talk about the little things in training. Of course you do have to have the skills to pull it off.


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