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Another trophy bites the dust

Just when you thought Sergio Ramos' dropping of the Copa Del Rey, which led to the trophy being run over by a bus, would have taught soccer players to be more careful with the silverware they win, we've had ANOTHER mishap involving a championship celebration, a slippery piece of silverware and a bus.

No, I'm not kidding. Here's the Dutch Eredivisie trophy playing the role of road kill thanks to the surprisingly unsafe hands of Ajax goalkeeper Marcus Stekelenburg:





  1. That was fantastic. Love that the fan took it from the construction worker/cop-like guy and ran with it. Good stuff..

  2. Priceless…just priceless. Not quite as good as Ramos’ drop but it’s still a fine piece of ineptitude (enhanced by the fact it was done by a GK).

    I suspect we could easily come up with a “hands” team of all-time bad handling examples (sponsored by All-State Insurance of course…the “good hands people).

    Besides Stekelenburg and Ramos, I’d nominate Judah Cooks who in an MLS game, when a ball was hit to him, just reached up and grabbed it with both hands…btw, Cooks was a defender at the time).

  3. Anyone read Steven Cohen’s story “Not Blowing Smoke” about how he broke the FA Cup and his dad fixed it… it was on a tour Arsenal arranged with him to bring the FA Cup and Prem League title over here. Hilarious!

  4. Worth noting: Vincent Kompany also dropped the FA Cup, but it was only on the way to the bus, and was unharmed.

  5. Edwin van der Sar has recommended his own successor for the Manchester United goalkeeping job – Ajax’s Maarten Stekelenburg, the man who followed him into the Netherlands team.
    Sunday Mirror.
    HMMM..just don’t let handle any trophies.

  6. What do we expect…soccer players are not that good with their hands…BTW: I think if the Red Bulls win the MLS cup, they should only let Henry hold the cup.


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