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Bradley, Donovan preview Guadeloupe



  1. you’re just saying that ’cause you’re a fan of his son, who only plays because his father is coach….

  2. yeah you heard how he said OK… he grimaced when he said it.

    he’s the face of the USMNT, he’s gonna say the “proper thing” you really think he’s gonna throw a chair or flip a table or drop an f-bomb? he’s landon donvoan, the king of california cool and master of slightly queeny sarcasm. doesn’t make what he said any less infuriating though.

  3. Change for the sake of change only bring chaos. Do you have anybody in mind to that USSF to this mythical “next level” that everyone seems to think is just out of our reach because of the “ineptitude” of Senior Bradley and Sunil Gulati.

    This sport is growing by leaps and bounds in the country. Being a US soccer player 20 years ago was more closely associated with sports like archery than the big three in this country and every day it gains greater legitimacy. MLS is an established pro league that rivals the quality of the english premiership of 30 years ago.

    If you’re impatient that’s fine, but grass only grows so fast.

  4. Nolo, the top 3 of your outsider list would be my first 3 choices-and Hiddink is about to be available-it would be a DREAM to get him for the next WC, Mourinho has said he wants to coach here one day, Bielsa I think is less desirable because he doesn’t speak english but he’s a cracking coach. Also, Guardiola, SAF, Rijjkaard, Pelegrini…

  5. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. This plagued Mexico throughout the last decade. It should not be sufficient to play in a mid table squad in Europe and automatically walk in to the USMNT starting lineup. That will result in untimely vacations and jersey throwing.

  6. MC you don’t get it bro. We want to see our manager fired SO THAT we can succeed, not in spite of it, you’ve got it backwards. We have seen what BB can do for the last 5 years and it’s not good enough. It’s not shameful or disgraceful, in fact it’s the most patriotic position one can have, sacrificing in the short term for the much bigger long term goal of actually competing at a world cup. We all want to win and that’s the point-w/ BOB we ARE NOT WINNING and we’re not moving towards winning. If you can’t see that, it’s on you pal.

  7. Not even close buddy, completely different ball game. Sports is one thing, the whole national economy and the future of the society we live in is another.

  8. If there was a change, who would everyone like to see take the reins? Here are some brainstorm ideas:

    Jason Kreis
    Bruce Arena

    Hugo Sanchez
    Javier Aguirre



  9. I don’t know if I agree.

    It’s obvious that Bob’s philosophy of soccer is heavy on set pieces and light on technique.

    Panama was simply better with the ball at their feet.

    But how can that really be possible? Most of our midfield plays in the Premiere League.

    The only answer I can come up with is that Bob is not emphasizing the technical side of the game enough.

    It’s all fighting for second balls, long balls, and set pieces.

    If it weren’t for Dempsey we would have looked like utter rubbish.

    But we’ll win again with a bit more discipline, maybe off a free kick,and maybe off of a huge blunder on the part of the opposition.

    And we’ll drink the Cool-Aid till the next crappy performance.

    Nevertheless, Go USA!

    Good luck, Bob. (no sarcasm)

  10. Listen to yourselves people…. We root for our nation to succeed further and prove the rest of the world wrong. Instead, you want would rather see our manager fired than see us succeed, win this cup, & go to the confed cup..? I am not a fan of Bradley either really, but saying you want us out of the Gold Cup so Bradley gets the sack is shamefull. Disgraceful….

    Thats almost like saying you want the economy to completely crash so Obama is impeached (or something to that effect). Are you guys really listening to yourselves speak?

  11. agreed, we really haven’t played well enough to warrant winning this Gold Cup, and that goes way back from before the tournament started we have been playing like crap, giving up early goals and all of that. Playing Mexico is a death sentence, because they really are as good as they’re playing. We can’t even beat Costa Rica the way they did in our own country! For Christ sake!

  12. I don’t want to see us crash out of this tourny in an embarrassing and ugly way. But short of this, I don’t see any other catalyst for dramatic change in the system.

  13. In the grand scheme of things, anything to get Bradley out before the next WC should be priority for ANY fan of this team. I’d say we have about a 5-10% chance of winning this tournament. Given that we’re most likely not going to win it anyways, and the equation that going out now vs. getting smoked by Mexico in the final would more likely lead to Bradley’s ouster, I wouldn’t mind seeing the US go down tonight at all. Of course I’ll be cheering for them, as I always do, but as a true fan of this team, who wants them to succeed on the biggest stage, anything that gets Bradley out can’t be anything but good.

  14. Gross overstatement, sure, but how is he making assumptions of others’ opinions? Are you denying that there are people who would rather the US lose if it means Bob being fired?

  15. I think anyone named Adam should jump off a cliff.

    How’s that for assumption of other opinions and gross overstatement?

    I heart the internet.

  16. If we dive more we’d win for sure, look at spain in the WC, they combined their acting abilities and moments of passing brilliance to get good field positioning to score goals.

  17. I’m not joking. I think he has been solid, but times are changing and I think we need a fresh approach to get us to the next level.

  18. How about we hire Wynalda and Ernie Stewart to coach. That way they can ask the players why the — they play like a bunch of pansies. especially in the beginning of matches.

  19. You must be joking. Gulati might have made a decision I don’t agree with in keeping Bob, but he is very invovled and runs the US fed quite well.

  20. I would say that his set piece delivery is marginal at best and has been pretty horrible this tourney. yet another reason we need Holden, much better with set pieces than Donovan ever has been.

  21. I also think that Bradley needs to have a Bill Parcells moment with J. Jones. I like Jones better than all of our mids, but he needs to be in street clothes tonight. That is the problem with giving these Germans a jersey rather than making them earn their call ups. Rest up Chandler.

  22. I was surprised more people aren’t talking about his play as well, but Donovan has just seemed a step off in the first two games. Even his normally solid set piece delivery was lacking (though it FINALLY picked up at the end against Panama).

    Now, with the exception of Dempsey, the entire squad put up a stinker against Panama, but something’s not right about Donovan. Maybe it’s because he’s not playing to his usually high level, but it only underscores his metronome status for the Nats.

    As Landon goes, so go the Nats as a whole…

  23. He hasn’t been his normal self so far in the Gold Cup, but he was on an absolute tear in MLS before the Gold Cup. I think he’ll step up as usual when it really matters, or at least I sure as hell hope so.

  24. Landon Donovan needs to show up tonight. He has looked a shell of his former self so far this tourney. I haven’t watched any Galaxy games this year, but there seems to be a major form issue.

  25. Actually, I think crashing out of Group play is the only way Bradley gets fired.

    Gulati is likely to view any knockout game as a “one-off” result, and he’s shown he’s not prone to switching things up.

    Maybe if the US gets embarrassed by Jamaica in the quarters (say, 3-0?), Bradley gets canned as well. But if they make it to at least the semis, you know Gulati isn’t going to change anything.

  26. Everyone should join the: “Save American soccer Fire Bob Bradley Facebook page”, though just started it has quickly gained support as well as other websites dedicated, twitter etc… to getting rid of the “incompetent one”.

  27. That’s the part that caught my attention as well. Donovan talking about how they came out lackadaisical and got punished, but that sometimes you get away with it.

    How, exactly, is that the attitude to have? “The effort was still okay against Panama”? Um, no Landon. It wasn’t.

    For all the gruff Bob Bradley (deserve-ably) gets, at some point the players need to be held accountable for their professionalism (or against Panama, lack of it). It’s their responsibility to get themselves “up” and going right away in meaningful matches, and not let overconfidence and complacency rule the day.

    I doubt any coach in any sport has ever said, “Hey, let’s loosen up on the gas pedal because we can overlook these guys” as a pregame speech. At some point, U.S. veterans like Donovan, Dempsey, Bocanegra, and Howard have to make sure everyone in the starting 11 are firing on all cylinders to start a match.

  28. He seriously thinks the effort was okay? 2/3 of the team looked like they just rolled out of bed. That had to have been one of the most pathetic uninspiring performances of the last 10 years.

  29. I think the whole team is high, because it seems very hard for them to execute a decent pass. I’m sure it has to be crack for the performances they’ve been putting in lately.

  30. Go Guadeloupe, for the sake of the nation! They can definently win, despite their status, and with only 10 men in two games they’ve narrowly been beaten, in adition they’ve made the semi’s in 2007, and quarterfinals in 2009. They are no pushovers, they just had some bad bounces.


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