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Eight Mexican players sent home from Copa America in prostitute scandal

JonathanDosSantos (Getty)

Eight members of the Mexican national team set to play in Copa America have been sent home after a scandal involving the players bringing prostitutes to their hotel rooms.

The eight players, one of which was Barcelona defender Jonathan Dos Santos, were accused of bringing prostitutes into their hotel in Quito, Ecuador. The incident came to light after several players reported having items stolen from their hotel rooms, only have hotel security footage show the players letting in the prostitutes, as well as some would-be robbers.

Israel Jimenez, Nestor Vidrio, dos Santos, Marco Fabian, Jorge Hernandez, Javier Cortes, David Cabrera and Nestor Calderon were the eight players, all of which have been suspended from the national team for six months. They have been replaced on the roster by the following eight players: Kristian Alvarez, Antonio Gallardo, Edgar Pacheco, Alan Pulido, Emilio Orrantia, Ulises Davila, Diego de Buen and Oswaldo Alanis.


  1. Shouldn’t they have learned from what happened to the Egyptian National team at the last Confederation’s Cup?

  2. You really have no idea what you’re talking about.

    I don’t want to sound snobby at all, but I run in these circles of athletes, entertainers, etc.

    Pay them, they keep their mouths closed (most of the time).

    Groupies? Spewing info the moment they get their skirt back up.

    And yes, it is a more than frequent occurrence.

  3. Can’t believe the US bypassed a chance to play in the Copa America… Great development opportunitty… MLS season getting in the way…

  4. Yeh, the future of Mexican soccer looks really bright! At least, after reporting the theft, these players stand an outside chance that their stolen i-pads and i-phones will be found in Quito. This should help them sleep well at night.

  5. Exactly….Mexico conceivably would have brought more mixed (Veteran Vs. Youth) team to begin with but the decision came from CONCACAF that they could only play with their U23/Olympic style rules allowing five overrage players….Very disappointing, I was looking forward to seeing guys like Jona, Calderon, and Fabian play in this tournament.


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