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Mid-Day Ticker: USWNT beats Mexico, Ancelotti to take a year off and more

Lauren Cheney 1 (Reuters)



Well, at least one American national team won its friendly this weekend.

The U.S. women's national team won its final tune-up before the start of the World Cup, topping Mexico, 1-0, at Red Bull Arena on Sunday. Lauren Cheney scored a splendid goal from distance in second-half stoppage time to give the Americans the win. Abby Wambach assisted on the goal.

The U.S. team will head to Austria for its pre-World Cup training before opening the World Cup against North Korea on June 28 in Germany.

Video of Cheney's goal and a few other stories from around the soccer world are after the jump:


Ancelotti to take a year off

Carlo Ancelotti has been linked with several jobs throughout Europe, but it looks like he won't be taking any of them. Not for a year, at least. Having been fired by Chelsea in May, Ancelotti is planning to take a year off from coaching.

Ancelotti said he is in rush to return to coaching, and despite being linked to several clubs, none have contacted him. Ancelotti had been linked with Aston Villa, Queens Park Rangers and Roma.

Gallas quits France

William Gallas has decided to quit playing for France's national team after being overlooked for the team's latest matches. Despite making the decision on his own will, Gallas is concerned about what his reputation with Les Bleus will be, having been one of the players who infamously went on strike during last summer's World Cup.

Klose to leave Bayern Munich

Miroslav Klose is going to leave Bayern Munich this summer after four years with the club. The 32-year-old striker, who fell behind Mario Gomez on the depth chart for Bayern's usual one-forward formation, scored just once in 20 appearances this season.


What'd you think of Cheney's goal? What do you make of Ancelotti taking a year off from coaching? Wondering what the next dramatic chapter in the French national team story will be? Where do you see being a good fit for Klose?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Rapinoe…is very inconsistent. I still think she starts over Heath right now, but benching can sometimes help motivate players to make better decisions. Pia NEVER does this and the automatic starters get lazy/complacent. And I wish someone else took the corners.

    Morgan is a perfect example of poor player management; even if she isn’t yet a regular starter, she (and other bench players like Heath, O’Hara, etc) should periodically be given a chance to start in friendlies or at least play 45 more frequently.

    At least we know that Neid (German head coach) also makes stupid decisions, like not starting a player nominated for world player of the year – one who actually deserved it. Let’s just hope that if Mitts is playing, Lira Bajramaj isn’t.

  2. Do you also agree with Chastain’s postgame comment that Morgan should be starting? I do. Rodriguez’ finishing was awful. (Well, or non-existent, depending on how you look at it, I guess.)

    And Rapinoe… How many chances does she get to squander and still not be replaced? Are we that lacking in depth?

  3. “Excellent Goal Lauren! Now let’s go finish this group hug celebration in the locker room.”

    Oops sorry, daydreaming again…

  4. Agreed. While the goal was a spectacular individual effort, the team was “flat” the entire game. USA maintained possession, but Mexico looked poor most of the game.

    In my opinion, it is worse to barely win a game against a team offering so little challenge (and squander so many chances in the final third) than to be beaten by a team that really takes it to you (like Mexico did last fall – I hope they can revisit that form for the WC).

    The fact that Mitts made the team is another example of mismanagement by the coaching staff. She has been injured for the better part of two years and has not played many minutes for club or country recently. Yes, her replacement Whitney Engen would have had only 2 caps (and that’s also the fault of the coaching staff), but I have a feeling Mitts is just going to take up roster space at the WC.

    And I agree with what Julie Foudy said about the stubborn adherence to the 442.

  5. He’s already been linked to a move to Spain. It would be great to have him here, but it ain’t happening.

    Now, Ancelotti is a different matter…

  6. US WNT put in a really lame performance. Heather Mitts was totally schooled at least twice by a short fat U20 mexican player. If she cant keep up with that she has no business on the USA roster.

  7. Lauren Cheney’s bomb reminded me Seedorf’s goal from a few years ago. She smoked that one. Not much else to say.

    LOL about Gallas quitting France. Can’t quit something that already wrote you off. Gallas had a fine career with France and I don’t think what happened last year will have a negative effect on his legacy with “Les Bleus”.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Ancelotti act as a consultant for my beloved Fire.

  8. Have you heard anything about where Brad Guzan might end up next season? ESPN Soccernet’s transfer blog mentioned yesterday that Aston Villa’s going to be letting him go…

  9. There’s just something about Klose that tells me he’s not leaving Germany. I’d love to see his his work rate and finishing in our league, but I really don’t see him even considering a move to MLS.

  10. He’s a little injury prone as he ages, but Klose in MLS would be nice. He could help most teams, but I could see him replacing Saborio’s DP slot in RSL quite comfortably.


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