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Mexico wins U-17 World Cup

Mexico U-17 World Cup (Reuters)


If seeing Mexico lift a second consecutive Gold Cup trophy was enough to leave a large gash in U.S. men's national team fans' egos, watching El Tri's youth team win the U-17 World Cup just two weeks later was probably like rubbing salt in the still-fresh wound.

Mexico won its second ever U-17 World Cup on Sunday, defeating Uruguay, 2-0, in front of packed crowd at Estadio Azteca. El Tri, which last won this tournament in 2005, was victorious on a first half goal from captain Antonio Briseno and a second half stoppage-time finish from Giovani Casillas.

With support good enough for a full national team match, Mexico got out on top when Briseno scored from close range in the 31st minute. The tournament hosts had help in avoiding an Uruguay equalizer as an Elbio Alvarez effort hit the crossbar. But that would be as close as the South Americans got as Casillas put the nail in the coffin with a counter-attack goal near the final whistle.

Major League Soccer was represented on the Mexican championship side, with starting goalkeeper and FC Dallas Academy product Richard Sanchez hailing from the Dallas area.

Mexico is now tied with Ghana for second-most U-17 World Cup titles with two apiece. Nigeria and Brazil have three each.

Here are the game highlights:



What do you think of Mexico winning the U-17 World Cup? Not fazed by it? Wondering what it will take for the United States to produce talent capable of winning a youth World Cup?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Come on man. I was with you on the bitter Nats fans hating on Mex’s success for no reason. But insulting the US team on an American blog is just sad a-hole behavior.

  2. AJ,

    What does this have to do with “white.” I don’t even know what “color” the guy playing for Mexico is.

    Typical liberal – the philosophy that has to use race as a tactic in all things.

  3. Yep, that’s why there is talk in Mexico of how to move these boys up to the next level (U-20). FMF knows they have to be very careful with them and shepherd them correctly. They want to make sure that whatever they do, they do not squander this crop of players like they did the 2005 class. I heard a while back that something like 8 or ten of the 2005 class don’t even play soccer at any level any more. Can you believe that?

  4. Oh, no — I believe you’re making my point for me, actually, the more you go on and on.

    But then you jumped from a conversation about a guy who fits this description

    Hometown: Dallas, Texas
    Birthplace:  Mission Hills, Calif.
    Citizenship: Mexico/USA

    and launched into your little rant about immigrants. So…

  5. You sound frustrated. Let me shed some light on this, as Americans, we all have the right to pursue happiness. If that means rooting for X team or playing for Y country, that is our fundamental right. This is not war, this is sport. Now let’s get real. It’s all fun and games when some white guy is bragging about his Irish or English roots. But the minute something smells of ethnic or non-white, you boys are all up in arms. Get over it.

  6. You just made my point for me…

    Holden, Altidore, Agudelo etc play for the USA. They do so I would hope because this country has afforded them and their families a greater quality of life than where they are from.

    I would say the same about someone like Rossi or Subotic. This doesn’t have to be Mexico specific but that was the topic at hand.

    There are players on our team or in our pool who strictly play for the USA because it helps them… Jones and Castillo come to mind.

    More to my point – look at the German team these days. They fill their ranks with players who love Germany, but are born or their families come from different countries. Ballack, Klose, Podolski, Kheidera, Ozul, etc. They play for GERMANY, not Turkey or Poland.

  7. What do you, Central and South Americans all have in common? You all hate Mexico. Wait. There’s a point to this. Mexico is not over rated. Their fans cheer for them just like any other team. The problem is Mexico is a real threat for you. Hatred comes from insecurity. Honestly, you should be happy they beat other teams too, at least that way you can say you lost to a winner.

  8. Congratulations to Mexico! If anything this should help us in realizing that we have to raise our level of competition. USA needs to get younger talent expose to the big matches and tournaments. A start was having Aguedelo in the Gold Cup. I think having those aggressive plans of project 2010, etc are good but now we need to revisit them and see what is next? Now that we are competing on the world stage, have qualified for every world cup since 1990, now that there is a league in US, now that we have players playing in europe, what is next? We need to push the boundaries. We need to change or mindset. The biggest difference between our women team compare to our men’s team is that they have believe in themselves, their abilities, and that they can play as a team and win as team. I think sometimes we just bow down even before the start whistle is blown because we play Brazil, Argentina, etc. To be the best we have to beat the best! We need to get away from that mindset.

  9. That’s just a dumb thing to say. Winning the Gold Cup is not that impressive and not many u17 talents produce at the next level. Don’t be so reactive to every little thing that happens.

  10. He’s played for our U-20 side, so I assume he’s on the radar. He’s 18 and just got promoted to Hertha’s squad. I don’t think our immediate future/this world cup cycle is going to be affected by young players, neither is Mexico’s.

  11. “How is that ignorant?”

    Well the first sentence of yours I quoted is ignorant wrt simple catcuL accuracy. Unless the Constitution has recently been rewritten, perhaps.

    The fact that you then apply that comment in a sweeping generalization despite the many different specific situations and backgrounds of “these people” speaks to your mindset.

    Then we could make get to what your (ahem!) logic means in terms of guys like Holden or Agudelo.

    So there are many ignorant aspects to it, really, if you want to pursue them.

  12. Saying that current failure results in future failure is shortsighted. Sports are about the opposite: forgetting about past failures and working towards becoming better in the future. Based on the Gold Cup, Mexico will win CONCACAF qualifying, but anything can happen between now and 2013, including injuries and discoveries.

  13. Scary. If they don’t have some sort of collapse with egos or something else, Mexico could be a dominant team on the world stage for a while, top 5 possibly.

  14. LOL

    I hope for your sake that you are indeed being sarcastic. Because that would be as stupid as, I don’t know, thinking the senior team won the GC in part because of clenbuterol.

  15. I totally agree with you about Bob. Look at Aron Winter at TFC right now. A coach that wants to implement a technical and attacking style of soccer, but just doesn’t have the players to pull it off. It isn’t Aron’s fault that TFC suck. TFC just have to wait for their development academy to start producing the types of players he is looking for.

    I like Bob, but that is irrelevant. Whether Bob stays or leaves, the US has plateaued as a National team. A new coach and fancy system won’t improve things. The player pool (at the youth level especially)needs to improve before “better” coaching at the adult level can help. The US U-17 coach himself said that other countries have more mature players at that age.

  16. How do you explain the win v Germany (not in Mexico City)? Or France before that (not in Mexico City). Or the fact that they didn’t lose nor tie a game…in a group where the Euro Champions Dutch played. Oops.

    I think Big Tex…aka the Great Demps….said it best: Haters gonna hate. 🙂

  17. Mexico blew away the USMNT, just won the U-17, and will play the U-20 in a couple of weeks. The USMNT lost a 2-0 lead, did not qualify for U-20 and got smoked in the U-17. If anyone does not believe these strong results for Mexico will not translate to future success is a fool. Even more so you, US soccers recent failure will translate to further failure…and those of you that don’t see that are idiots. Mexico will dominate for the next decade. 2nd place in concaf at best.

  18. How is that ignorant? If you are born in the United States yet fail to actually honor your country by playing for ANOTHER country in sport, you should go live there and make your way.

    America affords great and unparalleled opportunity for people in this world when they come here. It would be nice for these people to show some respect to the country who has made their lives better.

    Unfortunately, the USA is losing that quality in it’s immigrants. And yes, I am the son of an immigrant who’s father supports the USA over his native Denmark in all things related to sport.

  19. All the U-17 championship proves is:
    1. Only mex can win in the pollution smog and ALTITUDE ( let’s not forget their last WC winwas in PERU who also has extreme altitude)
    2. Centrebuhl ( or however it’s spelled for u nitpickers) works!!!!!!!!!!

  20. “These are not Mexican-Americans, but Mexicans. Let them create a great life for themselves south of the border.”

    The ignorance repeatedly expressed here on this topic is startling.

  21. Why be disappointed? I’m sure he can read the writing on the wall. We have probably 5 u-17 goalies better than him now and by the time his age group reaches 21 we probably will have 15 prospects at goalie better than him. Plus between Howard Guzan and Sean Johnson we will be ok at goalie whereas mex doesn’t have a real goalie now. So his chances are much much greater there

  22. I agree with BenH. It only makes sense to play the final at Azteca as FIFA is in it for the money and nothing else.

    However, it does give a huge advantage unless Uruguay also plays at altitude.

  23. Bro, I got nothin’ but love for ya, but I still gotta ask you?

    Are you yanking our chain about the “altitude/cheating/bandits..” thing???

    You were being sarcastic, right? I’m sorry. I am not the cleverest guy so it went right over my head.

    I’m just checking to make sure that I understood your correctly.

    Thanks for the time and the patience, Playah.

  24. Good sportsmanship? You are joking right?

    Caught with prostitutes, cheating players, some that weren’t even banned but got to play in the GC Final…

    They have zero class as a federation.

  25. Why disappointed? After seeing the comments from Americans born to Mexican parents about how they root for Mexico and not the US, what do you expect?

    These are not Mexican-Americans, but Mexicans. Let them create a great life for themselves south of the border.

  26. New to soccer? Where would you expect a FINAL of a World Cup to be played in Mexico?

    psssssst……Azteca also hosted 2 senior men World Cup finals. This final would have been played there no matter what teams made it.

  27. Once again the Mexican victory is not without controversy. The Mexican’s made sure to play the game in Mexico City where the altitude cleary affected the opposition. The Mexican’s are not truly champions but a bunch of bandits who need to cheat to win.

  28. “Mexico is now tied with Ghana for second-most U-17 World Cup titles with two apiece. Nigeria and Brazil have three each.”

    Wouldn’t Mexico be tied for the THIRD-most U-17 titles? If two teams have more titles than you do, then you can’t be tied for second.

  29. Unlike Jozy though, he’s impressed in every loan stint. He just saved racing from relegation in La Liga. 5 goals in 16 games, as well as drawing a few penalties, is a pretty good rate from a 21 y/o winger.

    He’s basically not made for the English game, its not a lack of talent.

  30. I’m not so disappointed in the USSF on this one. Maybe our crop of keepers is simply better than Mexico’s talent at the position. Looking at the senior level, we have what, at least 3 or 4 keepers better than Mexico’s best? Maybe that is the case at the U-17 level too.

  31. Good for the region and they played well. However, I’m not ready to cede the sportsmanship point, just yet).

    When they are winning, they tend to show great sportsmanship. Go figure. (just like Lebron James is hopefully turning the corner, how are you only going to shake hands after matches you win, but then turn your back when you lose. Maybe I just nedd to get over it–I expect more from a “king”).

    Not hating, just keeping it real.

    Maybe the sportsmanship culture is changing in the Mexican national team programs.

    They are certainly churning out some filthy, players.

    The US regional future is not looking so good. We have fallen behind (again). The USSF has to take some seriously hard looks in the mirror (like Martha wrote here, to get things moving).

  32. Mexico on the up, our federation can’t even design an effective development system. This has been one of the best summers of soccer for Mexico killed the U.S. in the gold Cup 4-2 as they blew a 2 goal lead again and lost, then Mexcio’s next generation of young players capture the U-17 World cup again and will have opportunities to improve with their potential and possibly move to bigger and better clubs. The U.S. besides the women’s program we have nothing to get excited about, and the only reason there good is because we allow our women to play sports more and fund them with some leftover money we have, but the world is catching up.

  33. Bingo.

    Gio has always shown flashes of brilliance but far too often they’re against inferior talent (ala Bornstein).

    Kid has talent but there’s a reason he’s been shipped around as often as Jozy and can rarely make an impact on the club level.

  34. at least we can still hold out hope for edgar castillo (hes an LWB)

    not sure on the joe corona situation…

    while on the subject of defenders though, how about this john anthoiny brooks fella? Only 18 and on the 23 man roster for newly promted bundesliga side hertha bsc. the kid is also 6’4″ and supposedly a beast.

    just saying we need to tap into this potential defensive talent soon

  35. Mexico maybe overated but I have to tell you, Martha:

    Right now, they are better than the US and for the forseeable future, their is nothing that encourages me that we are going to close the gap anytime soon.

    I agree that we seriously need to overhaul our system. I also agree that we need to develop more technical ability. I feel you on those points.

    I don’t see Sunil going anywhere–kind of hard to replace his salary. The fed seems to be making ca$h and Sunil seems to love the juice that the position brings.

    If we get rid of Bob, then who are we going to find to replace him that is better? Like you indicated, we just don’t have players with the sort of consistent technical ability to help us get to the next level yet.

    So, even if we bring in a Klinsmann type, in the end, i’m not sure how much better off we will be. Realistically.

    But that doesn’t mean that I don’t think that we should try.

  36. Congrats, Richard Sanchez!


    And I disagree with some people completely discounting this tournament. Look at the top 4 teams. Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay. These aren’t exactly Saudi Arabia v Iran for the 3rd spot. And while winning it itself isn’t as important, the fact that the US usually comes out without a win, period, is of concern.

    Germany must have some bad luck in drawing teams because the telecast stated that they have lost to the eventual champs in like 4 or the past 5 tourneys.

  37. Congrats to Mexico. I’m happy to have anyone from our region winning, as long as they show good sportsmanship. Mexico doesnt always but they seem to be as of late.

  38. For me this isn’t salt in the wounds. It WILL be if the players go on to rule CONCACAF like the current crop of Mexico nats. These kids are the successors to Gio and Chicarito. We’d better get cracking.

  39. How do we know if we ever had a shot?

    If the USSF failed to recognize him in order to try and recruit him, then I would be incredibly disappointed as well.

    If they reached out to him and he responded “go fish!” then I’m not diappointed with USSF.

    Maybe someone who knows more can shed some light on the situation.

  40. When you say Richard Sanchez “hails from the Dallas area,” I really hope you don’t mean that he was born here. If he was born here, then I am disappointed in USSF.

  41. We need a federation that pushes harder for technical training. Even thou the women are the best team standing on paper, they lack technical ability compared to some other teams. Instead of pay play system maybe traveling Ayso teams. For sure we need a change from Sunil to Bob and down.

    But not worried Mexico now joins Nigeria Switzerland and Saudi Arabia as teams who have won the U-17 championship but will never win the real one.

    Mexico is overated if you watch Copa u will see Gio is not Pele after all he is just Gio cause he doesn’t have Bornstein to blow by.


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