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Who is your biggest MLS All-Star snub?

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While 22 MLS players found out that they'll be suting up against Manchester United in the league's All-Star Game next week, there are quite a few others who didn't get the call that have a case, and that's even with players from Seattle, FC Dallas and Toronto FC being ineligible because of their CONCACAF Champions League commitments.

Players like D.C. forward Charlie Davies, who is second in the league with eight goals during his comeback season, and Columbus defender Chad Marshall, who has anchored the Crew's back line while helping keep the team in the mix in the Eastern Conference race, come to mind as deserving players who won't suit up for the MLS All-Stars.

Who is the biggest All-Star snub (remember — don't count players from Seattle, Dallas and Toronto) in your opinion? Cast your vote after the jump:


How did you vote? Who belongs on the MLS All-Star matchday roster that didn't get the nod?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Correct that Davies isn’t back to his old self yet. His finishing skills are quite good (got a couple of goals on a first touch shot, another off a bar), it’s his open field touch that is rusty. That said, he’s a factor in nearly every game, almost always has at least one play per game where his speed and timing create major issues for opposing defenses.

    He hasn’t had any games like Henry or Bruin where he scores 2-3 goals and just owns the game. But he’s a factor nearly every game this season except for maybe 2 or 3.

  2. Carlos Valdes is the rock in the middle of a very good Union defense that has the team in 1st place without a top notch goal scorer. I also have to admit that George John is also deserving. Saw him play last year and the guy was a monster. USMNT needs to look at him before its too late.

  3. As an LA fan, even I’ll go with Rimando. Him and Ricketts(who’s missed ALOT of games) are easily 2 of the 3 best keepers this season (other is Keller). Those should be the All-Star keepers, but we won’t get that b/c of CCL, an injury, and pure stupidity. Rimando definitely deserves the nod.

  4. Goals against: FC Dallas – 19, RSL – 12
    Granted RSL has 3 games in hand, but I highly doubt you’ll see 7 goals scored against RSL in any remaining 3 game stretch.

  5. I know you customers have no idea about what goes on outside of your city, so I’ll help you out a bit. Seattle is going to be in Panama on the 26th (the day before the All-Star game) to face San Francisco FC in a Champion’s League prelim match.

    Would you rather Alonso play in the CCL or the All-Star game? You see how it isn’t a snub now?

  6. George John George John and George John. The CB that they chose don’t even belong in the same conversation as George John. If he played for LA, NY, Seattle or DC he would be on this roster. MLS/ US Soccer pay attention to this guy or you will see him anchoring the Greek National defense instead of the US National team.

  7. I will be the total homer: Rimando=no brainer. Espindola=2nd best goal per 90 in league. and Borchers=just plain to good to be left out.

  8. Can I hear from a DC fan who’s watched all/most of their games. What is the general DC impression of Davies this year?

    I ask b/c to me, goals aside, b/c many if not most are from PK’s, Davies has not looked remotely close to his old self from the 2-3 times I’ve seen him. he doesn’t seem as threatening physically, and his skills seem diminished.

  9. Why don’t count players from those 4 teams? I know they couldn’t play, but they still deserve being named for the bonus $ if they are true all-stars.

  10. Osvaldo Alonso – supplants Joseph as best holding mid in MLS. Covers a lot of ground to let wide players get forward. Is the reason for our good start. Definite snub

  11. I don’t see how Davies isn’t on there. Complain about his diving (and at times it is a bit much) but the guy is still at the top of the goal scoring table.

    I’m just wondering how Philly is so under-represented given their place atop the leader-board?

    In either event, I really wish they would do away with this silly game but I know I’m screaming at a wall with that one.


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