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Must-See Video: Beckham’s new day job

No, David Beckham isn't quite in financial need of another job, but he posed as a Target employee for the show Ellen and hilarity ensued.




  1. I actually have had a nice conversation with D-becks. When i played for my high school soccer team we practiced on a field close to our school. His son’s club team’s practice was on that same field but then started right when we were ending and he was there. He saw our Varsity team getting ready to leave and he walked over and talked to us. It was pretty cool. Then a couple of the guys and myself stayed and talked to him a bit more.

  2. Great stuff! I’ve always been a fan of Becks and it’s things like this that make me like him even more. Not the biggest Galaxy fan but hope to see him finish his career here rather than QPR or PSG.

  3. As much as I’d love to hate on Golden Balls, that clip is actually pretty damn funny.

    I love the old woman that actually recognized him.

  4. After working fo Traget for a couple of hours, Beckham forced a loan deal to Walmart for the holiday season to keep his stocking abilities sharp.

  5. Why in the HELL was I not at Target the last few days? lol

    I’ve been shopping for some groceries and home stuff too, and if I had to guess it’s either the West Hollywood Target or another one I sometimes go to that I was outside of the other day! lol

    This is too funny, props to him for doing this, even if it was to promote his cologne, I can’t believe he agreed to this.. lol


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