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Must-See Serenade: C.J. Sapong

Because we can all use a good laugh sometimes, here is MLS Rookie of the Year favorite and Sporting Kansas City striker C.J. Sapong serenading U.S. Women's World Cup star Hope Solo with a poem/rap.

It is definitely cringe-worthy at times, but might be one of the funniest things you see today:





  1. I don’t think she is spoken for. She seems to be just enjoying her time in the spotlight. This is only my assumption with zero knowledge but she never brings up a boyfriend or anyone in her interviews and she broke it off with the guy she was with a few years back. Hopefully at this time in her life she is just dating and not attached with all the new people and places she is getting to experience. She has plenty of time left to be spoken for.

  2. Good stuff! Nice use of her name. Got respect him having the courage to do this in front of not only her but her team mates, his team mates and the media. Wonder if he gets a date out of it. The performance was certainly worthy of one:)

  3. You are mistaken sir. Ali Krieger is cute and I think Hope Solo is pretty cute too. I was at the US v. Costa Rica game and got a chance to see her in person. When she’s got makeup on and dressed in regular clothes she looks great.

    I also like Megan Rapinoe in a “quirky hipster with short hair” kind of way but I think she might be playing for the “other team” if you know what I mean…

  4. #1 Hot Girl = Alex Morgan

    #2 Hot Girl = Carli Lloyd

    #3 Hot Girl = Heather Mitts

    Hope Solo is about average; middle of the pack.

    The rest are ugly.

    Abby Wambach is very ugly at the bottom.

  5. The kid is brave, and as Ferguson said recently while talking about Rooney, that is an important quality in goal scorer. Also, some creativity doesn’t hurt. A good face dive to close.

  6. that is so funny, could you see some up-and-coming MLB or NFL star doing something like this – coming across as a normal young 20 something? This is just funny and charming. I’m sure Solo is spoken for, but he must’ve hit the crossbar, thats for sure.


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