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FIFA releases World Cup 2014 match schedule

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The 2014 World Cup in Brazil might still over two-and-half years away, but that doesn't mean you can't start arranging your travel plans.

FIFA released the full match schedule for the tournament on Thursday, with the opening game to be played at Arena de Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo on Thursday, June 14.

The final will be held on Sunday, July 13 at Estadio de Maracana in Rio de Janeiro, site of seven of the tournamen'ts 64 matches.

The only other stadium to hold seven of the tournament's fixtures is Estadio Nacional in Brasilia. The third-place match will be played there

What do you think of the schedule? Planning on being at the tournament opener in Sao Paulo?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. We obviously don’t know yet where (or if) the US will play. Have to wait for the draw. As for getting around, look at the triangle-ish path between Sao Paulo, Rio and Curitiba. They are each less than a hour flight from each other.

  2. So haven’t been to a world cup but wondering how planning the trip will be when you want to guarantee to see the US play? Any thoughts on this? Do you just plan on going to Rio or Sao Paulo and pray that the US goes to one of those venues? I’m just having a hard time figuring out how to schedule this with the size of the country.

  3. Unbelievable ignorance. North Koreans are always welcome here. Cubans, too. The only problem is their athletes keep defecting to the USA when they are here. I guess we’re just not enough of a police state, since we can’t force them to stay with their teams. Arabs? Muslims? I guess you’ve never been to Detroit. There are 2.5 million Muslims in the USA. From your name, I’m guessing you’re either Brazilian or Portuguese — which combined have about 200,000 Muslims — less than 10% of the number in the USA.

  4. I sincerely hope that football will grow in your country, but do not see how you can do a World Cup.
    You have become a police state, as you expect to make a World Cup?
    North Koreans can enter the U.S.? And the Arabs? And Muslims? And all the other citizens of the world who will suffer the indignities arrivals at its airports?
    Remember that many of those voting in the choice of venue for the Cup have suffered in your airports. I’m sorry.

  5. These games should be afternoons and evenings here in the US, correct?

    Ratings for a US game with a 7 PM start ought to blow a few advertising executives’ minds.

  6. Brazil does indeed seem epic. How much is the cheapest flight to Rio or Brasilla? And do you think crime will be much of an issue. Oddly enough I don’t recall hearing of any crimes or anything big ocurring during the last WC despite SA’s fame for being quite a dangerous place.

  7. What do I think of the schedule? I would have liked brighter colors and I think the layout is hard to see on a computer screen. However, it does seem they’re sticking to the Gregorian calendar, which works well for me.

  8. i’ll be there. my fiance is brazilian (came from brazil 8 yrs ago) and it will be my first time visiting her homeland. it’ll be tough to get the whole month off from work but i’ve already notified the CMO of my company 3 yrs in advance that i’ll be out for a month. lmao. now if only we knew where usa was playing i could plan the travel schedule to follow them

  9. I plan on going but the ground travel issue is a big concern. Getting from venue to venue may costly in money or time or both.

  10. I’m really hoping that my wife and I can take in a few of those games in person. Should be a great country for hosting the world’s greatest tournament.


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