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Must-See Photo Shoot: Hope Solo


  1. Ooo la la…Hope Solo is hot…not that I needed to see that clip to realize it.

    I don’t understand the haters here, but whatever. I guess lack of beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  2. If you couldn’t identify a girl wwith world class athletic potential standing in front of you at starbucks, you my friend just got naturally selected OUT of good breeding and don’t deserve to spread your seed.

    I would get with Solo so my boys could be middle linebackers, the fact that she is bombbay is just an added bonus.

  3. She looks good, and while she’s not the same league as some models/actresses, I think you’d look twice if she worked in Starbucks, though point is taken that attractive female athletes are often over hyped. It’s the Gabrielle Reece affect…


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