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Mid-Day Ticker: Rodgers “positive” of win, Suarez backed by Dalglish and more

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In the world of sports, guaranteeing a win can be a risky move, but to Luke Rodgers, the New York Red Bulls can achieve exactly that tonight.

"I'm quite positive we're going to win the game."

In a make-or-break match in the Eastern Conference, the Red Bulls takes on the Philadelphia Union which will have a major impact on which team will make the MLS post-season.

Union manager Peter Nowak feels equally confident of his side's ability, claiming that they are going to "take care of business" and book their place in the playoffs.

New York is only a single point from the post season, while the Union is tied for the top spot in the East with Sporting Kansas City.  

Here are some other stories from around the world to keep your Thursday rolling:


Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has launched a staunch defense of striker Luis Suarez after the Uruguayan was accused of racially abusing Manchester United's Patrice Evra.

Dalglish claims that the club is 100% behind Suarez and will cooperate with the FA in looking into the allegations from Evra.

Evra clashed with Suarez several times in the derby last weekend, with the two eventually getting into a heated exchanging of words — words that contained racial slurs, according to Evra.

Dalglish says he and Liverpool are looking forward to a "transparent" report from the British governing body of soccer in regards to the incident.


FIFA has been at the head of controversy for months, but UEFA president Michel Platini has moved to say that FIFA president Sepp Blatter will not stand in the way of any reforms in the organization.

Platini claims that Blatter is ready to "change something" following the corruption scandal that has lasted months and seen several members of FIFA shown the door.

Reform seems on the cards for FIFA, and despite some critics calling for the head of its president, Platini is sure that Blatter is fully behind changes in the organization.


After being asked how he felt about missing out on Sergio Aguero, who eventually went to Manchester City, Jose Mourinho was able to hit back at critics following the star performances of Gonzalo Higuain.

Three successive hat-tricks from Higuian (one in International play) has seen Real Madrid critics silenced after the goal-less spell from the La Liga giants led to assertions that the club should have signed Aguero when it had the chance.

Mourinho even went as far as to say that his two star strikers, Higuain and Karim Benzema, were both "very bad."  But there is little debate after Higuain has leapt out as a star performer in recent weeks.


Think Rodgers should be "positive" of a win?  Did Suarez really abuse Evra?  What changes does FIFA need to make for reforms?

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  1. hahaha you know what, i didn’t even know Portland had a chance if they go +14 goals. honestly, as a DC United fan, i would love to see Portland go through over NYRB!

  2. Sorry–how is a 3-way tie possible? If RBNY draw, they will either qualify outright (if Portland loses or draws) or will win the tiebreak vs. Portland (if Portland wins). If RBNY lose, they will need Portland to lose or draw and will need Chicago to lose, draw or win but not overcome a 5-goal differential.


  3. There won’t be a three-way tie in any circumstance. If RBNY draw, Chicago is dunzo even if they win their last game 15-0. If RBNY draw and Portland wins by 14 goals or more, then they’re through. Shouldn’t be too tough for Portland I wouldn’t think.

  4. Which is why Chicago is hoping for a 3 or 4 to nil meltdown against Philly and then a Fire performance for the ages at home on Saturday that sees them overcome the remaining goal differential and see them into that small miracle space and into the playoffs–after Portland lose to RSL.

  5. And even a draw will mean a playoff spot for RBNY unless both Portland and Chicago also win. Portland wins a three-way head-to-head tiebreaker, but if Chicago loses or draws, RBNY wins over Portland, and if Portland loses or draws, RBNY beats Chicago unless Chicago wins its last game by at least six goals.

  6. Portland fans are rooting hard for Philly tonight. I myself am impartial, but I’d love to see the over hyped Red Bulls implode and the underdog Timbers make the playoffs in their first year. They’d also be an easier team for LA.

  7. Most time when I see the win guarantee I think it is ill advised mouth flapping but in this case I think it is the right attitude to have. The game is a must win to get into the playoffs and Rogers/NYRB should go into the game expecting to win.


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