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Mid-Day Ticker: Sagna breaks leg, Bin Hammam fails in appeal and more

Sagna - reuters


All is not well in London — more specifically, at Arsenal.

The club confirmed today that long-time regular right back Bacary Sagna suffered a broken leg in Arsenal's 1-2 defeat at the hands of Tottenham in the North London derby on Sunday.

The Frenchman is said to be out about three months with the injury, according to the French Football Federation, leaving coach Arsene Wenger with a whole new set of problems to solve at right back.  

The injury occurred in the 68th minute when Sagna clashed with Benoît Assou-Ekotto, breaking his right fibula. Sagna was replaced by young Carl Jenkinson against Tottenham, who was picked up by the club over the summer transfer window.

The 19-year-old is expected to take over at right back while Sagna recovers from the injury.

Here are some other stories from around the word to keep your Monday rolling along:


Once the president of the Asian Football Confederation, Mohamed Bin Hammam was unable to attain to block the appointment of his replacement through the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Bin Hammam received a life ban from all soccer activities in late July by a five-member panel of the FIFA ethics committee headed by Petrus Damaseb.

Bin Hammam was banned after it came to light that the Qatari had allocated around $1 million to officials from soccer associations in the Caribbean Football Union at a meeting held over the summer on May 10th.

Regarding the appeal, the Court of Arbitration revealed that its decision to reject Bin Hammam's appeal was procedural and not an award, meaning that the issue of his ban is no longer subject to further appeal.


Probably like you, I had to Google "two-bob" to understand exactly what Tottenham coach Clive Allen called Arsene Wenger after Spurs beat Arsenal 2-1 on Sunday, but I can now assure you, it's not very endearing.

Wenger had shaken the hands with Harry Redknapp and assistant manager Kevin Bond, before heading towards the tunnel and walking right past Allen.  Allen then extended his hand for Wenger, who instead appeared to usher him into the tunnel. Allen had to be restrained by stewards after his apparent snub from the Arsenal boss.

Wenger denied any negative confrontation between the two, citing that he had already shaken hands with Redknapp and Bond.  "How many people do I have to shake hands with?  Is there a perscription?" 


Former Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti admitted today that he would welcome the chance to manage any of Arsenal, Tottenham, or Liverpool.

Ancelotti is currently out of a job following a two-year spell at Chelsea, but the Italian insists he is very happy in his current situation and is enjoying life.

Ancelotti told journalists that he wants to manage a team that "challenges at the top" and was quick to include Tottenham and Liverpool onto that list, as well as citing that Arsene Wenger has recently come under fire. 

In terms of working specifically in England, "As a coach, it is an ideal country."

Despite finishing his Chelsea stint with his personal highest winning percentage (61.5%), Ancelotti was sacked by Roman Abramovich on May 22nd, following a 0-1 defeat to Everton.


How bad is the state of affairs at Arsenal?  Think Clive Allen overreacted?  Where do you see Ancelotti ending up next?


  1. “Takes two seconds”

    And even less to keep walking. I don’t believe in this “Graceful Loser” biz. A Loss sucks. It is a Lemon and Vinegar Cosmo.

    1. Drink that bitter bitch
    2. Savor the suckiness
    3. Wake up ready to Coach/Compete
    4. W I N !

  2. A rule? No. But it is generally considered polite to shake hands with an opponent after a match. Heck, when a professional colleague extends a hand to shake, it’s considered good form to shake it. Takes two seconds.

  3. Is there a rule that you must shake hands. Sounds like Clive Allen got some sand in his Tw@t. Can someone bust out the dust buster?

  4. Generally, I agree with these sentiments. I’m sure they’ll be chalked up to mistranslation/misinterpretation, etc. (as they often are either by the English media or by the tactless footballers)

    Liverpool was a bit puzzling since King Kenny isn’t going anywhere and Tottenham, while plausible, likely wont be available until after the 2012 Euros should Redknapp take over England, which appears to be what he’s aspiring to do.

    However, I have no problem at all, with him naming Arsenal. Wenger, again this weekend, displayed his petulant side after losing by ignoring/refusing to shake the hand of a Spurs assistant that directly placed his hand in Wenger’s path.

    The man is a class-act when he wins and arguably the sorest of losers nearing the level of childish when they drop points. Which, is often lately.

    There’s a reason Arsenal lack spine literally and figuratively and you needn’t look any further than Wenger.

    Ancelotti….discuss away about that position, please.

  5. Note to Ancelotti. Shut your trap and have some class. Saying you want to return to the epl is one thing. Naming teams is another.


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