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Tuesday Kickoff: Warner responds, Arsenal locks up Vermaelen and more

Warner (Getty Images)

After being caught on video offering bribes to Caribbean officials, former CONCACAF president and FIFA executive committee member Jack Warner is on the warpath. 

Warner continues to respond to allegations against him the Trinidad and Tobago media, where a lengthy letter was published on Tuesday. It can be read in full here. Warner doesn't so much defend himself as he does say that he plans to expose the inner workings of FIFA and the circumsances surrounding outgoing CONCACAF secretary general Chuck Blazer.

"The truth is that there is much to be told about how the FIFA conducts its business and I have promised in the past a tsunami that would hit the FIFA, and indeed, it will come," Warner wrote. "To the detractors who want to predict time, place and circumstance for this tsunami let me advise all that, in the fullness of time, it will come, but definitely not before (Mohamed) Bin Hammam’s case before the Court of Arbitration Sport (CAS) is resolved."

Here are a few more stories to help kick off your day:


Belgian centerback Thomas Vermaelen has proven to be a worthy asset for Arsenal when healthy, so much so that the club has committed four more years to the player, who has battled injuries throughout his stay at the Emirates.

Vermaelen, currently out of action while recovering from an Achilles injury, signed a four-year contract extension that will keep him with Arsenal through 2015. He missed most of last season with the injury, which has required a couple of surgeries and prevented him from playing this season thus far.


Former New York Red Bulls defender Gabriel Cichero is facing a potential lengthy suspension after physically assaulting the team president and a director of one of his opponents while playing in France's Ligue 2.

Cichero, playing for Lens, reportedly attacked Bastia's staff members after on-field confrontations boiled over into the players' tunnel, where he caused severe injuries to the victims. According to L'Equipe, the Venezuelan international is facing a one-year ban


Losing young talent with mass potential is nothing new for Everton, but the club hopes to avoid that scenario with up-and-coming midfielder Ross Barkley.

The Toffees are in talks with the 17-year-old Barkley about a long-term deal that would keep him at Goodison Park and ensure that he doesn't take the same path as Wayne Rooney, who left Everton at 18 to join — and eventually flourish at — Manchester United.


What do you make of Warner's latest comments? Think it's wise for Arsenal to offer Vermaelen a long-term deal given his injury history? What do you make of the Cichero assault? Hope to see Everton hang on to Barkley?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. A good source has told me that Warner can prove it was the one armed zionist butler behind the grassy knoll with the candlestick.

    I must admit,…I was getting a kick out of the Caribbean football “officials” breaking out the thesaurus on a weekly basis to throw big SAT words at their former FIFA cohorts,…it was like……Clyde Frazer goes to Zurich,…”I am vexated and exasperated at the dubious scullduggery perpetrated by my most former esteemable colleagues who have tried to supplant and recant!!!”

    But now that Warner has broken out Zionist,…he must be at the end of the book. Times up Jack!


  2. If there is anyone in the world who can talk about corruption, it is Jack Warner. But without hard evidence, no one will believe what he says. He is a criminal.

  3. Poor Jack. I think he sees the Mossad masterminding the investigation of corruption: “I will talk about the Zionism, which probably is the most important reason why this acrid attack on bin Hammam and me was mounted,” he told the Trinidad Guardian.

  4. I was a little confused when I read that “Arsenal locks up Vermaelen”. I assumed it was to protect him from injuries. A nice padded room might work. I wonder if that’s a clause in his contract extension?

  5. Quick thoughts on the headlines:

    Warner is going to expose corruption? I’d say he’s a little late to his own party.

    Vermaalen signing for 4 years should mean Arsenal will get about 3 quality matches out of him at 100 percent health.

    Now if only Chicero had tried that on Hans Backe, he might have gotten a commendation for Mayor Bloomberg and a contract extension for showing some toughness.

    Charles Barkley plays soccer?

  6. Dear Jack Warner,

    I attempted delivery of a package to your address, but you were not home to receive it. I left it next to the porch behind a bush for safekeeping.

    QTY: 1 CS


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