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Dempsey scores again to help Fulham tie Chelsea

Clint Dempsey is closing out 2011 in style, as he scored his fourth goal in six matches to help Fulham salvage a 1-1 draw in their West London Derby clash against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Dempsey made a near-post run to convert a Bryan Ruiz cross, cancelling out a beautiful Juan Mata goal just two minutes into the second half. The goal was Dempsey's ninth in all competitions this season.

Here is the goal:


  1. There’s no way he’s getting into that Dortmund side and he’d struggle to play at ‘Gladbach considering how hot they are. Maybe if they sell Reus.

    He could definitely star at a slightly lower tier side like Werder Bremen, Stuttgart, Leverkusen, or Hertha Berlin, but is that really a step up from Fulham? Is it worth the risk?

  2. As one who infrequently refers to Landon as Landycakes, I definitely agree with your point that Landon’s body of work for the Nats is much more impressive than Dempsey’s, He accomplished a lot more at a younger age and continues to impress.

    However, the reason I’ll continue to refer to him as Landycakes is his potential was so much greater than his accomplishments. Landon has the skill & vision to have been one of the premier players across the world. You see it in his vision and occasionally when he puts his head down and goes after it (Slovenia is a great example – as well as 2002 WC). That’s the level that I think Landon could’ve been performing at a regular basis but because he took a less rigorous path and didn’t push himself to develop as Dempsey has, he never fulfilled his potential. Dempsey, meanwhile, has less skill on the ball and poor vision (how many times do you see him head down ignoring players streaking) but he’s pushed himself and become a quality player that has overachieved relative to his skill level.

    Think of it another way, if Landon came out around the timeframe that Adu came out, we would’ve all labeled him a bust.

  3. Clint has played for Steve Nicol, 5 managers at Fulham and 3 US managers.

    None of them have put him at striker full time.

    I doubt they were as ignorant of Dempsey’s qualities as the general public. I have to figure they know something about him.

  4. Clint scored off of a cross from Carlos Salcido in Salcido’s debut for Fulham last year.

    He got loaned out to Tigres this season.

    Maybe Ruiz will last longer

  5. If Dempsey is the best forward the US has ever produced, why does he always play as a midfielder for the National Team. I don’t understand!

  6. Maybe I don’t know of him in what he might of done, or I don’t care much about the whole switch from Arsenal and what not..

    I should of used a better term, I don’t see why wish that on him is what I meant????? Is there something maybe I don’t know about Ashley Cole that makes him very unlikeable?

  7. Who’s insulting Clint? I simply pointed out Donovan’s been the better player with the Nats and said there’s no need for the hating of him and keep calling him slurs.

    What tha hell are you talking about? When did I insult him? You need to re-read the post I left. I did not say anything bad or negative about Clint Dempsey’s form during the Confederation’s Cup. I CLEARLY said that he was having a really long stretch during Qualifying where he was disappearing for almost an entire game the first 3 or 4 games of qualifying. Then in Chicago he caused the goal Honduras scored to go up early.

    Then I wrote that he CAME BACK TO FORM, I wrote “Confederations Cup brought him back to form”, meaning when he played in the Confederations he got his form back, how is that insulting him or “dissing” his Confed Cup play. I’m going to restrain from insulting you, but you need make sure you read people’s comments before you go making requests for them to changed their stance on something, especially when you accuse them of making insults that are unfounded.

  8. Then stop insulting Clint and remember he was the one who got the bronze boot at Confeds Cup. Landon was also good, lots of other okayers stepped by bigtime to get usmnt to finals; but dissing Clint’s Confed Cup play is just ignorant.

    Anyway, agreed no need to insult Landon, will be fun to see both in EPL for at least a few months.

  9. Best ever? You can make the argument that he is the best of his era, but the best ever arguments are tough. Friedel and Keller would argue with you, though. Earlier players broke ground by playing with Europe and making teams think maybe signing Americans was worth the risk.

    Claudio Reyna was a US captain, played in Champions League, and was one of the few Americans starting as a field player during his time. John Harkes was also a US captain, had success in England, and then helped develop MLS. Thomas Dooley was born and raised in Germany, but he was a force.

  10. Both Clint and Landon are in a similar spot.

    Both are probably at or near their peak and both could do very well for some CL team but both are probably at the age where their sticker price is too rich.

    Landon is definitely pricey and Fulham simply can’t afford to let a guy like Duece go without a very big return. He would be very difficult to replace but they have to sell him someday.

    There was a time when that would not have mattered but with the world economy being where it is, the crazy transfer money, except at Man Citi, seems to be gone.

  11. How long is his contract for? At what point would Fulham be more concerned about getting something for him, even if it’s sub-market value, rather than losing him as a free transfer?

  12. I don’t even think it will happen in January?

    Summer seems more likely, he was 1 more season or is it 2 after this one in his contract does anyone know?

    If he keeps scoring and he improves on his 12 goals in EPL play from last season and gets say about 15 or 14 and about a good 18-20 overall by getting a couple in any cup games they might have left, then I can see him maybe moving in Summer at about 70%, is just to Fulham he is such an important player, that the team getting him has to pony up maybe more then what he is valued at.

    I don’t know if Fulham even is in the FA or Carling Cup still, so he might have just EPL games to improve his total from last year..

  13. Scott Parker won POY…and then went Tottenham.

    Can’t agree with you. The reason he hasn’t gone is the lack of (big club) offers, not the fact that he’s content. If you’ve followed him over the years, you know his ambition, there’s no need to overstate his complacency. He’d go in a second.

  14. Landon Donovan’s story isn’t exactly all that different. Landon just excelled, stood out & was recruited more at younger age by an elite youth club, USSoccer & Pro Euro Club

    He’s a year older than Clint,& was part of the 1st class of players at the Bradenton Academy in that amazing 1st class that placed 4th or 3rd at the 99 U-17 WC.But his mom couldn’t afford the Club fees & travel expenses, I’ve read how they at 1 point they were somehow taken care of, club saw tons of potential for him & coaches found other parents to sort of split his fees, almost in a scholarship/grant fashion. I read a lot about it recently & the thing is he was just close to a city that was much bigger than Dallas (LA) that had a lot of surrounding small cities & neighborhood within LA County & other bordering counties like San Bernardino & Riverside Counties where there was probably more access for him to play & ply his game against big & small clubs.Yes it’s humbling how Clint’s story took place but is not like Landon was this suburb rich kid, hell one of the ways he got so good was that he use to play against a lot of Hispanic, mainly Mexican kids in poor but very passionate grassroots levels. It was more of the environment where a lot of the great players around the world got their skills early and developed a love for the game. Messi was the same, lost of players from Brazil and Argentina also have stories like that from poor and humble beginnings hell the Mexican national team, I would say about 8 of their main starters are like that..
    I’m just happy we have them & that both Dempsey & Donovan will benefit from playing under Klinsmann in a system where they will be more encouraged to make use of their possession skills & offensive mindset

  15. Michael. this does not refer to current roster but to the number of people that have played on their national teams and also for Fulham . England, thanks for the correction, has had the most and the US comes in second with 7 players who have played for the national team and for Fulham as follows: Deuce, Brian McBride, Eddie Lewis, Eddie Johnson, Kasey Keller, Friedel and Captain Carlos Bocanegra, Pretty good group of players

  16. He scores with his left…

    He scores with his riiiiight…

    That boy Clint Dempsey…

    Makes Drogba look shite!!!

    My favorite song for my favorite player after scoring for my favorite team against my most hated team…


  17. One of the biggest things that gets to me is that Dempsey has that tendency to go missing in big games as well& not just 1, but he had several during qualifying, Confederations Cup brought him back to form, but right before the Confeds, I was so mad at him for trying that behind the foot or backheel move in the MIDDLE of the freaking field that was a very poor imitation of Ronaldinho or Robinho & how that turnover led to Costly’s goal & once again the US started a game, from behind. That’s when you knew there was a TON of Honduran fans at Soldier Field & they pretty much outnumbered US fans…

    But his mom couldn’t afford the Club fees and travel expenses, I’ve read how they at one point were somehow taken care of, the club saw a lot of potential for him and coaches found other parents to sort of split his fees, almost in a scholarship/grant fashion. I read a lot about it recently and the thing is he was just close to a city that was much bigger than Dallas (LA) it’s humbling how Clint’s story took place but is not like Landon was this suburb rich kid, hell one of the ways he got so good was that he use to play against a lot of Hispanic, mainly Mexican kids in poor but very passionate grassroots levels. It wase both of them, and despite what seemed like a strong respect for Bob from Clint for always sticking by him and starting him even when I think he might of not been worthy of it and sticking with Clint, that both Dempsey and Donovan will benefit from playing under Klinsmann in a system where they will be more encouraged to make use of their possession skills and offens

  18. And every NBA player dreams of playing in the Finals, but that doesn’t mean they want to join Miami and compete with LeBron, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh just to get on the court.

    I’m not saying that Dempsey isn’t good enough to earn playing time with a bigger team; as a Fulham and US supporter, I’ve watched nearly every minute the guy has played over the past five years, and I know his quality. I’ve also never heard him say anything to suggest he’s unhappy at Fulham, and he’s never been seriously linked to a move to another team. I get the impression that he’d rather become a legend at a smaller, mid-table club that occasionally sneaks into Europe than struggle for playing time at a bigger club.

    It seems that American fans think that just because a guy can play for a bigger club means they need to play for a bigger club. This just strikes me as ridiculous. Last year Scott Parker won Footballer of the Year while playing with the worst team in the league.

    Dempsey is in a good place – he is an important player for a solid team in the best league in the world. His team was in Europe this season, and he’s playing in what most would probably consider the best city in Europe for an American to be in. He has a family and a young daughter whom he probably doesn’t want to uproot (pure speculation, I admit). I don’t see anything to suggest he would want to leave Fulham.

  19. I really do not understand the hate exhibited towards Landon as I think he’s a decent player. The most prominent accusation against him is his proneness to go missing in big games, as a top player/star, people expect him to be involved in every key play from the beginning whistle to the end, you cannot be a one-half player and be considered a “great”. Most people are two-faced, when he’s playing on his game he’s LD or “Captain America”, when he is not, fans refer to him as “LandyCakes”. I think he receives more of the unjustifiable criticism because of where he plays, Major League Soccer, although ridiculous in itself to use as an excuse because many of our best players came from MLS. Dempsey has that “never say die attitude”, even when he is playing a bad game he’s still working to help the team score. The main reason people get behind Dempsey is his story to where he is now, which is quite extraordinary, and he faced alot of adversity with his sister’s death and all, he tries his best to honor his late sister each game he suits up. In conclusion, both are good players but their routes to success is really how fans/critics measure their “greatness”.

  20. He said it again in a clearer and stronger fashion saying that for the future he wishes to be able to compete in Champions League football. It was in the interview Ives’ posted on Christmas Eve I think. It’s the 7th newest posted as of right now, right before or below The Merry Christmas post in the left side links

  21. What about a team like Newcastle for Clint?

    I would love to see him at a place like Tottenham or Arsenal but don’t see him getting much playing time there?

    Defoe is already mad at not getting selected much and if they played a more natural Forward next to Adebayor RVV becomes the Center Attacking mid…

    I think Clint might have to leave England to get to play Champions League Football. Maybe a place like PSG, Lille, Olympique Marseille or Lyon?

    In Germany I don’t know where he could go, not sure how the depth chart is for anyone aside from Bayern Munich and the new TSG Hoffenheimerica…

    Maybe a Borussia Monchengladbach or Dortmund? Hannover anyone have any ideas? I just don’t know…

    Not sure if he fits in now with Luis Enrique being coach and him playing Barca type of formation in a 4-3-3 but I remember rumors about Roma wanting him for a little while, could he go there maybe with the new ownership group from the states that was suppose to take over, think they did no?

  22. A few months ago he voiced his opinion about whether or not he desired to play Champions League Football and he said yes. He was very much open to a move to a bigger club if they had some interest in him. Based on his solid record in the EPL since arriving, he could very well look attractive to a better Premier League team or elsewhere in Europe.

  23. I love Dempsey, but what is it about Landon Donovan that people hate so much? Is it a combination of him not sticking it out in Europe and him being MLS’ poster boy as well as him probably having scored and beaten well every team in MLS pretty much so a lot of USMNT or general US Soccer fans just love to hate on him and make fun of him with that ridiculous Landycake surname?

    I agree lets see Landon score against any EPL teams when has his Everton loan, but how about we see Dempsey score for the US more often and not have games like the 1st Panama game in the Gold Cup.

    Say what you will about Dempsey’s superior level of competition and much tougher League and environment but based on their forms for the National team how can any one still treat Landon as some pushover or overrated player?

    Who carried the team thru all of qualifying, especially when Dempsey was having a HORRIBLE 1st half in the hexagonal? Who had the assist for the dream start in Azteca? There was a sick percentage of goals that were either scored or assisted by Landon in 09 for the entire WCQ and Confederations Cup.

    Why do people still can’t just appreciate both? Also who missed the chance 1 on 1 vs Algeria goalkeeper after Landon had set up the run by playing wide to Jozy who then crossed it to Dempsey for the finish? I believe Dempsey missed that chance?

    Who started the comeback in which we got screwed with a shot that nearly took off the Slovenia keeper’s head?

    Come on guys, if you think Clint is the best fine, but stop bashing the guys who’s scored the most and assisted the most in US national team history. They both scored in multiple World Cups, Landon’s scored more, he’s one of the top Gold Cup leading scorers all time. What does the guy have to do just to not be made fun of and disrespected?

  24. Britain is not a nation, and there are three Swiss, three Norwegians, and two Irishmen on Fulham, compared with one American (two if you want to count Hangeland, though I don’t see why you would).

  25. Both Landon and Clint are great players. An interesting note. Naturally Fulham has more national team players on their team from Britain than any other nation. Number 2 is the USA.

  26. I do believe congratulations are in order, Deuce. This guy is in form, and on a roll. Good to see he is representing his country and Texas exceptionally well.


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