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Mid-Day Ticker: Warner releases FIFA details, Perez closing in on MLS and more

Warner (Getty Images)

Some of the back-room workings between Jack Warner and FIFA are starting to come to the surface.

Warner reportedly claimed that in exchange for drumming up support to get Sepp Blatter elected in the 1998 FIFA presidential election, he secured the television rights to the World Cup for his native Trinidad & Tobago for a single dollar

Warner, who was ousted from his positions in CONCACAF and on FIFA's executive committee amid separate bribery and corruption charges, had threatened to out FIFA and the scandals of the past few decades as retribution for how he had been treated toward the end of his reign. He resigned from his post after being implicated in a bribery scandal as part of trying to get Mohamed bin Hammam elected as FIFA president this past summer. 

FIFA has yet to comment on Warner's latest statement.

Here are some more stories to get your Thursday rolling right along:


It seems as if Blas Pérez will be able to tack on MLS to his already hefty resume.

The Panamanian striker will reportedly join MLS, according to reports emanating from South America.

Pérez, now 30, has plied his trade at 14 clubs since 1998, but it appears that MLS is his next destination. His current club, Indios de Ciudad Juarez, is in the midst of a financial meltdown, and Pérez looks likely to find the exit.

The striker has also bagged 22 goals in 38 international appearances, two of which have come at the United States' expense — in Gold Cups in 2007 and 2009.


Tottenham fans can breathe easily. Luka Modric, the Spurs' midfield lynchpin, has declared he is almost certain that he'll be with that club until at least the summer transfer window.

Modric was the subject of heavy transfer speculation last summer as Chelsea made serious approaches for his services, yet Tottenham firmly refused the Blues' advances and retained its star playmaker.

Tottenham has enjoyed a good start to the 2011-2012 campaign as the London club occupies third spot in the Premier League.


Despite speculation that Manchester United's Nemanja Vidic's injury could essentially end the Serbian's career, his agent, Silvana Martina, insists that the defender will be back next season.

The 30-year-old is set to go under the knife later this week to repair the ruptured ligaments in his knee — an injury the United captain sustained in a Champions League clash with FC Basel. Recovery time is slated for 12 months.

Vidic isn't the only injury concern for Sir Alex Ferguson, as Rio Ferdinand, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling have all had questions asked of their health prior to the club's match with Blackburn on Saturday.


An awful first half to the Bundesliga campaign has been reason enough for SC Freiburg to fire coach Marcus Sorg.

The club is at the bottom of the Bundesliga with 13 points and has won just three times all season. Sorg will be replaced by assistant Christian Streich, who was immediately hired in a full-time capacity and given a deal until 2014.


What do you make of Warner's latest antics? Do you think Pérez would have major success in MLS? Do you see Modric headed out the Tottenham door in the summer? What do you think of the state of United's current back line? See Freiburg being relegated?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. It’s about time Blas considers MLS…He is the physical type that will thrive in this league. Him and Robbie Keane would form a deadly combo. He also works in Settle with Fredy Montero.

  2. Until FIFA is hit where they care the most (bank account, cause all that money cannot fit in a wallet) by losing corporate sponsors nothing will change. Even large federations such as England don’t have a loud enough voice to get change started.

    Now only if I hadn’t taken the red pill……I might believe all is good in World Sports. That FIFA and IOC act on the best interest of fair play.

  3. Claims thats all I hear. Where is the irrefutable evidence. Until that happens things will continue chugging along at Fifa with Blatter as it’s president.

  4. Count me as one who doesn’t want United to draft a striker. I would much rather have someone able to play centrally and on the wings. Enzo Martinez, Kelyn Rowe, and Luis Silva are the most appetizing, and they will be gone in the first round.

    I think we already have the best possible forward prospect in Pontius. Boskovic is best on the left wing anyway, what we need is somebody to challenge King in the middle. Plus, strikers are famously hit or miss.

  5. The true problem is they have rarely ousted someone like Warner and they may never oust Darth Blatter, because they all have dirt on each other, they are all corrupt. Besides there is too much money at stake and many governments are in bed with them; Russia and Qatar to start.

    Blatter has said and done enough on his own to have been ousted numerous times over? How will this change anything? I believe Warner, I just wish he was not such a corrupt clown himself, I wish he had more credibility!

  6. Warner is as dirty and self interested as can be, but I too find this claim to be eminently believable. I hope and would look forward to him releasing more dirty laundry, though everything he says would need to be independently verified. We can’t take take him on his word for anything. If I heard him say the sky was blue, I might question this long held belief of mine.

  7. It’s definitely something to watch. The problem, of course, is that FIFA is corrupt from top to bottom. If it weren’t, Blatter would have been forced to resign already. It’s hard to believe that other members will put pressure on their godfather/personal rainmaker to resign. Platini would really have to put the screws to him in a very public way. Can’t think of a viable alternative, unless Der Kaiser steps up.

    Still, we can dream. If there was a serious investigation, FIFA would be remade…and maybe the votes for 2018 and 2022 would have to be re-examined. I know we keep reading about the hints of corruption surrounding the Qatar bid, but what about Russia? Does anyone doubt that Comrade Putin bought the 2018 tournament? I’d love to see a serious investigation that shows the corruption there — especially before the Russian election in March.

  8. Someone wake DC’s front office up. There’s a striker, he wants to play in MLS. He might not suck. No, no! Not an Argentine from the second division, No!!


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