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Tuesday Kickoff: Galaxy win tour finale, Blatter hints at technology use & more

Keane (Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Galaxy made it 3-for-3 on their Asia Pacific tour, defeating the Melbourne Victory in a penalty shootout, 4-3, after the teams played to a 2-2 draw in regulation.

The Galaxy trailed, 2-0, but Robbie Keane twice converted penalty kicks to pull the MLS Cup champions level. Landon Donovan struck the crossbar with the Galaxy's first attempt in the shootout, but the Australian side had Paulo Retre also hit the crossbar before Josh Saunders saved Marco Rojas' spot kick. Paolo Cardozo hit the clincher to cement the Galaxy's victory in their tour finale.

The match was the final one in the playing career of Gregg Berhalter, who came on as a late substitute for David Beckham. All eyes turn to Beckham, who drew the Galaxy's second penalty and nearly scored from his own half with the goalkeeper off the line, as he chooses whether to come back to MLS or continue his career elsewhere.

Highlights of the match can be seen here.

Here are a few more stories to get your Tuesday going:


FIFA president Sepp Blatter reportedly told media outlets in Europe that the use of goal-line technology could happen as soon as the 2012-2013 season and would be in place for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

While testing continues for the systems that would be used, Blatter said that a vote during March's International Football Association Board meeting will determine whether next season is when the systems get introduced on the club level.

As for the World Cup, Blatter reportedly told Spanish outlet El Mundo Deportivo that, "Brazil 2014 will have technology to avoid phantom goals. FIFA has two good systems that meet all the demands we set: reliability, immediacy and not being difficult to use."


Luis Suarez can't seem to keep himself out of trouble with the FA.

While the case of Suarez saying racially insensitive remarks to Manchester United's Patrice Evra is still open, Liverpool's Uruguayan striker could face a different charge of misconduct after cameras caught him flipping his middle finger to the crowd at Craven Cottage at the end of Monday's 1-0 loss to Fulham.

The incident was reportedly a response to taunts from the crowd as Suarez was walking to the tunnel to exit the playing field.


The public outpouring of support for former Wales manager Gary Speed has been overwhelming, and while his funeral this week will be a closed ceremony to family and close friends, a public memorial is being planned for sometime after the turn of the new year.

The League Managers Association revealed both items on Tuesday, acting in accordance with the wishes of Speed's wife, Louise.  


What's your gut feeling on where Beckham ends up? Happy to see the Galaxy go unbeaten on their tour? Are you hoping to see goal-line technology become a regular part of the game? Think Suarez deserves to be punished for Monday's incident?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Long-rumored Galaxy target, Hernandez, was the best player on the field in the first half. He was absolutely brilliant and would fit in well if Beckham leaves.

  2. Agreed RE Omar. Franklin forgot his ROY CB stints in 2008. No offense to him, though – he’s a great RB. Notice our defence got a lot getter when Robinson was introduced at the half… Which is something I didnt think I’d come to say!

    In the Galaxy’s defense, in addition to travel, folks like Donovan and Keane have offseason concerns that would keep them from pushing too hard and risking injury in a friendly. Donovan a possible loan, Keane national team considerations (and… loan?)

    The game was a tale of two halves as Melbourne couldnt keep their shape and composure after Hernandez came off. LA, meanwhile, had a devestating series of attacks that, if not for the poor finishing that capped them, would’ve seen them walk away with a handy win.

    This fan was happy to have *some* form of MLS action two weeks after the Cup, and for that, I say, thank you, Galaxy. Thanks for the great season and for repping the league well in Asia and Australia, both on and – as important – off the field.

  3. Leonardo started him at Milan? I don’t see that team as being so packed with talent that Beckham doesn’t start, because they are struggling right now

  4. Stayed up late to watch the Galaxy – Melbourne game last night. Boy, that was a bad decision.

    That was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen LA play. Granted, it was their last game of the season, an exhibition match and it comes at the end of a loooot of travel. But, it still made me flinch to see Donovan miss a PK and Beckham sky a ball waaaaay over the goal.

    Omar was really missed in the back.

  5. He wouldn’t start for PSG. That’s the only thing holding this up. If he was guaranteed to start, he would have committed already. He knows he has to playing to get called for the Olympic team. Playing 90 minutes every week in LA is better than playing 20-30 minutes every week in Paris.

  6. Its simple. Donovan has already played in the EPL. But he has never won the CCL. In fact, no MLS club has ever won the CCL. So he has a chance to make history by staying home and playing for the Galaxy. Going to Everton and playing doesn’t give him a (statistically significant) chance of making history.

  7. I think in his contract it is he can buy a NEW team. He gets to start a club and pay the fee that was in place when he joined which is like $10mil and not $40-50…so even if he isnt too into it (and I think he would like to be an owner) just being a passive owener could stll let him make a killing. He could help launch a new club and just sell it later if he wants. I dont think there is any big advantage for him to buy an existing club. He cannot buy in NY. My guess is he would want a glitzy city. If he wanted CA to be close then it could be San Diego for example….or even Las Vegas…which is sometimes in the running. My money might be on Miami….I could see him living there if he wanted or certainly would be more fun to travel there then owning something in St Louis or Minn, etc. I could see him trying to bring his star power back to relaunch in South Beach. MLS wants to have something in FL again or the SE…so with MLS looking at some good movement in Orlando…it could be about the same time David makes a push for Miami and then MLS launches two new FL clubs at the same time. If its just about cash from the market then it could be plenty of places….but my guess he will want to buy in a market where his star power can shine a bit bright and also be a city he would enjoy and would be the type of market to attract good talent. The big names that talk about MLS often consider it when getting talks from NY or LA….its harder to convince some guy to settle in KC (although that new stadium does help) after being a star in London or Milan…but you dangle the Miami life-style and some guys might pick that even for less cash compared to something in China or the UAE 😉

  8. Well if you win the CCL, there is a possibility to face the winner of the European Champions League in the Club World Cup. I think that sounds better than a month loan stint to a team that there is no chance of you ever playing for permanently.

  9. I’m not in his head, but it seems hard to believe that the CCL is even in the same conversation as the chance to play in the EPL.

  10. We’ve talked about here in the different posts and I think it got brought up in a live chat, I don’t recall anyone bringing it up as far as media outlets? I haven’t read Goal or shinguard but everything else I keep up with hasn’t had any news on it?

    I think he wants to stay just for the simple fact that he wants that CCL Cup. Maybe in Summer time he makes a move that is more permanent or if not in the NEXT Winter transfer window, but him not saying much or responding when Everton said they were interested in him again + that Shirt he wore that read “The road to the CCL goes thru LA” kind of makes me think he might want to stay at least till summer?

  11. The fact that he’s always brought it up and has said he wants to own a team?

    And just because he owns a team doesn’t mean he’ll live there, he’ll need to hire a very competent GM who will have to live there but he might not need to

  12. Wait are you saying that it’s still being ran by Warner in a low key/undercover status from Trinidad & Tobago or what?

    I thought he was out and stuff after Blazer put him on blast and the whole WC 2018/2022 scandal was also coming to bite him along with the rest of the Caribbean delegates?

  13. What makes you think he wants to buy a team? That deal was made four and a half years ago. He likes life in SoCal. I doubt he’s too interested in life somewhere else in the USA.

  14. What’s going on with CONCACAF? Isn’t Chuck Blazer retiring or stepping down? I mean after Warner’s fiasco it was Blazer who was in charge right? Does nobody want the job cause I haven’t heard about elections or nothing? Is it that bad a gig?

  15. So, what’s with all the reporting in the English press on Donovan — how he hasn’t said he wants to join Everton or he’s “indifferent”? I see nothing in US media. Has anyone even asked him if he’s interested?

  16. Yeah I think Blatter was somewhat of a right hand to Havelange. Maybe Joao was just much better at hiding it or was more cautious to make it overtly OBVIOUS and exaggerate on how he engaged in corruption to fill his and the rest of FIFA Board Members/execs pockets.

    Havelange I can’t hate on too much, brought the Cup to the US in 1994 and pretty much stronged arm us into starting up MLS

  17. Yes, and I think this is being under-reported; even the usual reporters and bloggers that follow the Jack Warner saga haven’t written anything about it.

  18. I think Beckham is just being considerate and respectful of both the fans and the organization of the Los Angeles Galaxy as he is now finishing his commitment to them.

    Between him wanting to play 1st team Football in a elite league, him not really wanting to play for another EPL club other than Manchester Unt & the 18 million dollars Paris Saint Germain has offered him…

    It’s pretty safe bet to say he’s out of MLS & will be taking a much deserved vacation & then join PSG in Jan after the Transfer window opens & finishes his deal with them, which according to media reports & PSG PR dept. was “98% done deal” over 2 months ago…? I think a more interesting question rather than where Beckham ends up is WHEN DOES HE GET TO BUY HIS MLS TEAM as per the option on his contract? And what does he buy? Should buy DC or New England fix those damn franchises!

  19. bigger news: havelange resigns from ioc amid corruption allegations from his time as leader of fifa. this is where blatter’s roots are, correct?


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