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You Write the Caption: The Donovan Interview Edition

It has been almost a year since SBI's last installment of You Write the Caption, and that one came after a two-year hiatus for one of the site's original and most popular series. We plan on changing that after feedback from readers who told us we should bring the series back.

For those of you unfamiliar, You Write the Caption is when we post a funny photo and allow our readers to take their cracks at writing a caption to go with the photo. You can go to our archives to find some of the past installments and get an idea of how it all works. Ultimately, not all entries have to be captions, they can also be thought bubbles and dialogue, but for the purposes of labeling the series, we'll keep calling it You Write the Caption.

The first YWTC of 2012 features a photo taken during the 2010 World Cup. It shows Landon Donovan after an interview with popular Mexican TV personality Ines Sainz.

Enjoy (Photo is after the jump):


"And all I have to do is score a goal against Algeria? I'll be right back."

That was SBI's caption attempt. Now feel free to send us yours. Try to keep them relatively short, and definitely keep them clean. We will delete any entries that cross the line.

Now let's hear some funny captions. Fire away.


  1. Donovan: “…the male stripper you invited for your birthday party… uh, yeah that is me.”

    Security Guard/Stripper: “Hey that guy is taking my gig.”

  2. Donovan: “You want me to go over there and beg, with my hand up my shirt?”
    Security guard thinking: “She’s worth it, beg like a dog dude.”

  3. “No, the sweatpants don’t look any better on you than on your coach, now get out of here before I call that security guard!”


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