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Must-See Interview: Wynalda on Wynalda



  1. Wynalda hints at serious, useful topics but eventually loses patience and gives in to his clown side. Lalas for all his buffoonery, at least tried to make a serious living off of soccer as a pathetic general manager and destroyer of teams (his own).

    Eric is a very calculated walking freak show but it’s only purpose is to make him a living, which is fine but lets not make like he is some unappreciated genius.

    Eventually he may get to the point where he will be able to get what good ideas he has across to people without setting his hair on fire.

  2. I wish Wynalda as a commentator would talk more about football and less about people’s hair styles. Seriously, when speaking about players’ abilities, inevitably, he will talk about their hair, like it’s a relevant quality.

    He’s a weirdo.

  3. Did Wynalda lose his starting spot with the NT to McBride?

    I wonder where clint Mathis would rank in a list of top 5 USMNT strikers

  4. I think it is great that he able to poke fun at himself and the perception of who he is as a commentator and as a coach. I also like his willingness to go to Mexico…then Atlanta for coaching experience. I think the point he has made in several inteviews is that teams didn’t want to take a chance on somebody whose body of work was to be a loud mouth. He certainly know thes game and I hope he does well. As a comentator he is better than Lalas and as a coach he surely doesn’t seem more arogant than Arena.

    This video make me like him more and I hope he does great as a coach.

  5. This is a brilliant way to draw attention to his own accomplishments and the accomplishments of his team – it’s great publicity for him. Exactly what Atlanta needs. You get the feeling that no one was asking him him about the things he wanted to talk about, so he just asked himself.

  6. For me, Wynalda gets the nod over McBride.
    McBride definitely a beast in the air, but Wynalda had better ability to break guys down and create a chance for himself.

  7. I loved it how Wynalda had a hard time hiding his emotions when Landon took his scoring record. I loved it because he has a track record for being a !@#$.

    This bit of levity helps a little.

  8. For how crazy he is you have to admit he knows what hes talking about. Would love to see him involved somehow with MLS or US Soccer.

  9. Nothing but respect for McBride and Wynalda. I never compared the two, but before McBride started playing for the USMT around 1996 (?) Wynalda was the best we had.

  10. O/T

    best US striker, McBride or Wynalda?

    who had the better club career? NT career?

    and do you think the likes of Altidore or Boyd can someday measure up to those 2?


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