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Altidore scores in AZ Alkmaar cup win


photo by John Todd/

Jozy Altidore's dream start to the season only continues to get better and better.

Altidore scored his latest goal for AZ Alkmaar on a penalty kick that capped the scoring in a 4-1 rout over second division club SC Veendam in the second round of the KNVB Cup on Thursday. Altidore converted the chance from 12 yards out by firing home a high shot that beat Veendam goalkeeper Theo Timmermans in the game that secured advancement in the tournament.

The goal gave Altidore eight across all competitions this season, further improving his chances of topping the career-best 19 goals he scored during the 2011-2012 campaign.

Here is Altidore's goal:


What do you think of Altidore's goal? How many do you see him scoring thsi season? Think he can pass his career best by the halfway point of the season?

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  1. Sorry brother, didn’t mean to bring this up like it’s some huge racial/political discussion. I think in general those are rare and unneeded. That said, nothing is worse on SBI then a post USMNT loss thread. Oh boy, then the knee jerks come out in full force and rationality falls to non-existence

  2. Threads like this are why I rarely come around SBI anymore. This whole conversation is lunacy. Back to BS where real soccer debates occur.

  3. I think the irony was obvious, hence why I didn’t attack you’re statement. @OldSchool, I see the same thing with tall people. People always automatically talk about how good they are in the air, when in truth they may be horrible. I see inherent biases all around, and they play to common stereotypes. For black people in soccer they almost always get tagged too quickly with the “great athlete and fast, but terrible touch and lazy”. Just a consistent trend and anecdotally empirically verified fact.

  4. No, he really is.

    Additionally, I couldn’t care less what your political viewpoint or affiliation is. Also ridiculous and unneeded.


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