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Parkhurst named to Champions League Team of the Week

Michael Parkhurst is on a run of fine form, and American soccer fans and pundits are not the only ones taking notice.

Parkhurst was named to the UEFA Champions League Team of the Week for the third round of matches after turning in a solid 90-minute effort in FC Nordsjaelland’s 1-1 draw with Juventus on Tuesday. Parkhurst was a sturdy presence in a Nordsjaelland back line that did not concede a goal until the final minutes of the game, and his passing was precise for the most part.

The accolade is the latest in what has been a strong season for the U.S. Men’s National Team defender and it should help him draw more interest as he heads towards the end of his current contract at the end of the year.

What do you think of Parkhurst being named to the Champions League Team of the Week? Impressed with how he’s been performing lately? Hoping to see him move to a bigger club this winter?

Shate your thoughts below.


  1. im not gonna read any of the doubters comments. I’ve always thought Parkhurst was an excellent players and laugh when idiots question if he can play for the NATS. Just remember, he international career was going nowhere under BB/ He thought Bornstein was the future. It took JK to see what he brings. Apparently Champions league people also see his class. Now if only the “experts” on these boards would drop the “he’s too small or he’s too slow” crap and admit hes a very good player

  2. Is it coincidence that the Revs were a perennial title contender with Parkhurst and have been lousy since he left (losing Twellman, Dempsey, and others didn’t help either)? Is it coincidence that Parkhurst’s team won it’s league title last year? I think not. The guy’s a winner. Plain and simple. Not a superstar, but a solid contributor and a winner. Great guy to have on a squad for at least some depth and solid experience.

  3. Agent Smith comes through…

    Look, the selection process for Champions league team of the week looks at A LOT of guys.

    The fact that his performance was even mentioned means something.

    Sure, it is a minnow versus giant thing but performance matters.

    Parkhurst shined.

    For some bizarre reason USMNT fans are clamoring for one guy to get a call-up while a guy who clearly has the best talent at the position shows considerable immaturity (Chandler)

    Positions are won as a result of a battle.

    In camp, out of camp and through a scouts eyes.

    Obviously, Lichaj needs to show JK something he has not shown him, while Parkhurst and Chandler have.

  4. For those who say Lichaj has better attacking potential than Parkhurst, I believe Parkhurst was tied for his league lead in assists as of a couple weeks back. Pretty nice.

  5. I have never thought much of Lichaj. He’s had one or two great performances for Villa but he makes a lot of mental errors, and in the Premier League those often result in breakaways and goals.

    I’m happy for Michael. I always thought he had a very high football IQ and it seems that is now showing through in his playing form.

  6. Parkhurst and Lichaj are not on the same plane. It was all a matter of who plays in the best league, but now Parkhurst put on a strong performance in the UEFA champsions league, which includes the best of the best, worthy to be in the best team of the week… the likes of chelsea, Juventus, Real Madrid, Man city etc…….his place should be secured on a team like the US with out depth of defenders, hands down. Lichaj is up and coming, but that what he is……and not there yet.

  7. Parkhurst is too slow for the international game. Parkhurst is good but there are better players for the USMNT. Parkhurst doesn’t have what it takes to play in a better league… BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!

    Enough hating on the guy, i find it hard to believe that CONCACAF is stronger than the Champions League. It is possible that Parkhurst might struggle against the top ten teams of the world but cut the guy some slack! He had a great performance against Juve and I find it hard to believe that Guatemala’s offense is better than Juve’s. Also, he played LB against Guatemala not RB so cut him a little slack for not being at his best. I think he deserves plenty more shots and we should support him in his push to become a starter for the NT instead of relegating him to the bench in our mind with hopes of Eric Lichaj becoming the player we all want him to be.

  8. nice example of a guy coming on who wasn’t thought to be at this position many years ago. The other thread discussing the backline options comes to mind

    and good stuff NateDollars, cheers

  9. If nothing else, MP will provide the USMNT with some depth in the back four. Best case scenario, MP can develop into a player that might help us for the next few years. Even if he is a late bloomer (almost 29), I cannot imagine he would be around for more than this cycle.

    I still felt like he was a liability back there vs. Guatemala…it looked like the speed of the international game was a bit fast for him.

  10. Parkhurst has really stepped up this season and I won’t pretend I watch him every game, but I have seen him struggle a bit on the national team. He’s a sturdy player, but he doesn’t bring that X factor you want from a starter. I really hope he can make the leap to an even more competitive league so we can see if he can maintain this level week out.

    As for Lichaj, I don’t think it’s that easy to say one or the other. Lichaj attacks better and is younger, so he’s the better long term prospect especially as he can play both sides well. Parkhurst has taken his opportunities well and it’s up to Lichaj to dislodge him as the first backup sub on the roster. And to do that, Lichaj must get back to playing every week.

  11. I have no idea who the better player is based on long-term potential (Parkhurst seems to be in better form at the moment), but I think people (including me) get excited by the fact that we have a young fullback developing at a Premier League team. I understand that his form has not been great recently and sometimes I get the impression that some posters on this site are happy about that.

    As for Parkhurst, I didn’t really know who he was prior to the beginning of this year, but I am happy for his recent accomplishments. If he is indeed a better player than Lichaj, then great, we have another quality player to compete for minutes in our player pool. I just don’t understand why this has to be about player X vs player Y when I think we should be rooting for both of them to succeed.

  12. Don’t worry, there are a dozen coaches that comment on SBI who can tell you that Eric Lichaj is 10x the player of Michael Parkhurst.

    • Not entirely fair. Parkhurst always seemed to be a bit of a tweener. He was a centerback in MLS – a good one, but he lacked the size to project tot he next level or engine that smaller centerbacks seem to have. He also didn’t see to have the speed for fullback.

      He was always smart. He has found a position at the next level and it will be interesting to see where he goes from here. Can he play the position at bigger, faster league? Will be interesting to see. Lichaj is a different type of player, one who brings more obvious attacking potential.

      • Submitted too soon. Parkhurst is obviously further along, but I can see why people want Lichaj to make it. He would bring better attacking width, I think. But – it is still a defense first position.

    • or they wanted both called up. you can like one without hating the other.

      but it’s just easier to exaggerate and dismiss other opinions, right?

    • not sure one has to be better than the other to warrant call up. They’re both good players. Lichaj has more physical tools to be a modern attacking fullback, but Parkhurst can defend as well as anybody and is plenty experienced.
      I’m just happy we have [good] options.


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