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SBI Men’s College Soccer Top 25 (Oct. 10th)


If anyone still had questions about Marquette’s legitimacy as a national power this year, those questions were answered over the weekend, when the Golden Panthers toppled unbeaten UConn, the No. 1 team in the SBI College Soccer Top 25 at the time.

Marquette handed the Huskies their first loss of the season to not only maintain one of only two perfect records in the nation (Cornell holding the other), it also cemented Marquette’s status as a serious contender for the Big East title and a potential NCAA run later this year.

Out West, we saw UCSB, UCLA and New Mexico all suffer defeats, with Washington and Cal-State Northridge benefiting from the upsets to secure their own places in the latest SBI Top 25.

The biggest mover in the new rankings is VCU, which debuts at No. 20 after a 4-1 mauling of Charlotte. Other teams that enjoyed big jumps are unbeaten Xavier and surprising Elon.

Here is the latest SBI Men’s Soccer Top 25:


(last week’s rank in parentheses)

1. (2)- MARYLAND (12-0-1)

2. (4)- NORTH CAROLINA (10-1-1)

4. (8)- MARQUETTE (12-0)

3. (5)- AKRON (7-1-2)

5. (1)- UCONN  (11-1-1)

6. (9)- NOTRE DAME (10-3)

7. (3)- GEORGETOWN (11-2-1)

8. (13)- XAVIER (9-0-2)

9. (14)- INDIANA (9-2-1)

10. (6)- UCSB (8-1-3)

11. (7)- NEW MEXICO (9-2)

12. (16)- COASTAL CAROLINA (9-1-2)

13. (10)- UCLA (8-2-2)

14. (11). OLD DOMINION (7-1-2)

15. (12)- ST. JOHN’S (8-1-4)

16. (19)- NORTHWESTERN (8-2-2)

17. (22) ELON (8-2-1)


18. (18)- SAINT LOUIS (7-3)

19. (17)- FURMAN (9-2-2)

20 (NR)- VCU (6-1-3)

21. (15)- CHARLOTTE (7-2-2)

22. (23) SMU (8-2-2)

23. (24) CORNELL (11-0)

24. (NR) WASHINGTON (7-3-2)



HONORABLE MENTION– High Point (10-1-1), Wake Forest (7-2-4), Louisville (7-4), Tulsa (8-4), Creighton (8-3-2), West Virginia (7-3-2), Boston College (6-3-2), UAB (6-3-2), South Florida (6-2-4), Dayton (7-3), SIU-Edwardsville (8-4), Niagara (7-0-4).


  1. How do both Northwestern and Notre Dame rise 3 places after NU kicked ND in the teeth last night 2-0? I understand NU going up only 3 points with the defeat to Bradley, but ND goes UP after they lose to another top 20 team? That I don’t get.

    • Funny, I didn’t see the Nebraska Cornhuskers on that list.

      The MVC gets no love. Creighton is a top 25 team. Bradley is solid as well. I can’t stand how the middle of the country gets overlooked for the coasts. Yes, more people yields higher competition, but the Midwest has some solid teams that get overlooked.

      Ives didn’t have Creighton in the top 25 at the beginning of the season last year and they went on to the College Cup. CU has gone to the NCAA Tournament in 18 of the previous 19 seasons with three appearances in the College Cup and one appearance in the National Championship Match—as well as being the only soccer program in the nation to have at least one athlete taken in every Major League Soccer (MLS) draft from 1996 – 2012. No love!!

      • Because what a team did in the past is so relevant to how they are doing this year…?

        Bradley is playing well, but their schedule is weak relative to their record. Beating Northwestern will probably be the best thing they do all year. Creighton winning in overtime against SIU Edwardsville and Princeton is, well, unimpressive. They aren’t being overlooked; they’re just not that good.

      • Yes, looking at a program’s overall pedigree has a lot to do with being ranked. If you are a well known program, you would likely be ranked in the pre-season over a lesser known team. From there, you see an overemphasis on results of the aforementioned ranked teams play over the course of the year making it more difficult for lesser known schools to break into the top 25, unless of course you get lucky enough to play one of these school and get a good result.

        I am simply pointing out that they are being overlooked yet again by Ives and his staff. They are ranked number 24 in the NCSCAA currently. They are, in my opinion, a top 10 team, please bookmark this page and re-read it at the end of the season. They will go deep in the tourney again and then you will see my friend that they are good. Beating a solid Princeton team away was a big result and was impressive.

      • Joe. They’re ranked 24th by the NSCAA and we have them listed as honorable mention. That’s hardly a high difference. Not enough for you to get on your soapbox and misrepresent our coverage of them and ranking of them. We are NOT overlooking them. You just rated them more highly than we do, and given the fact you’re clearly a fan of theirs I’d venture to guess my opinion of them is more factual and fair than yours.

      • What about Princeton is solid?

        Creighton is on track for a pretty good seed in the tournament because the rest of their schedule is weak, and their conference kinda sucks. It’s not so unlikely that they win out and get a top 10 seed: that doesn’t make them a top 10 team, though. With the right draw, pretty much any team can make the quarterfinals.

        The results speak for themselves, though: +6 goal differential over 13 matches, and precisely three “solid” victories: 3-0 vs Rutgers, 1-0 at Santa Clara, and 1-0 vs SIU Edwardsville in overtime… yawn. I’m not sure what you can say objectively about Creighton that makes them a top 10 squad whatsoever. They’ve lost to every really good team they’ve played except for early-season Akron…

      • Listen Joe, I appreciate feedback, and never mind a contrary opinion, but don’t flat out lie or mislead. I had Creighton ranked NO. 7 in the nation at the start of the 2011 season. Slightly different than not ranking them in the Top 25 AT ALL.

        This pre-season I had them ranked 18th, lower than most other rankings, but that’s because most other rankings rely too heavily on the previous year and Creighton simply lost too much talent to retain a high ranking. Their results this year aren’t those of a team that are a LOCK Top 25 team. They have been in and out of the rankings, and are currently Honorable Mention.

        The whole “no love for the Midwest” thing is pretty funny. Is Marquette not in the Midwest? How about Akron? As for Bradley, they have been ranked by us before. Saint Louis is ranked right now.

        I’d argue that my rankings do a better job of representing the entire country than any other rankings out there, while also doing a better job of measuring the season than most others.

        SO please, feel free to say team A could be higher, or team B could be lower, but spare me the conspiracy theories and the “No love” notions. I show love to everybody.

      • Ives,

        No need to call me a liar or that I am attempting to misrepresent facts. My bad, I am mistaken that your rankings from last year did not have them in the top 25, it was two years ago that you did not have Creighton in your top 25 that I was recalling. That is true, or my remembrance of it. I do not have your database to go back and fact check, but wish I could have in this instance. They finished that season in the top 25 if I recall. I am not a big proponent of theirs, but am originally from the area and will occasionally watch them when possible. You know what they say about assumptions, the make an ass out of you and me. Please do not assume I am a fan or that I am trying to lie to you. 🙂

        I appreciate your feedback and am a regular follower and supporter of this blog. I am sensitive to this issue as I feel Midwestern teams often times get overlooked and do not get the attention or respect they deserve. Agree to disagree I guess.

      • It’s one or the other Joe. You definitely misrepresent facts when you use false information to make a point. Whether it was an intentional lie, or simply a mistake, you built a case around bad information about me and that is the definition of misrepresenting facts.

        You’ve now gone from staunch advocate of Creighton to “Ah, I watch them occasionally.” Your tone has certainly changed. My basic point remains the same. There’s nothing in my rankings that suggests Midwestern teams don’t get a fair shake, and if you’re going to make that argument at least have your facts straight when you do it.

      • Poor form Ives. I understand my error and addressed it. I apologized for my error and meant you no harm.

        I already told you that if I had been able to check on the facts, and used the information you have regarding your rankings I would have. Please do not take my opinion as an ad hominem attack, as it was never intended to be so.

        …and yes, I am nothing more than a casual CU soccer fan.

      • Fair enough Joe. Sorry jump all over you. I’ll blame it on sleep deprivation and a pet peeve of being blamed for things I never did. It’s all good.

      • No worries. I know the feeling, a lack of sleep is never good. You’re right though, myself and others need to get facts straight before popping off at the mouth on this blog. I apologize again for my error. It’s all good.

      • I would have to agree that Ives’ rankings seem to be less biased than those of the NSCAA or Soccer America, Neither of whom felt it even worthy of mention that Washington beat UCLA. Let alone that they did it at UCLA snapping a home win streak for the Bruins that has spanned the better part of two years.
        I don’t agree with Ives on everything, but on this point (of equal consideration across the board in rankings) I think he’s got it right.

  2. Just a quick heads up Ives. I think you meant Golden Eagles instead of Golden Panthers in the first paragraph, although Warriors will also be accepted.

    (Also, you have Akron and Marquette flip-flopped in the rankings with No. 3 Akron behind No. 4 MU.)

  3. Was at the game and go to Marquette, shout out to defender Jossimar Sanchez who broke his leg after scoring a goal. Hope he has a quick recovery


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