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Welcome to the new Soccer By Ives

After nearly five years with the same design we started with way back on New Year’s Day of 2008, SBI has finally undergone a facelift.

It has taken several months, and will probably take a few more days to work out the kinks, but we have completed a major transformation of the website many of you have made a regular part of your soccer-loving day.

The changes are considerable, but necessary and we ask that you join us as we make this transition into a new era at SBI. Please bear with us as we put the finishing touches on these changes, and rest assured we will be working hard to try and make it a smooth transition for all of you.

We welcome feedback on the changes. Let us know what you like, don’t like, want to see more of and want to see less of. Tell us what you love, and what you hate, and we will take it all into consideration as we complete the final aspects of SBI’s transformation.

As always, please share your thoughts below.


  1. Awesome! A great decision to go with WordPress, by the way. I have been a WordPress user since the early days, and I have been reading your blog for many years. I’m glad you made the switch. Love it.

  2. Great site, I´ll love if you could do more interviews on our young players, especially the ones on the brink of becoming a steady set up in our NT, more follow ups and updates on dual nationals.

  3. Dont really care for it and like it even less when a political commercial started playing for Elizabeth Warren. Its bad enough that I have to listen to her lies non-stop on TV… if I have to hear it here to then I’ll just stop coming here

  4. Ives, I love the new site!
    Would it be possible to include position played in the Americans Abroad recap?
    Certain players are moved around and it’s interesting to know where they are lining up.
    Also, would it be possible to do a similar “round up” for MLS players who are in the national team mix?

  5. Could we have a voting function for the comments? Maybe even just a “up” and no “down” so I could just press that instead of commenting +1 on comments I really like.

    The progressively indented replies are a nice addition.

  6. I like the update, even on my mobile. I would like to see a playoff format or a single table format for the MLS, because this is an American site. Because even the MLS site does not have this all year.

  7. Whenever I go to a website that has been redesigned, my first reaction is “uh oh”, largely because so many are done poorly.

    This one however is done well. Not a MAJOR shift, just bolder photos with the same basic features. Good work Ives and staff.

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  9. Nice work Ives. Good to see you updating and best wishes for continued success (from a reader who predates your 2008 launch – ah yes the good old NJ days).

  10. I would slow down the pictures on the front page or give the option to pause. It can be hard to even get through a headline before it skips. But overall it looks great.

  11. To make it easy on the eyes, I think the site should use the same font for the headline text as for the article and comment text.

    Also consider whether the headline need to be all cap and/or bold, or just a larger font size.

  12. This might be the most positive set of comments that I’ve ever seen to a blog/website design change, which means that you should consider the change a huge success. Very well done!

  13. Very nice look! The old design was simple and to the point and i loved it but SBI was due for a facelift… I like it though. Keep it up Ives!

  14. The site looks fantastic! Terrific makeover. I would also suggest losing the loud auto-play ads. It makes for a bad user experience.

  15. Congrats, Ives. Long time coming, and looks like it will be worth the wait. Some have mentioned a few links being off — the Chicago Fire blog link on the right is going to a washington(?) blog with no content. Site looks great – good work!


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